Monday, 31 March 2008

Amazing Friends

We as a family are very lucky to be blessed with such amazing family and friends. You probably read what we did on saturday with my sis, binlaw and grandparents, well it continued on Sunday and today.
After a rocky night and the clocks going forward I did make it to church, leaving the family behind just about to have breakfast, I had to go this week as I was on creche duty but getting everyone else out was an insurmountable task that early in the morning. Afterwards, I nipped into one of my neighbours who had just brought her preemie twins home, she was so happy that they were finally with her rather than in the hospital and she is doing so well as are the babies. After that I raced back to the family to pick them all up to go out to lunch! How lucky a whole weekend without cooking. We all went off and spent a gorgeous day with a family where the children had a great time and were even able to play out in the garden for a little while too as it was slightly warm....yippee. We ended up feeding the children tea there too so just home in time to put them to bed which Bubbs thought was very amusing as it was still light out.
Today was a great one too as this morning while Bubbs was at nursery I had my regular coffee meeting with the 2 new mums in our road, next week there maybe someone else who wants to cuddle the babies too but I can't say much more than that....wink wink moomin. This afternoon was spent with the children and a quick visit from a couple of other mums and kiddies and a meeting at church about the childrens ministry, which was really interesting. I have also loved looking at everyone elses tag answers too.

Sunday, 30 March 2008


Wow, I am really excited I have just been tagged by Seven Shades of Red
This is the first one I have had so here are the rules:
Link to the person who tagged you.
Post the rules.
Share six non-important habits/quirks about yourself.
Tag three other people.

1. I have a phobia about coat hangers, I can't stand them they are really scary! It all comes from the fact that I broke one when I was younger and thought that my mum would be really cross so hid it and now I can only have the plastic ones that you buy yourself. I can't stand it when stores put them in with your clothes and my whole family think I am a little insane

2. I have absolutely no memory and this isn't just mummy brain, my husband always laughs at me because I cannot remember any names of any bands ever (apart from Bonjovi). My sister laughs at me because I have no memory of our childhood up till about age 10 and always have to ask her about it.

3. I am really gullible, you can pretty much tell me anything and I will believe it, this links with the next one too

4. I am not up on current affairs at all and I have a bad memory with names so usually have absolutely no idea what people are talking about at dinner parties and my husband has just got to the stage now where he tells me what is going on on the quiet so I don't look quite so stupid!

5. I'd live in my pyjamas given half the chance, I love them and if I was loaded I would have a different pair every night, along with the cleaner who would change my sheets every day too

6. I can't stand purple, I don't know why. One of the funniest things is that the first present hubby gave to me was this PURPLE sweatshirt, I didn't have the heart to tell him I couldn't stand it and he didn't find out till quite late on in our relationship...bless

Now I tag: Clarabelle Sprinkles Mudwalls and Beams and Ris
Look forward to seeing some of your answers

Oops just seen Ris has already been tagged, she must be really popular!

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Great Day

Just a short one today to say that I have had such a lovely day! Firstly it started last night, my friend J's hubby was away so we had a girly catch up night at hers with a few friends and next thing we know it is 00:30! Where the time went I am not sure! Jim Jam was then up at 4am, I obviously didn't feed her enough yesterday and finally gave her some milk at 5am and she went back to bed,I have been trying to feed them much bigger meals as could only think hunger was what was waking them. Hubby was out at the London Men's Convention (christian) at the Royal Albert Hall all day today, leaving at 745am so I had the day with the kids. Went to visit my sister and BiL and we also went to see my nan and gramps with sis. They had a lovely visit with the children who were all adorable and the girlies even put their arms up for cuddles from both of them which just makes their hearts melt.
Back at my sis' house we hung out as the weather was horrid again, more rain! K set up a new laptop for us aswell which was amazing as ours was trashed and kept cutting out, so annoying when you are trying to blog! This one is wireless which means I am currently downstairs how exciting. My sis made us the most yummy roast dinner too and I got a sneaky sleep, anyone reading this with children will understand just how exciting that is....
When we got home and had transferred the children into their own beds Hubby told me all about his day, he had an awesome time and had even recorded them (all 4000 of them) singing 'In Christ Alone' which just topped the day off, it sounded amazing and is one of my favourite christian songs.
Off out for lunch to a friends tomorrow so have got off really lightly on the cooking front this weekend. Should also hear about Bubbs school on Monday was hoping we'd get the letter today but no luck. Will keep you posted!

