Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Post Natal Depression and other things.......

Sounds like a heavy heading and I don't mean to but I am so fed up with feeling like I do. As you know I got a higher dose the other day and I know that it will not have kicked in yet but man this sucks!!

On other notes, Mabel is doing really well and I was treated to a day with just the girlies as my good friend J took Bubbs and her children to the park and then came here to meet Mabel and catch up after her holiday. It was lovely to see her and the kids and Mabel loved meeting them too, she was ever so good. Bubbs went back to theirs for a sleepover..he literally ran out the house when J asked him without even a kiss for me! The girlies are so much fun on their own that sounds like I am saying that I don't enjoy Bubbs, I'm not at all but they are SO different when he is not around. They played outside this afternoon for at least half an hour by themselves without any fighting and were really having fun. Thanks for that Jx

Did a massive pile of ironing while Hubby went out for training run this evening it seemed to take hours but I am sure it wasn't that bad. Don't have much else to say tonight so I'm off to bed

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Introducing Mabel

Currently, she is sleeping on my toes! She is so gorgeous. This morning we were all so excited we all went to collect our new addition. We were home by 1030 so Mabel has had all day to explore our house and our children. The poor puppy was followed around all day by 3 kids shouting as many times as they could 'Mabel, Mabel, Mabel'. She took it all in her stride though. Our cat Gizmo is sitting in the lounge about 2ft away but happily sleeping and not to bothered. He has hissed abit at Mabel but so far that is all, he is such a lovely cat so I am so pleased he isn't too bothered.
One very proud daddy with his MabelOne very cute Bubbs with his Mabel
Her first nap, she found the old cat bed which she has now commandeered, luckily Gizmo likes his new one!
I'll be on again soon with how the night went. Hubby has managed to get an extra day off tomorrow which will be great so we can all hang out again.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Doctors appts

Well, Bubbs had his preschool boosters yesterday, he sat on my knee clutching his packet of Jelly tots (he got to choose these before he went in). He was SO brave and only winced on the second one (he had one in each arm). I really think the jelly tots were the answer...and the amazing nurse of course.
Today I went to see our new Dr. I wasn't looking forward to it as going in suggesting that I need a higher dose of antidepressants doesn't exactly seem the best introduction, but he was great. He really listened and asked me lots of questions and upped my dose with a review in Sept. I really thought he was good so all my dread was for nothing. I will really miss our old Doc but Dr B definitely has my approval.
Managed to have a friend over in the morning and one in the afternoon so had company too which was nice for me and the babes.
Countdown to Mabel arriving on sunday and we are so excited, you will be inundated by pix I'm sure.


Yeah it let me do it, so here you go some cuties from the last couple of days......
Storytime for the girlies with Daddy
Painting, I never get these out as it is so messy but couldn't resist!
Bubbs friend came over for the afternoon and everyone had to dress up, excuse the washing in background..
Taco Night, this one is Moodle
Jim Jam very intently studying hers


Monday, 21 July 2008


There were a decent amount of pix that I wanted to put up today but Blogger won't let me. Boo
We did have great weekend though, still feeling really annoyed about the neighbours letter about the noise and it is really affecting my mood with the children, they just have to make noise and I snap but I don't know what to do about it. Everyone who has heard about it has said I shouldn't worry too much but I can't stop.
Saturday Hubby took the kids to Daddy and Me, a toddler group at church for a couple of hours which was good as I managed to get the bathrooms cleaned and the ironing done, woo hoo I know. Sunday was church and then a birthday party for Bubbs in the afternoon. The party was great but poor Bubbs feel over in church and has a massive egg on the side of his heard then cracked his head whilst asleep and gave himself a nose bleed which was just horrid. Got to take him for his pre school booster as well on weds so that should be fun!
Gosh sorry for the whinge but as you all know this is a sort of therapy for me and if I can't do it here where can I do it.

