Thursday, 15 January 2009

In Laws are visiting

Oh my goodness, my in laws are coming to visit. We are soooo excited and it isn't that long away. They called the other night to say they had found some flights and then the next day confirmed the dates....they are coming in March. Big Bill gets to meet his grand daughters for the first time, he was last here when I was pregnant with them and Cyndy met them when they were 3 months old so they are in for such excitement and fun. The children are really excited and keep asking when Papaw and Grandma are coming and we are starting to plan what we can do.


Friday, 9 January 2009

Firstly, I would like to apologise to Hubbys family as the only picture we seem to have taken of Christmas is of the Red Velvet Cake that Carolyn and I made. This was a big deal as this isn't a cake that we do over here so we were experimenting and Oh my goodness it may look a mess but it was YUMMY!!!!!!!! Our Christmas was AMAZING. Hubby was off work from the 17th Dec till the 5th of Jan.....I know how brilliant is that. I started my Christmas really when I did my reading at church on 21st, it was my first time reading at the front but was lovely. The music was beautiful and was a brilliant job done by our new music director. This is always my favourite service of the year so I relished every moment as I was child free so even managed to catch up with a few people too.

We left for Guernsey early on Monday morning, it is only a 45 min flight and the children were brilliant. Carloyn and Elliss came to pick us up from the airport and the fun began. Tim was off for the day so we really spent the day catching up and planning the rest of the week. Ever since I have know Tim and Carolyn I have always admired their Christmas, they do it so well and I felt really blessed that they invited us to spend it with them (well, we probably invited ourselves but that is neither here nor there!!) The children were all having a great time and as they have a lovely spacey house there was room for everyone. The week went by in a flash. We went to church on Christmas Eve and Day at a lovely church which was only a 10min walk away and the Vicar was brilliant and the children well behaved. Tim was the MasterChef for the week and made the most gorgeous Christmas dinner we all ate far to much and didn't even get to have Christmas pud!! we were so full.

The children loved being together for present opening and it was madness most of the day which we all loved, it was a really special time for us all I think and I am only going to mention it at the end but Carolyn and I were both ill for most of it and ended up on antibiotics the following monday.
One great surprise was Carolyn and I getting tix to see Joseph on the 30th, so even though we came home on the saturday Carolyn came back to UK on Tuesday, and both of us spent a wonderful evening at the Theatre it was just a shame we both felt so terrible but we weren't going to miss it for the world.

New Year for us was spent in bed, me at 930, mum 10pm, Hubby 1115pm and Dad actually managed to see in the New Year by himself bless him. Luckily, I am feeling better now but Mum is still horribly ill and laid up in bed, Dad not great and Bubbs is on antibiotics for an ear infection. Ho Hum welcome to January!!

Below, is a picture of my walk today, Mabel is in the corner and it was to show you all just how beautiful it is on the cold frosty morning. I actually have time to sit down here for a few minutes while the girls are in Nursery and I am savouring it as it really is the first time in weeks that I have stopped.
This month is both mine and Hubbys birthday and actually I am going away on my WWW retreat for our birthday weekend as mine is on the 23rd and his the 25th. I do feel rather guilty leaving Hubby with all the children but I am so looking forward to the retreat and it is only every 2 years.................