Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Catch up, catch up, catch up!

So I've been having counselling, figured out I have been depressed since I got fired when I was pregnant with going on nearly 6 years, I have failure issues, an eating disorder of sorts and many other things too, even though I really don't remember much of my childhood at all....a fact that my sister finds hilarious! But, I am feeling better.

Everyone is doing well here, I had a weekend off with my sister in Penzance which was lovely and Hubby had a good time with the kids. We are all of down there for a few days next week which will be great and the kids can't wait. It will be nice for hubby too as he hasn't been there or seen K for ages.

Beginning to realise that I really miss my parents now that they are truly living in France. (I know you read this mum and I am not saying any of this to make you feel guilty just airing my feelings.) I went to my Aunts for a little party for my nans birthday and took the children for the day and just had such a good time spending it with her and my cousins and their children. I felt quite envious of the fact that Auntie H is around just down the road from them all and they get to see each other regularly and can just pop in. I can understand why my parents are doing it but it still doesn't make it any easier, sometimes you just need a bit of mum company.

Kids are doing well, Bubbs is having some issues at school as he is really young in his year group and just can't seem to concentrate in a group and gets very easily distracted but when he is working individually does really well. So that has been playing on my mind alot but realistically he is still fine. The girls are loving nursery although I can't wait to get the government grant for their fees come January as I still have half a term to pay for which comes out at 217 pounds and that is only for 2 mornings a week. Once the grant kicks in though I am putting them in 9-3 monday and 9-12 tues and fri.....I am looking forward to catching up on keeping house as it is a tip and there is so much filing in our bedroom we are finding it hard to move now!!

Hubby has started helping in the local Scout group at our church and is loving it. He hasn't had much chance to cycle recently but I am sure he will be out on his bike this weekend at some stage.

That pretty much catches us up. I have been reading blogs and commenting but should be back now. I am acquiring my sisters old laptop next week which should mean I can put pix back on again too.