Monday, 22 February 2010

I am still here.....promise

Since my Father in Law left it has been a roller coaster. We had a blast, unfortunately I can't share any pix as they are on my newer laptop which I can't actually get to work at the mo so sorry.

We had half term last week which was greatly needed by the kids as they were tired after this last term at school. Bubbs came home on the last day with a Star of the Week award for his behaviour this term which I was so proud of as was he. The girlies last morning at nursery was a Chinese New Year party which we all had to wear red for and they all had a blast. I loved watching about 20 2-4yr olds eating(or trying to eat) with chopsticks. Below is our holiday plans:
Monday - Minor mania play centre with friends
Tuesday - Auntie Sue
Weds - Neighbour over for playdate
Thursday - Caro and E arrive
Friday - Natural History Museum
Saturday and Sunday - no plans

Hubby went away on the sat morning for his great Mountain trip to Scotland. It was a Scout Leaders trip and he was going with his friend and fellow Scout Leader. Unfortunately, there was a tragic accident on the first day and the group had to come home. I felt so helpless for a couple of days as the group were going through such grief and trauma and there was nothing I could do. The accident happened on the Monday and Hubby finally got home on the Thurday morning. The drive from Scotland should have taken 12 hours and they left at 3pmish but they broke down at 730pm and didn't get back on the road till 230am!! This was just what they didn't need and he finally got through the door the following morning. We didn't tell the kids what had happened and luckily they are young enough they didn't realise he was home early he was just home. This definitely put a downer on our holiday.

We did all the plans it was just hard for me not to be worrying and showing the children. The trip to London on Friday was fab. E had never been and you could feel the excitement in both of them on the train up there. It was hard work though as the lines to see things were sooooo long but Bubbs managed to go past the massive moving T Rex which he has always been too scared to do before so yeah him.

The rest of the last weekend was spent hanging as a family which was WONDERFUL and I am so grateful for my family.

I did spend tuesday with my godmother and had the most lovely day with her. She is like an auntie to me and another grandmother to our children and I really appreciated having her spend the day with me when I was sooooo worried about what was going on with Hubby. If you read this Susie, THANK YOU

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Bible in 90 days anyone??

blessing amid chaos

I've got a few days catching up to do but if you wanna join in look here