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Back to normal

Well after having such a lovely Easter break with Hubby off for so long, it was rather strange having to get back to normal, so as usual I packed it as full as I could with people and things to do.
Tuesday- AM - coffee with a new mum from 2 doors down, Bubbs adores her and the girlies love looking in the carry cot while her son is trying and I say trying to sleep. Quite how he thinks he will with my 3 around I don't know. Bubbs always seems to show off alot around other adults and it is actually really funny. PM- friend and her daughter T round for coffee and tea (the meal kind not the drinking kind), T is the same age as the girlies so that was a houseful. Luckily Hubby was out in the evening so I slobbed about and did nothing, not even the ironing!
Wednesday - AM - yippee Bubbs back at nursery, so needed as he was bouncing off the walls with cabin fever! I got to go back to WWW which was great. Girlies in creche and I listened to an amazing woman from our church who was due to go to Cambodia as a missionary with her family but has had to cancel as her husband has been diagnosed with a complicated lymphoma. I could have listened to her all day she was incredible and talked about Gods plans for her and how we just have to have faith and follow whatever it is that he wants us to do! Awesome. PM - spent the day with another friend at her house this time which was lovely and Bubbs had someone his age to play with and the girlies were great too. There is an adorable little dog in this household and they seem to adore him which is just lovely. Got to babysit last night which is always good as you get to sit down without having to do much and I watched an episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition, talk about crying...this was with a cup of tea and a creme egg though so so worth it!
Thursday - AM - Had Bubbs friend T round this morning for a playdate before Microsport and usually they play amazingly well as we saw on Monday, but today they were little monsters. Constantly nagging at each other, sitting in each others space and generally driving me crazy. I was very glad when T's mum came back and she got a taster of it at lunch time. Luckily, they got to run it all off in the class. PM - Went to my friend V's house for afternoon which was lovely, it is so great going there because she always does so much fun stuff with them. They got to paint which was hilarious and I am sure the girlies still have it in their hair but boy did they have fun! And she had baked cup cakes and made a rice pudding, talk about super mum, you know who you are if you are reading this....just a little tribute! :-) Tonight was House too, you gotta love Hugh Laurie, I never imagined when watching him in anything else that he could be sexy but he really is as House.....bizarre!!

Monday, 24 March 2008

Easter Family Fun!

Oh my goodness, I have had such a lovely weekend. After a lovely day on Saturday, my lil sis and hubby came for a visit and as Bubbs puts it..had a sleepover! He wanted to know if they were going to have a long long long one but it was only one night, bless. He absolutely loves having them stay over and lil sis adores him and the girlies. Had a wonderful Easter service in the morning and we even had a smattering of snow so it felt more like Christmas walking to church, it pretty much continued on and off all day. Sis and hubby arrived shortly after we got back bearing Nans Lemon Cake (yummy) and a joint of pork for our dinner. Bless her, she is so good to us. Spent the afternoon hanging out and playing with the kids which as nice, K took loads of video so hopefully the in laws will have lots to download from the website. Had a delicious Easter roast, the children ate loads as did we and luckily Jim Jam slept through the night, although this time Moodle woke at 530am which was a downer as we went to bed rather late.
In the evening I discovered Guitar Hero in earnest!! Sis, K, hubby and I played it from about 8pm till 1130pm and wow it is so much fun and rather addictive like I thought it would be, luckily it has gone back now and we have hopefully sold our PS2 so I won't be able to play it again. Really good fun though if anyone ever thought about buying it but wasn't sure.
Today I got some more me time, so spoilt I have been. It was still holiday, so K and hubby looked after the children for a couple of hours whilst sis and I went into town. She treated me to lunch which was lovely and it was so nice spending time mooching around the shops and spending time with her without the children. Decided also that I am going to go visit them on the weekend when Hubby goes to the Christian Men's Convention at the Albert Hall on Saturday. Rounded off a fab holiday weekend going to a friends for the kids tea, such a lovely way to end it. The children were all adorable and it was great to catch up with them too.
Happy Easter to all of you, and good luck going back to the grindstone whatever it is that you do.

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Rock God!

