Sunday, 11 April 2010

Easter and such!

Blogger is doing something really weird with pix, I have been trying to post these for ages and finally they are up but in some random order. Managed to put a pic of each of the kids. Bubbs is in our playpark as it was sunny but cold yesterday so we got out to make it fun. He is growing up so fast and all his clothes are either too big or too small! Hubby and Moodle is next. We spent Easter weekend with my sister and bro in law in Cornwall and this was taken at Lands End. The Royal Navy did a fly by thing which everyone apart from Jim Jam thought was very exciting. I think Hubbys excitement is a bit more than Moodles :-)

I think the next one is of us all, my in laws really wanted a family pic and we didn't get round to it when Big Bill was over in Jan so we hope this is ok..... It is at Lands End and we had the most amazing weather on Easter Sunday which is why it looks so lovely and blue everywhere. Man I am enjoying having spring come to visit!!

The last one is of Jim Jam and my sis. If you look closely you can see there is a squirrel on her leg and it is taking a nut out of her hand. The only trouble was she kept pulling her hand further and further up her sleeve but he got it in the end.

It's been ages since I blogged and if anyone reads this I will be amazed.
We finally went out and got the cheapest camera possible so hopefully there will be more posts to come. We are still on school hols till the 19th, Bubbs has church camp tues thru thurs morning and we are doing various other catching up bits. We spent the whole weekend in the garden in the sunshine and tidied up a bit which has made the place look a bit better. The trouble with having a dog is that she just makes a mud bath on the grass.

My Phoenix card business seems to be going well, I now have 2 traders in my team which is exciting and I even have my own website so you can place an order online which is really cool... I am so silly thinking this is cool but I love it!!

Everything else is going well here, my girls are sassy as ever. Lord knows what they will be like as teenagers. Bubbs has his moods but he is a sweetie at heart and he does look after his sisters which is so cute to see.