One big thing we did do this weekend was book to go to see our great friends in Guernsey for Christmas week...I know, how amazing is that. We always spend Christmas with my mum, dad, sis and BiL so this was a real hard decision to make and I really hope we haven't hurt anyone but we really wanted to do this especially for the kids they will have such a great time with each other.
Hope I can post the pix tomorrow as they are REALLY cute

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Saturday night FUN!!

I just had to post these pix for mom and dad as they are of your son being totally goofy with his kids. They are loving it

Bless and hope you all have a great weekend


Friday, 18 July 2008

Feel Good Friday Song Lyrics

I am joining feel good friday which Elizabeth from MommyETC does and this week is all about sharing song lyrics that make you feel good. I had to put this one up as everytime I hear or sing it it brings tears to my eyes and gives me goosebumps. My Hubby went to the London Mens Convention at the Albert Hall last year and Stuart Townend did the music and Hubby kindly recorded them all singing this song. Wow it was so moving hearing all these men singing such a powerful song.
To hear a sample of this sone click HERE
"In Christ Alone"
Words and Music by Keith Getty & Stuart Townend
Copyright © 2001 Kingsway Thankyou Music
In Christ alone my hope is found;
He is my light, my strength, my song;
This cornerstone, this solid ground,
Firm through the fiercest drought and storm.
What heights of love, what depths of peace,
When fears are stilled, when strivings cease!
My comforter, my all in all—
Here in the love of Christ I stand.
In Christ alone,Who took on flesh,
Fullness of God in helpless babe!
This gift of love and righteousness,
Scorned by the ones He came to save.
Till on that cross as Jesus died,
The wrath of God was satisfied;
For ev'ry sin on Him was laid—
Here in the death of Christ I live.
There in the ground His body lay,
Light of the world by darkness slain;
Then bursting forth in glorious day,
Up from the grave He rose again!
And as He stands in victory,
Sin's curse has lost its grip on me;
For I am His and He is mine—
Bought with the precious blood of Christ.
No guilt in life, no fear in death—
This is the pow'r of Christ in me;
From life's first cry to final breath,
Jesus commands my destiny.
No pow'r of hell, no scheme of man,
Can ever pluck me from His hand;
Till He returns or calls me home—
Here in the pow'r of Christ I'll stand.
I hope you enjoy them too and get to listen to the clip

Thursday, 17 July 2008


Wow, I have received an award from my great bloggy friend Anne Elizabeth so thank you so much. I know it is really sad but I get REALLY excited when I get one. I love blogging and started really to keep in touch with my mum and dad in France and my in laws in KY but I have gotten to know so many wonderful people and had such uplifting comments it is like therapy. First, here are the rules: Put the logo on your blog.Put a link to me (who awarded it to you) on your blog also.You need to nominate 7 other bloggers for the award and put links to them also on your blog. Finally, leave a comment for those you've nominated - so they know they've received a special award

So here we go:

1. Life in a cone of silence - David is an inspirational character with a great writing skill. I adore reading about his life, struggles and joys. He also leaves fab comments, so thank you and please go visit him

2. Huckdolls Hood - Brilliant to read, fellow twin momma and a very strong woman. She is currently on hiatus but hope she will be back soon. I love reading her.

3. AllthingsMaynard - Maynard is a great friend and brilliant decorator, tee hee. We love having you and your family in our lives and for me the music on your blog is so worth it.

4. Mamachristina - this blogger has the most amazing garden and takes FAB photos. She is also on an amazing weight loss journey.

5. The pursuit of happily everafter - I found this blogger early on and even though she is sporadic as she has small children to look after whenever she does it I always seem to relate.

6. Becoming Me - Such an INSPIRATONAL blogger. I love reading her and she refreshes my spirit so often, thank you.

7. Rachels Journal Pages - I have just found this blogger and I love it, such great writing and I can't wait to read more.

Thanks all of you for providing me with such great reading.

Nursery Trip and more!