Well I haven't posted for a couple of days cos I have actually had a bit of a social life! I know I know, pick yourselves up off the floor from either laughing or shock..... Above is a pic of Hubby doing his babysitting!! He offered so I took him up on it and it looks like he had more fun than I did. He is playing Guitar Hero, he absolutely loves it and borrowed it off a friend for the weekend, so far I haven't managed to get him off it..bless! I did have a go myself this evening though and loved it too, now that is worrying cos I seem to have a bit of an addictive personality and given half a chance would have spent all evening playing but had to tend to my more overwhelming addiction at the moment of blogging!! Anyway, I did go out thurs night just to my neighbours and actually her hubby came to ours to play Guitars and we watched the first episode of the new series of I love the program, Hugh Laurie is just so brilliant in it and I am so happy it is back it really makes thurs nights now. Friday night I went to see Amazing Grace (the story of William Wilberforce) at church, what an fascinating story and so well portrayed by all the actors, well worth a watch. Church did it brilliantly as we got supper half way through and there were a fair few non church goers there too so great from an evangelistic point of view. We were also at church on Fri morning for a service and then a brunch, which was wonderful and a great way to catch up with friends that we don't normally get to speak to not to mention the most yummy cooked breakfast I have had in a long time. They certainly know how to cook. Below is a pic of the family before going, the girlies are in their new Easter dresses sent lovingly by my mum and dad from France, how adorable do they look.
This next pic is of Bubbs outside toysRus the other day, he loves riding in these things, bless him though until my father in law put money in one for him he thought they were broken as I never have change, still don't but he seems to still get a thrill just getting in them.

Had a wonderful day with my godparents today. I managed to get to the gym this morning and they had just arrived when I got back. S had brought a stew with her so I didn't have to worry about supper tonight how lovely was that and Bubbs had made some Scooby snack cookies with Hubby whilst I had been out so we had a cuppa and a cookie and toasted the chefs...something Bubbs loves to do whenever he helps with the cooking or particularly likes something. Poor J had to bring his tool kit as my dad had called him from France to get him to help us with some DIY, not that he minded in the slightest and Bubbs thought it was great getting to go to the hardware store with the boys. J did come back with a whole new set of drill bits, what is it with men and their tools. Having said that S and I escaped into town for a bit of a girly shop and ended up going for a bra fitting and buying new underwear....not really in our budget but desperately needed and as I didn't have any children with me had to take that opportunity it doesn't come along very often.

Gosh, managed to ramble on about nothing for ages have a great Easter all of you. xx

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Better today!

Hubby is off now until Tuesday which is lovely. We just don't have to rush around quite so much, although he is usually gone before we all get up in the morning it is so great having him around. Today, he got to take Bubbs to nursery which Bubbs loves and then he got the rest of the morning off because I went to WWW at church and took the girlies with me as they love going in the creche. The women who volunteer there are amazing and they all adore the twins. I find it quite funny that they are so well behaved there and are like little devils at home but I suppose that it is a good thing really at least I get an hour off for me time there.
We had an Easter Reflections session altogether today which was amazing and so uplifting I really needed it. I had to do a reading, John 17: 20-26 and then they sprung the closing prayer on me too. Now anyone who actually knows me in real life will just be laughing cos I just don't do this sort of thing but for some reason have started and am really enjoying it. I am normally far too nervous and self conscious to do it but who knows!
This afternoon was great too, my grandparents, known to the children as Grandma and Grandpa NeeNaa so called because they have a great big fire engine that makes loud noises at their house, sent us an Easter card today and in it they had very kindly given the children £5 each. Well as hubby was off and Bubbs had filled a week on his sticker chart for getting dressed by himself we thought we would have an afternoon trip to ToysRUs. Oh my goodness, we could spend all day there, Bubbs just didn't know what to spend his money on, it is the first time he has ever really had any money to spend and there was so much to choose from he was completely overwhelmed. It was just adorable, we went round all the aisles just letting him know what he could afford and what he couldn't. In the end he plumped for a hot wheels double loop the loop track thing with 3 cars, it is brilliant and watching all 3 of the children playing with it this afternoon was fab!! The girlies each got a little back pack containing a doll with some accessories ie: bottle, hairbrush and a toy. They loved them and spent a lot of the afternoon shoving the doll, usually upside down back in the back pack and then shouting at it. Not sure why they were so cross with it but they were. Funny little things they are.
Actually getting to got to the gym tomorrow with a friend who is dropping her son, the same age as Bubbs, off to hubby who will have 4 children to look after but hey it's only for a couple of hours. Can't wait, yippee!

