Thursday, 21 May 2009

And so it goes on....................................

Moodle's not been well the last couple of days, there is nothing particular just a temp and a massive infected spot on her chin...she is looking particularly cute but rather gross at the same time. She goes to have her bandage off tomorrow which will be great, she is really protective of her hand so not sure how much she will love it but hopefully it will all be fine.
***UPDATE, Had to take Moodle to Docs this afternoon as she has developed thrush in her mouth. This means more meds for her too which is really sad and it is something she has to spit out too!!!!! Try that with a 2 year old! Also, got a call from the community nurse today which seems to indicate we are officially on the 'at risk' register since visiting the ER. How guilty do I feel.
On a positive, I did book a hair appt for sat and am now off to search for a new do, I fancy cutting it all off and starting over.!***************

Everyone else is doing well, Hubby is not in the best place at the moment as he had his bike stolen from outside of work, and before you ask we hadn't taken out the pedal bike premium (in error) so it is not insured. He is really struggling within his faith to be able to forgive these guys and it has been a real hard few days for him. This also effects his Capital to Capital race too as this was the bike he was going to ride.......he is riding for charity and for City Uni from Edinburgh to London in August. Check out his blog to find out more. I am really proud of him for doing this and I am sure he will have a bike to ride as we have no way in the world of buying him a new one!

Not much else going on I don't think, I am desperate for a haircut and the osteopath so hopefully will get to do both next week at some stage. Also, my sis moves to the other end of country next week, so feeling bit worried about that. I pray that they have a safe and happy move and nothing goes wrong

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Race for Life

I did it, I ran my 5k Race for Life. This is a real achievement for me as I had not managed to train (apart from going to Curves) since signing up and I swore to myself last year that I would run it this year.

Anyway, thanks for anyone who has sponsored me and just so you know I didn't push the twins....I only just made it round by myself can't imagine doing it with them too.

The girls are doing well with their potty training, we are having accidents but not loads and we have ventured out without nappies. I did it so differently with Bubbs, it took me ages and I remember having nappies hanging around for ages. This time they have all been put upstairs in their bedroom for night time and I just have a big bag of pants downstairs for them to put on if they have an accident. Funny thing is, they love to wear Bubbs pants, no cute pink panties for them just Bob the Builder ones, bless them.

We spent a lovely afternoon today with our friends at their daughters birthday bbq. They are really good hosts and it was such good afternoon. Thanks guys.

This week starts over again. I am doing ok without my meds. I am not sure quite when they completely leave my system, I am still getting weird side effects that affect my sight. It is hard to explain, when I turn my head quickly I feel as though my brain is being left behind for a split second. It used to happen if ever I missed 2 or more pills so I can only imagine it is while the medication is leaving my system. I am finding my temper is extremely short with my children but I think that really is just normal at the stage we are all at. One of my biggest problems that I find really hard to cope with is my negative self image and how much I put upon myself, which when I don't get everything done I feel hideous in my own skin. Extreme I know but that is how I feel. The list I have in my head of stuff I want to get done, either for myself ie: lose weight, exercise more, pray more consistently, have complete faith in God for my life (that is a real hard one) etc etc. Or for my home ie: decorate the bedroom, which would lead to setting up our office, which leads to organising my Phoenix stuff and home accounts, which leads to the kitchen being tidier as most of the paperwork is in there, which leads to being able to reorganise under the stairs, and the list goes on. Can you see how messed up my head is now. Realistically, how am I going to get even half that done with 3 children around, especially as Moodle is going to nursery this week again till the bandage comes off on Friday.

Wow, what a great feeling it is to put all this on paper well screen at least. I do wonder fellow bloggers what it will be like to come back in 10 years time and read our posts. So many of you that I follow are so open and expressive in your blogs and I just love reading you all

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Potty Training

Yes that is right I am potty training. The girlies have seemed keen on it for a while now, to be truthful they could live in the bathroom. I was having to lock the downstairs one as they would just trash it constantly - I can see my family laughing about this now. So we have gone for it. Nappies/diapers are put up in the bedroom for night time and pants are out. Had a fair few accidents so far but suppose that is just normal, there is now no going back!!!!! The funniest thing is that they don't want to wear all their lovely pink cute girly pants, they found some of Bubbs old pants with Bob the builder and Thomas the Tank engine on and really want to wear them!! I have such tomboys.

