Wednesday, 27 August 2008

What is going on??

Not long to post, see below why?????:

1 Tim, Caro, Elliss and Isla arrived on Thurs for Baptism on Sunday. All had a fab time we are god parents, yea
2 Friday take Jim Jam to docs as ear still bothersome got anti biotics as infected!
3 Monday Elliss starts throwing up in afternoon, Moodle in the night, all up pretty much all night!
4 I am not well on tuesday night, but in the meantime took Bubbs to docs in AM and got anti biotics for ear and toe infection. As I was walking home waiting at the lights to cross the road when my pram collapses with girlies in it...will post hilarious picture next time. Luckily, Caro came to collect us and I walked home with stupid thing.
5 Really rough ill feeling today for me, children seem much better but tested my every nerve and all our friends are avoiding us as no one wants to catch this thing.
6 Just as I started to blog, poor Bubbs has just thrown up....who knows how long this will go on...
Anyway, speak soon

Monday, 18 August 2008

How cute is she!!!

I couldn't resist putting this up, we are so in love with her it is ridiculous!!

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Catch up time!

We have a an enormously busy time recently...I can't even really remember what I last posted about. My mum and dad arrived here on Tuesday as mum had a docs appt the next day (all was fine) and below is just the cutest picture of my mum and gorgeous they both are. The children just love having them stay and we are having a wonderful time apart from poor mum getting a horrible sore throat and chest and the girlies teething...whenever they come and stay one or some of the children always seem to be ill. Thursday was spent with mum and I going to town and dad taking Bubbs to the park on his 2 wheel bike where he was just amazed at how well Bubbs rode....he even went on the skate park with the bike as it was empty.....this is Bubbs fav place in the park....the weather started off amazing but soon started pouring down and mum and I did get soaked. Friday was spent getting Bubbs school uniform, shoes and sports kit bag! Oh my goodness, it is really weird to think that in a couple of weeks an era will longer will I have my 3 children at home with me all day having to find stuff to do with them, whinging about not having enough time to do any house work or laundry. Bubbs will be at school!!!!!!!! Luckily, he is excited as I am rather nervous, because it has just hit me that if he doesn't like it I can't take him out he is on this path of life for a while now!
On Friday afternoon our guests arrived, J and E drove down from Stoke.....J is my mums cousins son and Jim Jams godfather and E is his gorgeous girlfriend. We don't see them often enough as they live quite far away but whenever they come we always have such a good time. They are both amazing with the children E especially and it is lovely to have helpful hands in the house....she is a natural. E has also just graduated from Uni and starts a 'proper' job in sept so we had a bit of a toast for her on fri eve with some guitar hero.....can you believe the 2 of them......(v early 20s) had never played GH before .....shocking, J got quite into it in the end......below is a pic of E this morning doing her morning chore....tee hee ,reading to the girlies....'Emma read pease....' how could she say no! and below that is J, strumming on the GH!

When you get to read this guys, thanks so much for a wonderful weekend! You are both so welcome anytime we always have a great time.

On another note, we ran out on our children, J, E and my dad this morning to go look at cars...we have an enormous renault Espace, which is great but just about to go up massively on the tax and is costing us rather alot to we have been thinking alot about changing to something smaller and more cost efficient...we found a great 0% finance deal on a Scenic so are just waiting to hear whether we qualify or not.....Lets hope so as our insurance will be so much cheaper so will fuel consumption.

Mum feeling a little better tonight and will hopefully get some sleep, hopefully we will too I was up 5x last night with the girlies.....we are owed one peaceful night surely.

Next week is going to be just as busy, as soon as mum and dad go Caro and her family arrive from Guernsey for 5 days as they are getting their daughter baptised at their old local church and we are proud god parents. So I probably won't blog much but will fill you in next week.

Have a great week one and all and see you soon


Happy 90th Birthday Grandpa Nee Naa!!

