Friday, 24 February 2012

Catch up x

So, Lent has begun and I have given up is rather weird to be honest, lots of communicating goes on through it, either for school, friends, or just being nosey...I'd like to say I am using this time to pray more and actually I have but not as much as I could.  What I have found, is that I have caught up on the odd admin jobs that I always mean to do on the computer but never get round to because I am FBing instead.....I know the school I am a governor for will really appreciate this as lots of things have been typed up and emailed off.

The other thing I have started is healthier eating.  I constantly seem to be dieting/bingeing/or not bothering, all the time.  This is NOT fun.  I obviously have a problem with food, maybe it is because I was a gymnast for such a long time and although my parents NEVER instilled unhealthy eating habits in me, being a gymnast did.  We did get weighed and we did get told to be careful if we put on or weren't looking a certain way.  I have always struggled with weight issues.....I am not grossly overweight but if you look at my heritage we are not lithe, svelte tall things!!   I don't want my children growing up with mummy constantly on a diet.  I want them to eat the same as me and vice versa.  So....I have cut down/given up carbs...  I have vegetables instead of pasta, I try not to eat bread on a daily basis and am cutting out cakes and chocolate (the latter 2 only really for Lent).  I am hoping this will help me to even out my compulsion to over eat.  I am not preparing lots of different foods for us all, I am basically having the same with less carbs....we'll see!

All in all, getting back to school with the kids has been fine, they all still have a shocking cough and I can't remember the last time I actually slept through as one of them is up coughing at the moment but I know that will pass.  We are heading into March and I noticed when we went to collect William from Beavers last night at 545pm it was still light, and when we did the school run at 3pm it registered 19 deg on my car...that was a little freaky but I did notice so many more smiles on peoples faces....gotta love Spring!

Bye for now

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Kinect, A&E and they are not related!!!!!!

So, it is half term and so far we have been to A&E once and it is only tuesday!

Yesterday, Jaime swallowed a magnet!  Mmmm, I know!  It took alot to get her to admit she swallowed it though, basically she kept playing jokes on me, this went on for an hour or so, so much so that in the end I had no idea whether she was joking or not!  I had to scare her into telling me. (not my proudest parenting moment)  Anyway, we shot off to A&E after looking it up on NHS direct, had an Xray which all the kids got to have a look at and thought was brilliant.  It was already in her stomach so we were sent home to just let it come out naturally!  The joy of parenting!

Last night, we woke to Millie barking like a seal....croup had returned, again, the joy of parenting!  She is fine today quite croaky but hopefully we are in for a quiet night tonight.

Going back in time though, we had a fab weekend.  We got a Xbox girlfriends from school all gave me vouchers for my 40th, with the idea that it could be towards a Kinect for the family.  We got it this weekend and it is a blast, I love it, Bill is playing it right now and the kids love it.  I do have to limit them though as they get a little crazy after a while, taking turns is so hard!  But it is a great thing that we can actually all do together!  I NEVER thought I would say that about a computer game but there you go!

The rest of half term I am hoping is going to be less eventful and hopefully we might even get a bit of sunshine!!!  If we do I'm heading to the coast with the kids for a bit of a winter walk xx

A non valentine Valentine

The snow has gone and it is back to being grey and miserable!  February is always so hard!  It is Valentines Day and I am blogging and Bill is playing on the Kinect (more about that later), we don't really do Valentines.  Mainly because of the money, but also, Nov is our anniversary, Dec is Christmas and January is both our birthdays!!  Could it get more expensive!  Luckily our children were born in the summer months!  But also it is just that we don't feel the need for a day to express our 'love' for each other.  Every so often Bill will come home with a bunch of flowers, or some other token and I will take that over a double the price bunch of red roses any day..BTW yellow roses are my fav, red is so cliche!  He makes me laugh, he gives the best hugs, he is a great dad, he works his butt off providing for our family allowing me to stay at home with our children, he loves my family, he is fab at quizzes (I can't answer anything), he loves playing games, he is loyal and passionate and he is a man of God.  For me, I couldn't ask for more.  Little did I know that when I went to nanny for a friend I would meet the man I was going to marry...He had me at Hello! 

Happy Valentine babe

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow day xx

Meet our snowman

Jaime off walking in the snow

Beautiful trees with so much snow

The view outside our front door

Cute kids and snowman

Cute snow girl

Her impression of a snowman

Cute pic I took friday night on my phone x

40th Celebrations! - Post long overdue

Well, I am now officially 40!!

Celebrations started on Friday as my sister arrived from Cornwall...We had my whole family here for the weekend (minus Kenny).  Saturday morning I escaped the house early and went for a run....I know, can you believe choice too.  I had a fab one, 4 miles on my own just with my Ipod..fantastic.  11am, the hairdressers.  I had planned on just having my hair dried straight, it is naturally frizzy/curly so always a treat to have done nicely.  My lovely hairdresser said def not, I need to have an up do and she was right.  I had an Audrey Hepburnesque bun, with gorgeous curls at the back.  I felt soooo glamourous, I've never had such a gorgeous up do, I even did my own hair for my wedding!  When I went to pay, Debbie informed me the birthday hair fairy had already been in to pay!!  That made me cry as she told me it wasn't any of my family, infact, she didn't know who it was!  Once I got home, it was to a bit of a mess.  Our new Ikea sofa had arrived.....nothing like pressure...2 hours later it was up and ready to go and I love it, it makes our room so much more liveable esp when mum and dad are here.  Bill went off at 4 to help decorate the bar, while we all hung out at home.  The party was brilliant.  I've never had a party before and we had chosen the local bar round the corner from us which is owned by a family at our school.   I was spoilt rotten by everyone.  The bar outdid itself catering for us, my friends and family treated me like a princess and I had soooo much fun!!  There were about 60 of us in total, friends from church, school, neighbours and family, it was wonderful having all the important people in my life in one space coming together....I would thoroughly recommend it!!!!!  I even bought a new dress!!

Sunday saw Bill going to church with the kids, the rest of us getting showered and ready to go out for lunch at our fav restaurant Rendezvous..again fab as all of us together.....we spent the rest of the day chilling together watching a movie.  Clare left early monday morning, everyone else got up early to wish me Happy Birthday and I got to open all my amazing cards and pressies.  Let me tell you, I was truly blessed xxx  I then spent the day meeting some girlfriends for coffee then having lunch with some other girlfriends and mum and dad.  I had a wonderful day   The turn around is quick though because it is Bill's birthday 2 days later and mum and dad kindly babysat for us so we went out to eat with friends to a local sushi restaurtant.  We have been wanting to go there for ages as I am a sushi virgin.  The friends we went with go there every week on saturdays for lunch so they knew what to order.  It was amazing, we had a fantastic meal with amazing food and great company. 

Mum and dad left the following day and life is slowly resuming back to normal, you've probably already read the post before this so you know where I stand there!!