Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Going to Cat Heaven in a cool car!!

That is what my girlies said Gizmo is now doing. We had to lay to rest my parents/our cat on Monday after a really sad weekend of him going downhill. I have now had to draw lots of pictures of Gizmo and Heaven Car on our etchasketch!! Bless. When Bubbs finally realised Gizmo had gone the girlies answered first as to where he was and he took it completely in his stride (I was dreading telling him). Bubbs promptly told me that Gizmo was playing with Dizzy (mum and dads old dog)

Not much else has gone on here, I got the bill for the girlies nursery today, £250(they go twice a week for 3 hours!!! termtime only). I also recieved our bill for having our US taxes prepared, another £200. If you can believe it we have lived over here since 1999 now and still have to file each year and get the indignity of it, if we earn over a certain amount, bearing in mind how much the dollar can be worth in comparison to the pound, we would have to pay US taxes too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We also need to book our chunnel ticket so that we can go over to see my parents for the summer, aaaaargh where is it all supposed to come from!!!!!

I have also joined the EA active 30 day challenge which is great fun but and it's a big one, my wii controller seems to not work all the time and it drives me crazy cos you can't move on to the next exercise or save what you have done so far so it looks like I have only done 2 days!!!!!


Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Where do I start?

Firstly, I am doing brilliantly without my pills. I am still struggling with my eating (currently eating McVities plain choc digestive) but I am trying to cope with one thing at a time. I still haven't managed to do any decorating but that can wait.

The children are all finally back at school, I had my first morning off for 3 weeks today and I know it sounds really selfish but man, it was soooo good! I went back to Curves, ran some errands, tidied up the house a bit (not that you'd notice) and then went back to collect the girlies. They did really well in pants today and didn't have any accidents at nursery and only had 1 each at home this afternoon so all in all good. I hardly spent anytime with Bubbs today and really miss that. I need another day by myself with him. I seem to be constantly telling him off or nagging him and I don't want to be one of those mums.

I now have a team member for my card business which is fab. I have known B for a while now and she has run her own business before so I know she is going to do brilliantly and also the money she is raising is going to be going straight back to her daughters school which has got to be an incentive for her customers. I am loving all the new cards they have at the minute they have such great illustrators.

My sister has now moved to Penzance, I am going to miss her terribly as she is now 6 hours drive away, I feel like I am back in the US again. On a good note, they have settled in well, she sent me a pic of the front room and it looks fab. They have had a great week weather wise to have moved to the sea and I can't wait to go visit her. I am trying to finagle going down on Fathers Day weekend if I can make it. Mum and Dad are there right now and they were with us here last week. We had a great time with them, we visited my grandparents, went to Leeds Castle and just hung out. They bought Bubbs a new pair of sandals too which was wonderful and such a help for us.

Anyway, I think that is it. I'm off to bed and my book. I am finally reading Twilight. I have not heard any of the hype for this, not sure where I was as apparently it has been huge. My sister gave them to me and I am on book 2.....wow loving it!!!!

Ooh also, managed to get to Osteo - going back again on Friday and got a hair cut. I am now sporting a short short do and loving it