Monday, 25 January 2010

Surprises Surprises!!

Just to say sorry for not blogging recently...

It is my husbands 40th birthday today and his dad flew in on Thursday as a surprise and man was it one!!

Will fill you all in once visit is over, it is madness here at this house!!!!!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Just a quickie

William started throwing up again in the early hours of sat morning so we didn't do much for the day....Hubby went for a long bike ride with his group, it is his birthday on 25th but mine is on 23rd so he didn't want to be doing his ride on my bday. bless. It rained all morning so rather him than me but he still came back sooo happy.
I finally got out of the house, I went into town for the essentials ie nappies... I managed to do my grocery shopping online and it is being delivered on tuesday which is a relief we will have food to eat woo hoo. I even got to have a coffee with a friend which was wonderful I felt human again.

It looked like I wasn't going to get to do Day 8 again, but I babysat for a friend and did it at her house with their dog watching me just like Mabel does. I also got to watch Bride Wars which was fab.

Today, I got back to church. I took the girlies and put them in their Ark group and settled down to concerntrate on the sermon for once. I feel like I haven't made it there for ages and it was so lovely being there again.
William woke up completely normal today so yah!!

I am going to try to work out again next week. I think doing mon thru fri working out will be the best idea cos weekends don't work very easily.

I'm still loving it though so keep you posted

Friday, 15 January 2010

I should be doing Day 8 today, but am going to have to put it on hold as Bubbs has a horrid tummy virus. He is the last of the 3 to get it, but I have had all 3 of them at home today and just haven't managed to do it and I MUST go to the grocery store tonight as we are running out of everything including nappies, I only have enough for tonight now!!

Shred is going really well though and I am a bit gutted that I haven't fitted it in today but such is life I can't beat myself up. I love the fact that lots of my blogging buddies are either doing it too or have done it. No one over here seems to have heard of it yet but I think it is awesome.

Not much else to say as I am still fairly housebound due to sick kids now rather than weather and I haven't been out for ages so am feeling a bit rough around the edges!!!

Hope I get to do Day 8 tomorrow instead

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

As I was saying yesterday!! **UPDATE**

Well, nursery is closed today due to the heating not working so I didn't get my morning off in which I was going to do all the stuff I didn't get done yesterday, but........we did do this
Swings in the snow
Oops and a bit of falling over!
Mabel loved this and we met her friend too so the dogs had a blast.

I even managed to do Day 5, with the girls watching but they were fab and even gave me some encouragement woo hoo.

WW weigh in tonight so we will see how that goes - Lost 2lbs woo hoo
BUT Moodle threw up in the snow in the school run is cursed. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow now at all

Monday, 11 January 2010

A Day to Myself

It is 1130am and I am sitting down with a cup of tea and a packet of go ahead biscuits (worth 3 points) and I'm in my Pjs....but get this:

So far this morning I have got everyone to school on time. Jim Jam slept well and had a massive bowl of porridge with us all and was desperate to go to nursery so I sent her. I have walked the dog, the meadow is still looking beautiful and I have done Day 4!!!! I could actually now go back up to bed and go to sleep but don't think I should, why I have no idea as I didn't sleep well last night due to a wake up call from both girls at 2am and no sleep at all the night before but I'll see how I get on.

This is my first day off without any of the children in a LONG time and it is set to continue because the girls are now going to nursery all day on a monday and mornings on tuesday and friday. I had all these great plans that monday is going to be house work and Phoenix day but today I am just too tired to do it so I'm giving myself the day off!!!!! Shocking I know.

Got WW tomorrow, debating what to wear as it is freezing outside but don't want to wear my jeans as they weigh soooo much. Isn't it ridiculous how we worry about that but I know it is not just me.

Feeling good right now, and looking forward to what this new decade is to bring us. The girls start big school in 2011 so I don't actually have them at home for that much longer (even though it feels like forever) and we are planning on going to DisneyLand (the Florida one) with my in laws in the summer of 2012...the children are already talking about it but we figure we need to wait so they can really appreciate it as it will be a once in a lifetime thing!

Baby steps though, my main goal this year is to get to my WW goal weight and maintain it. I have reached goal 3 times now but never managed to get back to it after the children but there will not be that excuse again so this is it.

Off to do some paperwork now, Hubbys birthday is in a few weeks and it is the big 4 0, we are all going out to lunch at a yummy restaurant in town which will be lovely there will be 36 of us in total all for a Sunday roast! Yum

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Snow Sick and Day 3

We still have snow!!!!

The sick started at 2am with Jim Jam and carried on every 30mins or so till 8am!!! Nuff said, she was wiped today but finally managed to keep some fluids down but has not eaten all day. Nursery is open tomorrow but I have to do a three quarter mile walk each way with all 3 kids starting at 8am which I am dreading. Moodle and Bubbs are both puke free so am sending them in but will bring Jim Jam home.....I am soooo dreading it. But, just think of the exercise!

Nicely leading into Day 3, I did it even though I was pooped and only did it at 7pm once all kids in bed.........yeah I am actually proud of myself
WW on tuesday I really hope I loose what I put on over Christmas

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Day 2

I've just done it, my body is burning but I did it. Thanks Hubby for keeping the kids upstairs for half an hour especially since we are all feeling a bit of cabin fever since it snowed again last night!!!!!!
Here's to tomorrow

Friday, 8 January 2010

Snowy days

This is our new mode of transport!! We have had a massive amount of snow and this was Bubbs and his friend T going to school yesterday!! They loved it, not so sure about Ts dad who was doing the pulling!!!
Spot the Dog!!
Our Beautiful Park
The massive Iccicle hanging from our conservatory (specially for you Anne :-) )
How gorgeous does this tree look
Aside from all the snow, I have finally managed today because all the children are at school, to do my 1st day of my 30 day legs are killing me but I am going to really try here, got to shift those pounds....keep an eye here and keep me accountable....

Friday, 1 January 2010

Christmas 2009

We spent Christmas in Guernsey again this year with our good friends the MacNabs....and boy do they do it well. We went last year and it was even better this year. Here are a few random shots below of the kids. All I can say is Thanks so much guys we had a blast xxxxx
Jim Jam above opening her stocking
Moodle above opening her stocking
All the kids sitting on Tim on morning
Bubbs opening his stocking, don't you just love his bed head
Carolyn reading to all the children

It was amazing and we all enjoyed ourselves immensely. We got to go to church on Christmas eve and Christmas morning which was lovely and the services we wonderful. The New Year is upon us and we even managed to stay up till midnight...we were watching tv in bed but that is beside the point!!
Everyone is back to work and school starting with girlies and Hubby on Monday and Bubbs on Tuesday, then it is back to normal for me....woo hoo