Thursday, 23 September 2010

What have I done since the girls birthday, I'm not even sure myself. Dad had his surgery yesterday and it went well. He is waiting to hear if he can come home today but sounds like he might be staying in. We are off to our friends this weekend to give them a bit of space and peace and quiet for recovery as having all the children around him is going to be a bit tough to start off with.

Fair amount of normal stuff going on here though, William started Beaver scouts last week. A friend of mine was helping out in the group and said he came in bouncing and didn't stop the whole session. He LOVED it and can't wait for tonight. He also started doing gym in the after school program yesterday and really enjoyed that too. Cycling seems to be his main passion at the moment much to his daddys delight. The girls are loving their new nursery, I'm still struggling with them going in the afternoon rather than the morning just because I don't get to see my friends as much as we are child free at different times. Also, Phoenix wise most people want parties either in the evening or the morning. If it is a good friend I can take the girls but not really to a new clients.

I've managed to get a few bits of work done over the past couple of weeks but really need to step it up a bit heading towards Christmas. Bill is doing good as well but working alot at the moment what with Freshers week and all. So much day to day stuff and not enough time to do it.

Running is going well though. I ran with a group last week which was fab.. we did 3 miles and it was really good in a group and I got to run in a place in town that I don't know which makes for a good time. I then thought I would step my mileage up a bit and planned a route with map my run that came out at 3.5 miles. I ran it and was sooooo pleased with myself. When I got back I met my neighbour who is a keen runner and she told me I had just done 4 miles!!!!!!! Can you imagine how chuffed I was. So exciting!! I ran again on Monday just a short one but haven't managed again since. I will have to go in the morning early as I won't manage with the group tonight. I am dreaming of getting myself a piece of kit that will be a luxurious necessity (if there is such a thing) it's the Garmin Forerunner 110 it's £169 here so am starting to look in the US to see if it is cheaper! Definitely can't afford it but both Bill and I would use it so it would be cool!

Hope this finds everyone well, still reading blogs and love keeping up with everyone

Monday, 13 September 2010

Birthday Weekend!

Well, I can't believe our girls are now 4!! Here are some pix not in any particular order because however I put them onto blogger they seemed to get muddled up anyway. But, enjoy!
Sneaking some icing!Blowing out 4 candles each
Our Gorgeous children waiting very patiently for birthday cake

Lovely picture with Uncle Jim and their new music boxes
Birthday party dress cake

One of the only pix that came out of some of their pressies. They got the dolls last year and the highchairs for them this year. Jaime is still clinging onto her music box too

The girls enjoying birthday cakes at their party
Millie admiring her work! Cookie decorating

Most of the party goers colouring in their butterflies

We had a fab birthday weekend. On Friday the girls had nursery in the morning and a party in the afternoon where they did some colouring, cake decorating and pass the parcel. I didn't do a big cake for this party just cupcakes which they all seemed to like. On Saturday we all got up early, opened pressies then I snuck off for a run while everyone else had croissants. Bill and Dad then took the kids to Daddy and Me at church which was lovely because all my children have been going to this session since they were born. Mum and I pottered around the house I managed to clear out our wardrobe, mainly Bills side but I love decluttering. In the afternoon the girls had a friends birthday party to go to, a Woodland adventure. Bill took them to this and said it was a blast. They made dens, had a teddy bear hunt and then spent the rest of the time in the treehouse. Our friends build treehouses so this is such a lovely place for the kids to spend time.
On Sunday we went to church in the morning and then Suz and Jim came for lunch. It is lovely having them over especially when my mum and dad are here too. We all had a great time but the kids were exhausted so bath time was a bit fraught but we made it!
Back to school for all today, bit ratty but never mind they'll get over it.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Back to School!

William went back to school today and last night my routine started! I did the ironing and was in bed by 930pm. I have been very spoilt having my mum and dad home this summer as my mum likes ironing and tends to do it when she is here so I really haven't done much recently.
Got up this morning at 545am and did a 3 mile run. I'm really starting to enjoy running now and once I'm up and out it is great, having said that so far I have had nice mornings it is now supposed to rain for the rest of the week which might not be so pleasant to run in! Just as I was coming downstairs from my shower the kids were getting up, William and I set his clothes out last night and he was a star getting dressed. The girls were super excited today because we were going on a playdate with their friend Mae who we haven't managed to see all summer. Anyhoo, our school run was lovely, we walked which was fab so by 930am I had clocked up 5miles!!

Rest of the day went well, I made soup in my new crockpot which Bill gave the thumbs up to this evening and we spent the rest of the day with our friends. I had to take William back to the docs this evening for his skin, he has developed some for of eczema on his knees, elbows, feet and pretty much everywhere else but on the opposite side to where eczema normally is. Got prescription for that and by then it was 5pm so we went to the mall for McDs. A treat for my kids and meant they would then walk home quickly as we had to pick daddy up from the station by 610pm cos his bike brakes had failed on the way there this morning.

Phew what a day! Girls start at their new nursery tomorrow and I am going to go into town for the whole 2.5 hours they are there and have coffee and mooch! How was your day????