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Just really wanted to thank those who have read my blog and commented. They are all very positive which makes me feel good but in a dilemma about what to post today as it completely goes against it all.
Frankly, life can bite you in the butt just when you are least expecting it. The girls at the minute have yet another cold which means their general mood is horrid. They are at the age when they are really frustrated with everything and take it out on everyone else. I don't remember Bubbs being like that but I am sure he was and I am just blocking it out kinda like childbirth, also he didn't have 2 other children to take it out on. Bubbs is being ok, but I am just so short tempered with him because of the girlies I feel completely racked with guilt at the end of the day, I am a stay at home mum for goodness sake I should be able to spend quality time with him rather than doing house hold chores like washing and cooking, I don't know how working mums do it, when do they do stuff! Our money situ is just getting more and more dire, we still have yet to file US taxes ( we get ext till June) but putting off getting it done as it costs another £150 ($300) and what for...nothing but that is a whole other story. My friend finally had her baby but had some complications, is fine but not home yet and she lives a flight away so can't go see her and am really missing her. Hubby had yet another A&E trip, thought he had broken his hand at work, luckily it is only badly bruised. And to top it all, I really miss my mum and dad, how pathetic is that. Did look up flights but they are ridiculously expensive so no go there.

Anyway, can you tell I'm on a downer....tee hee. Sorry for unloading I could go on for much longer but I don't think anyone actually wants to read blogs that are going to ruin their day rather than make them laugh but didn't want any commenter's thinking that I was that on top of things! On a good note, hubby is now off till Tuesday which is brilliant as it is Easter (strangely early this year) and we are doing quite a bit. My Godparents are visiting on Saturday and then my sis and bro in law are coming on Sunday hopefully till Monday. Haven't seen any of them for ages so really looking forward to that.
Thanks again for reading hopefully I will be jollier next post.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Serene Sunday

I think this might be a long blog so hope you have a cuppa! We have had a wonderful weekend. If started with a day off for me, I went to a Women's Day at our church. I was privileged to spend the entire day with some of the wonderful women that attend our church and I got to speak to so many of them, ones that I don't speak to normally at all for one reason or another and it was fantastic. The day was on Encouragement. You know how when you get together with your friends, especially those of you who are Christians out there I am sure this will be familiar. You have a coffee, play with the kids and chat. Sometimes it is trivial banter but 9 times out of 10 there is something meaty to talk about, either situations or people and I don't mean bitching just generally mulling over what has happened. How often do we encourage our friends to be more Christ like, we may empathise and sympathise, we try to make them feel better by saying things like, well there was this reason or that for it to happen, but is that really the right thing to say. Sometimes the things we SHOULD be saying are the hardest, for example if your friend has snapped at someone and is saying how awful she now feels then rather than just empathising we should be trying to help her find out why she snapped, this is a hard thing to do but so needed in our True friendships. I was sitting next to such a good christian friend of mine while this particular part of the day was going on and it was so apt for us and where we are right now with each other. To quote: Prv 27:6 Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiples kisses
Anyway that was just the first talk and I can't give you a complete run down on the day but I found this talk so valuable and the speakers second part was about praying, for others, with others together in small groups and how we can do this. We British seem to find expressing ourselves quite hard and being vulnerable seems to be such an issue with many people and just giving us the encouragement to open up and pray together was amazing. I am really looking forward to this week and trying to put into practise some of the things that were brought up.

