Monday, 27 December 2010

Little Christmas Pix...

Bedgebury - weekend before Christmas

Off to the Scout Christmas Party

Millie Reindeer

William Reindeer

Christmas Eve

Friday, 10 December 2010


Woke up this morning to the sound of William and a croupy cough. The older he gets the later in the night he seems to get it. I knew he would come down with it sooner or later as he slept really badly the night before and I thought it was going to happen then but it didn't. I don't think this weather is helping matters, it is really cold and going in and out of it never seems to help. I kept him off school today so he can fully recover over the weekend as it is the school Christmas production on Monday and I don't want him to miss that.

Bill is working till really late tonight so he was able to walk the girls to nursery while William and I took Elway to the vet to be neutered! We get to pick him up shortly which will be nice. I think we are all going to have an early night today as everyone is exhausted, you can tell it is the last week of term next week.

Plans for Christmas are going well, still haven't managed to pin a day down with my cousins and nan and gramps but everything else seems to be sorted. I managed to write all my cards the other day and am just addressing them to be posted Monday. I am trying to get a hair appt this week as I really miss having highlights and have asked Bill if that can be my Christmas present. I have found a salon in town that does a 50% offer if you find them online so I am going with them.....I'll post pix once it is done!

Anyway, better go get ready to get a woozy, sore Elway, bless him.

Thursday, 2 December 2010


We've had snow again this year. Much earlier than last year and still I don't have sledge....much to my children's disgust and as you can imagine, all stores are sold out and if there are any they are way over priced!!! Here's a couple of pix to tide you over :-)

Firstly, the girls making snow angels on the church green.
The view outside our front door this morning, we had even more snow last night
View from Church green yesterday, who knows what it looks like today
Pink girls in the snow
Check out the snow on the fence, this is what fell just last night!!
School is still open so Bill just gone off with William and our neighbour on their sledge. It is a mile to get there so it could take a while. I am not sending the girls to nursery but think we will take them into town later so they get out and go get a Starbucks...gotta be a skinny, decaf, toffee nut latte in a red cup!!

Not getting much running in at the mo, managed 3.2 miles on sunday in freezing temps but it felt good as it was the first run after my 10k. What do you do when it snows, I can't see how I can run out there at the min, walking is pretty hard!!
Anyway, might have to break open the Christmas decs today and start using my lovely new Christmas cups....I'll post a picture of them later