First I would just like to show you the really cute pix of Bubbs on his school trip, below is him holding a little chick which was just adorable. This is him conked out on the way home, bless him
This is especially for my in laws as it is a picture that Bubbs took himself, just in case you were wondering, it is what we could see from the coach window as we were parked! Quite why that was quite to fascinating I don't know but there you go.
Anyway, we had a great day and so did my sis as she looked after the girlies which was great, she hardly ever gets to spend time with just them.

On another note, after my run in with the community police about the ladder etc we have just had a letter in the mail from a neighbour complaining about the children playing in the garden on sunday mornings. Now granted they do point out that one sunday last month they were out at 730am, and I completely agree that is far too early and can't believe I let them out then, it must have been very hot, so will apologise for that one but then they went on to another sunday when they were out at 845am, it may still be early but it is when we go to church so unless they have suddenly invented some sort of teleporting system we have to go out then and I can't exactly stop 3 children making noise. On the apology point, I would love to be a good witness on this occasion and apologise to the neighbour but they have neglected to leave a return address! This did arrive this morning as I was having a hideous morning, so I made it a point to make a doc appt for next week as I really think I need my meds reviewed as somehow I don't think I should feel quite as I do most of the time. Last night the girlies were awake for ages screaming on and off and I know that our next door neighbours heard, so when he came round with 2 bouncy balls that had blown over into their garden which they are very precious about so not the best thing for our balls to do and told me that he had received the same letter I just felt mortified. Hubby bless him took him a bottle of wine to make up for the lack of sleep last night but they were fine thank goodness.

Had a great afternoon though with a friend who I met in hospital, her daughter was born the same day as the girlies and her son is 2 days older than Bubbs. We hadn't seen each other for ages so it was so good to catch up and she is so straightforward that she thought I shouldn't worry about the letter but that is just not my way.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008


Well, Hubby went back to work yesterday and so we were back to normal. We ended up having such a good time whilst he was on holiday it was a real bummer for him and us when he went back. Yesterday, Bubbs went to nursery so the girlies and I nipped into town to run a couple of errands then went to a friends for coffee, it was really nice doing that with just the girls as they don't often go for a playdate that isn't tacked onto the back of Bubbs'. They were really sweet too and so was Bubbs when he got home. Our first day was lovely, the evening was even better. I had organised a WWW group social with another group and we all had such a good time and I finally crawled into bed at MIDNIGHT.

Today was great, I spent the day with a good friend and her daughter who is a few months older than the girls, we went to First Friends which is a mother/toddler group at our church and then we went back to hers. It is her birthday today so we had a lovely time. Once home though all 3 of my children decided to be a nightmare. I have never heard so much screaming and shouting in such a short space of time and by bathtime I was pulling my hair out. I am still so short tempered with them when they are like that, even on my medication. I am considering calling a local christian hospital that does counselling just to try to get myself back on track, I can't stay on meds forever. Just got to do it really, but it will mean getting the kids looked after for a couple of hours once a week which isn't the easiest thing to do.

Anyway, enough whingeing. I am off to a farm tomorrow with Bubbs on his nursery school trip for the morning while my sis, bless her, has taken the day off work to look after the girlies. I hope we all have a lovely day, it will be great for me to spend time with Bubbs and lovely for her to hang out with the girlies as they can be so sweet.