This saturday was my grampies 90th birthday, we spent the afternoon at their house for a bit of a tea he is cutting his cake with Bubbs hanging around underneath waiting for a piece! Below, is a picture of Grampie with all his great grandchildren, how amazing is that!
Here is R my cousins wife having fun with my girlies and some of the other many children there with bubbles....don't kids just love them!
We were supposed to arrive at about 330pm and left in plenty of time but a trip that should take 1.5hrs took us 3 hours.....the kids were not that happy, poor Bubbs wet himself after trying so hard not to so we had to hang his trousers out the car window to dry. Both girlies are teething really badly with top eye teeth and their last back molars. Plus, we thought we would take Mabel out on her first trip!!!!! You can imagine the mood in the car...
Once there though it was so worth it. We had a great time and I think the birthday boy did too. The only bummer, well 2 actually was that my mum couldn't go because she was laid up in bed, literally, with a horrible sore throat and chest, and my sister was in Paris for the weekend, but her hubby made it and he had found an old reel of film that contained video footage of my dads parents wedding day (over 80 years old) which was incredible and made dad well up as they have both been gone for a long time now.
~Such a fab time was had

Friday, 15 August 2008


I will be back in a couple of days, we are having a massively busy weekend. But will update you when I can

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Blogger and Bloglist

I have just been to read some blogs and my fav blog list has gone all funny, anyone else having problems.....I seem to have lost a coule off my list and it is not now showing me when they are being annoying..

Monday, 11 August 2008

Fun Weekend

Don't seem to have posted for ages, I babysat for a friend on Friday evening and read blogs all night, it was great to catch up on them with no pressure of having to hand over the computer to Hubby.

We had a great weekend, Hubby worked on Saturday morning which was a bummer but we just hung out till he got home then I got to do the lovely grocery store run. I took Bubbs with me and he was fantastic and made it much more bearable. We had our friends J and P over for dinner and Guitar Hero later which was so much fun. I haven't played for ages and each time I do I am so glad we didn't sell the PS2.
Sunday was church, throughout the summer there isn't a baby creche so Hubby and I are taking it in turns to go. It was my turn this week and I was in the children's activities so didn't actually get to go to the service but did see some really cute kids engaged in a Friends and Heroes DVD. We spent afternoon at home with our friend M and his children as J was working. We even went swimming taking all the kids with us and they had a blast, they loved it and man did they sleep well last night.

Today I caught up on laundry, 3 loads and counting. I did ironing this evening and I am currently trying to download a cute bit of video that I caught just before bed.
Oh, one thing I did do today was empty the sandpit because if you can believe it I found MAGGOTS in there. The children are gutted as they love it and it puts an end to them not digging in my flower bed!!

Olympic Inspiration!

We've been watching the Olympics, can you tell!!

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Great Movie and Ikea

Just finished watching Juno and I loved it, such a cute quirky chick teen flick that made me cry at the end, so worth watching.
Bill away tonight, he has to open in the morning and couldn't get to town early enough on the train so is staying in the halls to make it. Just found out he has to work on Saturday morning too which is a real bummer but hopefully he will come home early tomorrow and maybe Monday too. I managed to get a massive pile of ironing done which is good as I am babysitting tomorrow night so I can relax there rather than take ironing with me, always looks rather sad when you show up with a pile of it don't you think.
Mabel is still be amazing, she is very nippy with the children but they are getting used to it and it won't last for ever but she is so lovely and it is wonderful seeing how they all interact differently with her. Bubbs keeps telling me how he is her owner and that she is his very bestest friend in the whole cute. Jim Jam is quite authoritative with her, she still cries when Mabel runs after her but holds her own too. Moodle on the other hand is more nervous of her, but when she is asleep or really calm absolutely adores her. I promise to post some pix soon of them with her.
On the meds front, I think I am pretty much back to normal now which is great, I even had the gumption to hoover before the kids went to bed moving the couch too, then decided that I really ought to wash the couch covers as mum and dad are coming home next week......2 things I just never would have done 2 weeks ago. I was talking to my friend about it earlier and we were laughing about how ridiculous our lives have become when we get excited about washing couch covers!!! Might even try to lose a few pounds over the next couple of weeks, something that I have not even been able to consider until now, however hard my hubby has been training.
I did have another trip to Ikea, I so hate to buy furniture anywhere else because we just can't afford it. I got a bookcase (tall and thin) for the conservatory. My plan is to keep all paperworky type stuff in there because at the minute it is taking over my kitchen and our bedroom and I can't stand it. Hubby put it together whilst I was at work last night but we don't have a drill so I have asked our friend M, hubbys fellow decorator, to wield a drill to attach it to the wall.. It is 2m high so don't want it to land on the children. Once this is up I can get to filling it and clearing out our bedroom somewhat...again I'm really excited about something really mundane!
Did have a scare with the children today, Jim Jam fell off her highchair, and I wasn't in the room so didn't see exactly what happened but Bubbs and his friend said she landed on her head. Anyway, she screamed for about 15mins got herself all hot and bothered and promptly fell asleep. Well, my friend and I started to think this wasn't the best thing for her so called NHS Direct who were great and told me what to look for once she had woken. Bless, she was really sweet when she woke up and we couldn't see anything on her head so figured she must have fallen somewhere else and just cried out of shock. When I gave them tea I found the most humongous bruise on the side of her head, it wouldn't surprise me if she has a black eye tomorrow!