Today was just as good, hubby and Bubbs took the day together and went on the train up to the big smoke to the Natural History Museum, or the Dinosaur Nuseun as Bubbs so eloquently puts it. I got the most adorable text from Hubby quite early on in the day, saying that this is the best bit of being a daddy as Bubbs was so excited with everything and his train journey into work was opened up to him in a whole new light through Bubbs eyes. They had an amazing day and Bubbs was very excited, soaking wet as it poured down on the way home and absolutely exhausted when they got home but is already talking about his next visit. I got to spend the day with the girlies and after church they had a nap so I even managed to get some card work done, yippee. We then spent the afternoon playing around inside as the weather was miserable but a good time was had.
This evening amidst a massive pile of ironing and shop bought pizza, (still no takeaways, this has to be a record for us) Hubby blurted out that he was so happy with our life and it got me thinking.....we are so privileged. We live in an amazing house (granted we don't own all of it and will be indebted to my parents forever on that front), in an amazing area, our children are a complete blessing however annoying they may be on a day to day basis. Hubby enjoys his job which after a lot of stress over the last couple of years is brilliant. I can survive the day and come out still smiling (even if there is some medicinal intervention there). We have amazing friends, one of whom has just had her second baby after a long wait (congrats), we belong to a great church family whose support is invaluable and we are loved by God. What more can we ask for!!

Thanks anyone who takes the time out to read this post I hope some of it is relevant, it was completely written from the heart.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Back to the gym!!

Finally got back to the gym this evening and as I seem to be eating us out of house and home at the moment it is a good thing. Haven't made it for the last 3 weeks so that is one months subs wasted but man did I pick a good class to go back to. I just did Boxercise and I am having trouble typing as my arms are hurting so much, goodness knows what they will be like tomorrow. I had so much frustration this evening from the girlies as they were being particularly challenging today, getting very angry and really lashing out which I find really hard to deal with. So anyway, punching some random guy really hard was just what I needed.
Really having trouble not picking in between meals at mo too, we are on a real food budget at the moment so I have accounted for all our evening meals courtesy of a meal planner idea picked up from a fellow blogger and that is really working but I still seem to be finding stuff to pick on and I just can't stop. Any suggestions here would be great.
Take care all

Wednesday, 12 March 2008


Here as promised is a piccie of the girlies in all their pigtail glory, I didn't realise it was as fuzzy as it was until it was on here and then couldn't be bothered to change it as it seems to take me ages to do anything these days but you get the general idea. I have never been very good with hair and always wanted to be one of those people who could just sweep their hair up and it look amazing like so many of my friends can but alas this is not me and unfortunately this isn't transferring to the girlies hair styles either. Goodness knows what is going to be like when they ask for plaits!!!! Lil sis help??Whilst all this photography was going on Bubbs really wanted me to take a pic of him with his precious finger motorbike which he loves. It has all these interchangeable parts, you can change the wheels and even the handle bars and they don't seem to have them over here in the UK that much but it must have been a massive thing in the US as Hubby was very excited about it and said he used to play for hours with them.....I don't know whether this makes him a real geek or not, any comments on this would be welcomed!
Bubbs also wanted a pic with all 3 of them, again the pampers pack is coming in very useful as a seat this time, Jim Jam is the lucky one who is getting the cuddle now can you see why we find it so hard to tell them apart! I did think this was lovely though and knew the grandparents would love it. I am not sure whether they can then download these images for themselves but it would be great if they can.
This one is for my moomin in France. She loves this plant/bush, no idea what it is as I am sooo bad at gardening and all the things in it are theirs....long story but we have basically moved into their house and they have moved to France so we have gained a garden too. I love the pink flowers on it though and even though it was blowing a gale, very chilly and raining today (typical british weather) they still looked jolly.
That is it with the photos, and I am really amazed how many people are now looking at my blog, you get such lovely comments and it seems I am not the only nosy person out there which is great as getting a slice of someone elses life really makes your own not seem so mundane after all as so many out there are doing the same old same old too.
Poor Bubbs had a bit of an accident today though, there always has to be some drama on a play date doesn't there. He and is friend E had been playing so well all afternoon, we had barely heard from them and were just saying as such when there were cries from upstairs. When we reached them Bubbs was spitting blood and E was clinging onto her head! It transpired that they must have run into each other and crashed....E luckily came away with just a sore head but no blood and Bubbs has rather a big and bleeding lip. This was a drama for a while until it was time for tea and I had made chips as a treat and it was needed as I think it would have been the only thing that would have gotten them to eat they felt so sorry for themselves, ice cream for pud went down really well too.
That's about it for today, look forward to next time and check out my blog roll for some new places to visit.xx

Monday, 10 March 2008

We're still here!