Saturday, 12 July 2008


We went to Legoland on Thursday with Bubbs, Hubby, girlies and T (Bubbs' bestest friend) we had an awesome time and really lucked out with the weather as it only rained for about 5 minutes all day. We met my sis and BiL and my god parents SoozJim. Such a great day. Below are pix of the boys going on their first rollercoaster, I didn't realize it was such a big one until we went up the first hill then G force all the way, the boys LOVED it. I was a bit nervous about telling T's mum but she just laughed and thought it was cool too.
The pic below is my lovely godmother with the 2 boys on the carousel, we had to stand on there with them which they were not happy about at all but thems the rules...bless them I think they felt rather invincible after the rollercoaster.
Some ice cream refreshment was needed for everyone.xx
A piccie of the boys in Brussels, this is all made out of lego and it so amazing, the photos do no justice to it at all, you could spend all day looking at all the Lego cities if you didn't have so many kids that is :-)
We finally got home about 715, and I was due out to my WWW summer social at 8pm so poor Hubby had to put all of the children to bed, T stayed the night but as it happened it wasn't too bad as they were all exhausted. The girlies had been amazing and walked pretty much all day.
The summer social was great, I am so blessed to have so many great christian friends which bolster my spirit whenever I am down. Thanks any of you that are reading this.

Bubbs Birthday Madness!

Happy Birthday for Bubbs on the 9th July, seems like ages ago now! We woke to torrential rain which didn't stop all day, such a bummer for him as we got him a bike......he did sit on it alot in the living room though as you can see below...
Had to get him a cake and this is it..he loved it and so did all his little friends, we had a bit of birthday tea for him the day before so loved watching his face blow out the candles.

Bless, this is as far as he got riding his bike on wednesday outside it is hammering it down. Today though we went to the park and he was able to ride a two wheeler without stabilisers..we are both so proud of him, bless him he was over the moon it was awesome.
We also went to an indoor play area on his actual birthday after a trip to the golden arches which all the children enjoyed immensely. We don't normally go as it is really expensive and if I am on my own it is impossible to do with 3 children and loads of climbing things. Considering the weather we had a great day.

Ta Daaaaa!

So here are the long awaited photos, I am afraid there are no befores apart from what you previously see on my blog, it was the 'classic' Magnolia and is now Harbour, which is kind of a blue hinted white. I have finally managed to get out the 123 and ABC posters up which I have had in the cupboard for about year and on the left is a Lions head and Elmer Elephant that Bubbs has done which I have also framed. The below picture is as you go into the conservatory from our living room (conservatories for anyone that doesn't know is a kind of glass room that is usually added to the back of houses to give you more room, hubby says like a 'sunroom'??) This is the left hand side view anyway where we eat, before the walls were covered with sticky hand prints and more and every time I wiped it away I wiped a bit more paint off with it...this new paint is industrial strength and completely wipeable. Yippee This next photo is on the right hand side, we always had these drawers (courtesy of Ikea) but I have pared down the toys rather a lot and given it a good tidy. Again, I was able to get my world map poster out so we can point out where everyone we know lives......
This pic is of my wonderful BIG clock which everyone makes fun of but I love. My sister bought it for me for Christmas and I am soooo excited about it as I can see the time from out in the garden which is so good as I don't really wear a watch. This view is from the doors that lead out to the garden and the doors you see are the ones that go back into the living room they are normally always open, not sure why they are shut.
Anyway, I LOVE my new room it feels so US, which is great and has been so exciting making it ours and we have to make room for Mabel coming on the 27th. xx

Wednesday, 9 July 2008


It is 11pm on wednesday night and I have just walked in from work after having a good day for Bubbs birthday to find that my AMAZING hubby and his AMAZING friend have decorated the conservatory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will post more on friday with pix, although not before and afters, as we are at Legoland all day tomorrow but just wanted to let everyone know how brilliant hubby is, and how truly blessed we are to have friends like we do...thanks guys

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Weekend Fun!

I'll start by apologising for the blurry pix but still wanted to post them as we had such a cool day. Ourselves and another family went to London today for a day at the Natural History Museum! We bundled up all the kids onto the train and off we went. The boys thought the train was fab and sat in a seat together bless them and proceeded to put the trays on the back of the seats up and down....you can imagine how much the people in front of them enjoyed that! Girlies just tried to run up and down the entire time befriending anyone who would look their way, lovely and cute now but not so sure I want them to be that friendly in their teens :-) Below is a pic of the tube on the way to museum. London was great but the amount of steps in the stations was exhausting and we are certainly feeling it our arms tonight, the girlies weigh a tonne along with the pram. We made it to the museum in one piece and all had a blast. We got these explorer back packs that gave the boys clues to look for and the safari hats that you can see below. They did really enjoy these and posed for cute pix below with the polar bear.
We had a really great day going to Covent Garden afterwards and just enjoying a bit of sunshine and great family and friends time.. We ended the day off with pizza in the park and managed to get back on the train and home just before the heavens opened. Thank Goodness.