Monday, 4 August 2008

Kinda back to normal!

I don't have loads to say but needed to blog as I have had a lovely day. Bubbs was a star today, it was as though someone had taken away the annoying little monster that has been staying here for the last month or so and given me back my Bubbs. He got dressed by himself, played nicely with his sisters (in the sandpit that I put up today) and ate really well at all his meals. I was totally in love with him. The girlies weren't that bad either although they are still awake at present having been put to bed over an hour ago.....they are playing upstairs and as they are not fighting we are just leaving them to hopefully go to sleep themselves.

I really felt more like myself today, I think the meds are kicking in as laughing happened alot today. Yay.

My lovely friend R came and dropped a magazine and a movie off for me to borrow today, I was going to watch it tonight while Hubby went swimming but he decided not to go and as the movie is 'Juno' figured he wouldn't want to watch it. I do have a free evening on Thursday as he has to stay at work for the night but should be home early Friday afternoon. Looking forward to the reading of a good mag though. I also spent the day with a friend and her daughter who is a similar age to the girlies so you can imagine the mess of the sandpit, they did love it though.

On movies, my friend Jess came round on Saturday evening and we watched 'The Notebook'....oh my goodness, it was such a lovely film and we were both balling at the end, there is nothing nicer than a good cry after a fab movie. We did devour rather alot of chocolate and cake too so that helps even more.

Mabel is still being amazing, I left her for the first time today in her crate while we all went to town to run errands. We were only gone an hour and I don't think she cried that much as we hung about a bit outside first and then when we got home she was fast asleep in her bed...bless. Still having a few potty accidents but we have only had her a week, I keep forgetting that.

Considering I didn't have much to write I haven't done too badly.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Thankful Sunday!

I am taking a leaf out of Stephs book and doing a thankful sunday list as I love reading hers and it is really nice to reflect about how LUCKY we are in our lives. So here goes, I am thankful for:

My children and Hubby
Mabel and how well she is fitting into our family
My friends, we are so blessed by them and they have been great this week
The weather, until today it's been wonderful
My blogging friends who have left such uplifting comments recently
Sandpits, just bought one but it's raining so can't put it out
My Faith, I love that God loves me for me
Medication, it is kicking in and I am feeling a bit more like me

Friday, 1 August 2008

Mabel and meds

As an update on me, I am beginning to feel better, thank you so much for all your supportive comments I can't tell you what it means to me.

Mabel is doing amazing. The children adore her and so do we. She is sleeping well through the night in her crate and her potty training is doing brilliantly she is a star!!!!!!!

Haven't actually done much this week as been staying in for Mabel, I think on Sunday we are going to church so that will be her first time alone so hopefully that will go well too. I have had loads of visitors though which is lovely and Bubbs had a sleepover on Tuesday with his friend Toby after spending most of the day with him. I got to spend loads of time with the girlies and they are soooo different by themselves they play so well together, there doesn't seem to be the arguments that there normally are. We played so much together and it was a really special time. Having had so many people round has been great but I do feel a little bit housebound now. Luckily it is Friday night and I have a hair appt tomorrow so I get to go out, yippee. I am going to try to and catch up on some blogs now.