Hey all, just wanted to say that we didn't get blown away last night or today and I had a lovely day as a friend of mine took Bubbs to nursery in her car and brought him home again, which was fab! I was wondering how long it would take me before the rain cover blew off the girlies pram or Bubbs took off like a balloon.
Did spend the day holed up in the house but considering that was with 3 children it certainly could have been worse and as usual we did get to dance to 'Born in the USA' by Bruce Stingsteen, no that isn't a spelling mistake it is what Bubbs calls the boss! How cute. Luckily I do like this song and a good job too as we listen to it full blast at least 5 times a day at the minute. I will have to video us all dancing one day as it is adorable. Well the children are, not so sure about me as I look like a bit of a wally but who cares I have babies who think I am cool, not sure how long that will last but am going to enjoy it whilst it does.
Been doing loads of blog surfing recently and have found some great new ones which I will add to my blog roll, I just love it, it feels like you have loads of friends and I am so nosy it's just great! How sad am I??!!?
Happy blogging!

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Sunday loveliness!

I love Sundays, I think they are my favourite day. We usually get a bit of a lie in, well till 645am which for us is great but when I look back on life before kids it's just laughable really. Family breakfast is fun as it is normally just me and the children and they so enjoy all being round the table together with daddy. No boiled eggs today though, just couldn't be bothered especially as hubby had a bit of a headache after our party last night luckily I had to drive the babysitter home so I felt fine! Children always look cute in their Sunday best too and I put the girlies hair in bunches today which was adorable and made hubby well up when he saw them, but we couldn't get any decent pix to put up so we could show you just how sweet and girly they looked. Bubbs thinks they look 'beautiful and gorgeous' with their hair up, his words not mine.

After church had a girlfriend and her 2 children round for lunch which is always nice as it means our children have some entertainment and we get to slob about a bit....lovely, hubby even got a bit of a nap! Once they were gone we all settled down to watch Cars movie which is Bubbs favourite, I can't count the number of times we have watched it and hubby and Bubbs seemed to know so many of the lines it was hilarious. One of the nicest things about having other children round though is listening to their conversations which are so sweet and sincere even if they are about complete rubbish with playdoh!

Hope everyone out there in bloggy land had an equally good one, here's to another week on the treadmill of day to day life. I have just been reading about the storm that is just about to hit the UK, it will be an interesting walk to nursery tomorrow, I remember after the storms in '87 not being able to get to school. It wasn't that bad in our road and I seem to remember sleeping through it, although moomin may be able to tell you differently who knows, and it wasn't till we had walked to the top of the road that we realised just how much damage there really was. The weather reports seem to be comparing it to that so we'll see. Speak soon.xx

Friday, 7 March 2008

Just realised I have girls!

Ok, I know they are now 18mths old but I have only just realised the impact of having girls and having to do girlie things. This is my first example, lunch in fairy wings and below is them learning to fly off of packs of pampers! Not that successful by the look of things.. just realised as well you can see the ever increasing pile of ironing on the back of the chair waiting for Sunday night!
My meeting last night was amazing, it ended up just being myself, the girl hosting it (V) and our up line manager (J) who is an inspiration and really gets you motivated. V and I had so much in common with how our business is running and she has been doing it a bit longer than me so it was really lovely to meet her and share things. She also has 3 children so we really knew where we were coming from with fitting it in with them. J is so understanding and really stokes the fire underneath you, I can't wait till the next one now. Hopefully I'll have lots of sales by then to talk about. I did come out with some great news though, having talked accounts etc I have realised I have broken even after 5 mths, have stock in hand so can pay myself back my original investment which means our trip to Center Parcs in May is 3/4 of the way paid for, yippee!
Bubbs is being gorgeous as ever, he has started this class called Microsport. It is basically lots of sports for little ones and yesterday the instructor told me that he had worked really hard at his cricket and was really pleased with himself when he finally got it. Bless how sweet is that, of course when asked how it was, what did he play etc the answer as always was ..... nothing! I didn't think they started that until they were teenagers but how wrong was I. Hubby did get a better response when he asked him about it at bedtime and Bubbs did say how excited he was about hitting the ball and told hubby he needed to look at the super star sticker we had left on the bathroom wall for him to see. Bless.
Weekend is not going to be amazing as hubby has to work tomorrow which is a shame and it is forecast to pour down both days so we may not be doing much at all, but hopefully there will be something worth reading about, ooh we are off to a party tomorrow night so get to get dressed up for that yay. Speak soon and have good weekends everyone!