Moodles finger is doing well, we get to go back on 22nd to have her bandage off which will be great as bathing with a bag over her hand is getting tiresome now and she hates it.

I seem to be doing ok without my meds, not sure how med free my body is yet as I don't know how long they stay in my system for but I took my last actual pill on the 7th May so I can't have much left in me....who knows but all in all it's good.

Next thing I need to work on is losing weight. I fight this issue always, like so many women in the world. I comfort eat when the children are stressing me out and that then makes me feel so bad. So once all the weeing is over diet is on!!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Surgical superness!

We are home and Moodle is great. Our hospital was amazing and the staff there were so wonderful. Moodle and I got there at 730am and were home by 245pm. The surgery was only 40mins long, obviously I haven't seen underneath the bandage but they assure me it went well and she (her finger) will be ok. The hardest bit of it all was leaving her asleep on the operating table. I had to cuddle her while they put her under, they used gas as getting a vein was too difficult and once she was asleep I had to leave. I felt like my heart had stayed with her on the table. They were amazingly quick though and I was soon back in recovery with her holding her little hand again. She was an absolute star and sooo brave, she did manage to vomit all over me after drinking water too quickly and sitting there for the next 3 hours smelling wasn't exactly great but I can hardly complain.

My sister was wonderful dropping everything to come and look after Jim Jam and picking up Bubbs from school. I am so relieved having her doing that as she did say that Jim Jam was quite subdued and didn't eat much. She also kept asking after Moodle, this seemed to be first time they noticed being apart....

Anyway, they are all in bed now and I am hoping they get to stay there the whole night as I am exhausted.

Bless all of you for the lovely comments, prayers and thoughts

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The hospital again!!

Picture the scene, it is 715am, I have just high fived Bubbs cos he's come downstairs dressed and I see the girlies standing at the top of the stairs waiting to come down. 'Come on Moodle' I say....crying starts I dawdle upstairs telling her milk is waiting for her downstairs and not to whinge. I get to the top of the stairs and her finger is stuck in the door. I have never seen anything like it, it was flat! We all jumped in the car and were at the emergency room by 715am!!!! Bubbs and Jim Jam were amazing and our lovely friend Mark came and took them away to take Bubbs to school and deposit Jim Jam at another friends for the day. Moodle was amazing, she now has her finger in a massive bandage and is going back in to the hospital tomorrow for surgery. We've just checked in on her and the wound is obviously bleeding a bit but she is asleep.

Please pray for her tomorrow as really not sure quite what the surgeons are going to do

Not great for my giving up of chocolate.....I have failed miserably, so sorry Steph but I will try once this is over

Monday, 4 May 2009

Giving up sweets, chocolate and Cake

I am going to join my blogging friend Steph and give up the above for the rest of the month....wish me luck

Sunshine and a Bank Holiday

I am 2 weeks into coming off my meds, this week I go down to 1 pill every other day and then I will be off them. I have been feeling really great coming off them and pray that this really is a good thing. I have had a lot of personal stuff going on this week but still feel amazing which must be a good thing.

We have been blessed in so many ways over the last few weeks with new amazing friendships
and I praise God for being in my life. So many good things are happening to us and my prayers I know are being heard which is just so encouraging. I just wanted to share that with you.

We spent a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend seeing friends and family. My sister and brother in law came down today and we had a lot of fun especially when they decided they would treat our children to a small trampoline...we went to buy it and it was on sale too so how lucky were we. The kids adore it and I am so pleased as it was really amusing watching Clare and Hubby putting it together...lets just say it took a while!! They are still waiting for a move date but I know it will be fairly soon so I am just making the most of the visits while we can.
We got to see my Godparents yesterday too after attending a friends sons baptism which was great. It was lovely to see Sue and Jim and catching up with them after their trip to Oz, we got to see lots of pix of their new Grandson who is gorgeous and if his mummy and daddy ever read this congratulations and E is adorable. We also got to go to some other friends on Sat night to christen their new BBQ....the men hung around it with their beers and made some good meat charcoaled. It was lovely and great catching up just in case they are reading this....THANKS AGAIN.

Anyway, here's to another nearly pill free week