Saturday was another scorcher and a party day for Bubbs. They had an obstacle course and loads of games and yummy kids party food, don't you just love it and Bubbs came home on a complete sugar high but had such a great time.

Hubby and I had a night out to a friend 40th birthday party with all our church buddies and it was a really great night. Hubby and I thought it would be really good to spend some time together but managed to spend time with everyone else but each other, still we had a lovely time and the party was wonderful.
Friday was American Independence Day and as Hubby is American we went all out and had a bit of a 'do'. We were having a couple of neighbours round for chili and fajitas and while hubby was putting Bubbs to bed I dashed round the house and put up as many American flags and bunting as I could find so when he came downstairs he was really pleased. Bless. We had a great night and our neighbours had all brought American style food, P and J had even baked corn bread for us....that is something we don't have over there so great effort, thanks if you're reading they were yummy. Brilliant night had by all I think so we'll definitely do that again.

Hubby still on holiday so next week is going to be sparse on the blogging front but there will be lots of before and after pix, tomorrow we are doing the girlies bedroom as we went to Ikea again on Friday for beds. We are also going to decorate the conservatory and sort the kids toys out. Tuesday is another induction day for Bubbs at his big school and Wednesday is his birthday....he is getting a bike without stabilisers so you can imagine what we are doing that day..On Thursday we are going to Legoland as his birthday treat with his friend T, we are meeting my sis and BiL and my godparents so going to pray for nice weather that day. When I look at this it makes me want to hide in bed as there seems to be rather a lot to cram into one week but hey ho we'll get as much done as we can....

Speak soon,


Thursday, 3 July 2008

Meet Mabel

This is our gorgeous new puppy she is about 6 weeks old now so still too little to bring home but hubby, Moodle and Jim Jam went to visit her today...how cute is she

This is Moodle being cuddled by Mabel and another puppy, Jim Jam was too busy playing with the mummy to be bothered with the little ones


I feel like I haven't posted for ages and the main reason being is that Hubby is off for 2 weeks (1 of which is nearly over) so we are getting things done. I also found I was spending so much time on the computer that I think I am going to limit myself to once or twice a week as it means I having more of a relationship with my laptop rather than Hubby!

We are getting loads done whilst on holiday though, we are not going anywhere as it is still school time but so far we have done major tip runs, and we are in the process of picking out paint for the conservatory and probably living room now as we thought we might as well do both rooms at once....still not sure about that one though. I have found an amazing estore that sells wall words too so I am going to get some of those too, they are really cool sayings which will be lovely.

We finally managed to get rid of the futon out of the girlies bedroom and are now considering about getting them toddler beds rather than their cots, the don't always sleep well and I am wondering if beds might be better, what does anyone think? They are not 2 until Sept and Bubbs didn't go into a bed till he was nearly 3 and only then because we moved and needed his cot for the girls, I don't think he was bothered but girls seem so different??!!

Weather here is amazing so we are trying to do stuff outside, I know for Hubby this doesn't seem like a holiday which is a shame but I know where he is coming from, maybe next year we will get to go to France to see my parents in their french home. Talking of them, my grandparents are over there at the moment and they are having a great time. How wonderful is that!

Not much else going on, Hubby went to see Mabel our puppy again today so I'll post a pix in a minute, she is adorable and we can't wait to get her. We are going out tomorrow to get some puppy stuff and maybe the girls beds too if we can make up our minds about them.

Happy blogging everyone