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Getting my business head on!

Well here goes, I am going to a business meeting tomorrow to try to give myself some inspiration to get going again on the card selling. I do love doing it, but just don't seem to have a head for business at all. I have all these great ideas about how to generate business and get traders and lets face it I have a fair few contacts in France and the US but never really get down to it. Anyway, God must have recognised this because there is a meeting with my up line manager so close to me it would be criminal not to go. I'll keep you posted on my huge enthusiasm when I get back.......

This post isn't really going to say much at all as both Hubby and I are walking round in a stupor today as the girlies decided to be awake and screaming and I don't use that word lightly from 2am till 4am last night in stereo....Hubby then had to get up at 5am to go up north slightly for work, so fun fun fun was had by all today. I did however have a lovely afternoon over at a friends house who I love and the kids all played really well and there wasn't too much whingeing so we did actually manage to chat over tea which was lovely.

Spoke to my lil sis earlier on this evening (Clarabellesprinkles) and she decided to discover Clarins for herself today and man did she discover it. I love reading her blog because she always manages to make me laugh and today's was no exception. Also, we both agreed on the 'grandma using Clarins thing' as she was transported back by the smell just like I was. Bless.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Mothers Day

It is Mothers Day here in the UK, why it is different to the US I have no ideas as Fathers Day is the same but there you does mean my mother in law gets to celebrate twice lucky thing. We didn't do a huge amount different but I did get some lovely surprises that I thought I would share with you. Above is my stash of pressies, not very clear I realise, I am not the greatest photographer in the world but hey ho. In the front are some chocs which Bubbs made at nursery. I am pretty sure there are supposed to be a few more but there was a suspicious amount of chocolate around the lip area when I last picked him up. These came with a lovely card which he has written in too, all by himself with a little help, or so he says. Then there is a very funny card that he picked out with his daddy saying mummy is always carrying loads of bags, he thought this was hilarious and I thought oh so true! Inside it says bags of love, patience, kindness etc...bless. I also got a lovely M&S Green fig candle recommended by my lil sis of Clarabelle sprinkles and some lovely Clarins foaming facial wash, yummy. I only discovered Clarins very recently just before my birthday, I had always been a soap and water and oil of Olay girl myself following in my mothers footsteps but decided as I was getting on a bit that I ought to splash out on some lovely products and wow what a treat. I could live in the Clarins dept in my local store but think they might tell me off. What I have also discovered is that I think my late grandmother must have used Clarins because as I apply it onto my face I am transported back to the smell of kissing her on the cheek!
Above here is the breakfast we all sat down to before church, I made it but I have to say I did get the dippy eggs just right! Bubbs and the girlies love smashing all the finished egg carcases, roll on Easter.
The next couple of photos are mainly for the grandparents both in France and in Kentucky. Bubbs and daddy went to the park this afternoon while the girlies were napping giving me some time to read a magazine...yeah...and this is what they got up to!! How cute and please note papa that his eyes are on the ball!
While I was cooking our lunch I realised I didn't have anything for pudding so Bubbs and I made some flapjacks, we tried the Good Housekeeping recipe this time as our whole family seem to be on the eternal search for a good flapjack recipe. This is proof that we made them and that I let Bubbs help. They were yummy but still a little crumbly. Moomin used to make the best flapjacks but can't remember the exact ingredients which is a shame and I always remember being really excited about those and cornflake cakes.
Anyway, hope you have enjoyed my little ramble. I have finished my ironing for the week and am ready to face the world with a new haircut as I managed to get one this weekend, mind you no one noticed at church this morning which was a bit odd but never mind it must look ok! I have finished writing my meal planner for the rest of the month as I finally gave in and did an internet shop which should arrive on Tuesday, till then we don't really have much but cereal and soup. I will let you know how the delivery goes all my friends swear by it so hopefully fine and as for the meal planning ideas I got that idea from my other bloggy US friends. Here's to a very clued up and yummy month!

PS: off to WW tomorrow so I could be crying when post next!!

Speak soon and Happy Mothers Day to all you wonderful mothers out there who are finding time in their day to read this hopefully with a lovely cup of tea and plain chocolate digestive (make this whatever your favourite yummy snack is) xx