Friday, 29 February 2008

More leg drama and the bathroom...alot!

Sorry haven't managed to post for a couple of days but been a bit ill, put it this way I know the interior of our bathrooms very well now. It is so hard being ill with children as they really do have to carry on with their day come what may so; so do you!

Yesterday, Hubby was off as he had to go back to the docs about his leg as it is decidedly worse for wear, so we made 2 appts; one for me and one for him, as my gland was still really swollen and sore and I really thought I might even have mumps...I am not normally such a hypochondriac but my neck is really sore and I have a tummy bug. Well luckily the doc we saw has, get this, 2 sets of twins and 2 singleton children so having us show up together with all 3 kids didn't phase her at all thank goodness. Anyway as usual I digress, I am ok, just real run down, my last docs visit was when I cried all the way through so she kind of guessed on that one and my gland may take a month!! to go down. Hubby on the other hand had to go back to the hospital to be seen again which he did at 1330 not to return till 1900hrs!!!!!!!!! All this while I looked after the children, who were rather amazing, from the couch apart from cooking them lunch and tea (not good when you feel nauseous). By the end of the day the house looked like a bomb had hit it but as soon as hubby returned with antibiotics I crawled up to bed and left it all to him bless his cotton socks.

Wow, what a way to unload sorry about that. Today was better, Hubby worked from home so it was a much easier day. One thing that hit us as we were putting our girlies to bed tonight though was the fact that we really cannot tell them apart unless we can see there identifiable marks. One of these is a mole on her forearm which is not visible in winter clothing and 2 missing front teeth from the birthday disaster in January. We really thought we were starting to do well until we got it so wrong tonight and really upset Bubbs as he insisted he was right and we were wrong. Sure enough he was so right! Hubby and I just looked at each other in horror, how bad are we as parents that we don't know which daughter is which unless we can remember what we dressed them in and why do most twin parents dress their children the same! When I asked Bubbs how he always knows without looking for things the answer I got was "because I am clever mummy!" You have got to love him but that really doesn't help us does it!!

Happy weekends one and all!

Tuesday, 26 February 2008


Whatever you want to call it, whichever country you are in you shouldn't visit the A&E as much as our family has in the last month. Anyone who read 2 blogs ago will have seen hubbys leg and as I mentioned yesterday it got worse. Well at work today a Doc whom he works with suggested that he really ought to get it seen to as there is a large haematoma and the bruising is massive as is his whole thigh. So off he trots to the minor injuries dept in London (where he works), he gets seen pretty quickly there but they wanted an opinion of an orthopaedic doc so sent him home to come to our local hospital. Long story short is that he got seen finally after 2 and half hours waiting and sent home saying not much could be done at mo but if it got worse to go and see GP asap!! All this was seen as a ploy to get out of going to a 'Two ways to Live' men's bible study by his study mate.....bless him he has gone along, without anything to eat hoping there will be plenty of paracetamol and some cake to keep him going. I have to say I am proud of how committed he is being as I am sure he would quite like to be in bed right now after such a day!

I spent the morning running errands, I had to give in some additional school forms for Bubbs application to our 3rd choice school and it was pouring with rain first thing so was dreading dragging everyone out to go but in the end it was lovely and sunny and a nice walk. This afternoon we had some friends round and it was her birthday so we had to eat cake....what I shame I hear you say and it was soooo you can tell my WW struggle is still going. Hubbys hospital trip meant I haven't been to the gym either!

Looking forward to going back to WWW this week after half term and like a school girl am really excited as I splashed out on a new bible, I have been using my very old Good News one which I love but have finally invested in a lovely leather bound NIV study bible - gorgeous and feely in your hands and much more grown up - mind you not sure whether I should talk about a bible like that. I ordered hubby one at the same time and he wanted a pocket size one, I did laugh when they both arrived as his is a cheap and plastic as mine is lovely! It's what is inside and how you use it that counts though.

On the health front though have had the most enormous swollen glands in my neck today so hope I am not coming down with anything feel fine apart from them being really sore! Speak soon xx Wow just used spell check for the first time yippee!

Monday, 25 February 2008

Things I love

Back to normal today and it was sunny but cold. I love the sunshine and walking Bubbs to nursery this morning was a real pleasure. We get to look at all the little flowers coming out, there are some wonderful crocuses on our way and 2 trees are even in full beautiful pink bloom. Mornings like that make you feel glad to be alive!

I spent my whole morning looking at other peoples blogs, I have found such wonderful family sites which are just addictive to read and I have even flagged some of them. It is so much fun doing this and I am really enjoying it. I did start with trepidation but now can't stop! Luckily the girlies were in bed and I had already done 2 loads of laundry so didn't even feel that guilty apart from the fact that I could see the massive pile of filing that still needs sorting and filing but hey who cares. On the way home, the day still being beautiful I thought I would compose a list of 10 of my favourite things in no particular order, so here goes:

1. Sunny winter blue sky days, where you can see for miles
2. The feel of my sons hand in mine and the way he strokes my palm
3. Watching the girlies hugging each other with such love
4. The notes my husband writes in cards to me.
5. My faith
6. My family
7. Creme egg with a cup of tea
8. Going to see a good movie with hubby in the middle of the afternoon
9. Seeing my sister with my children
10 Listening to my mum and dad talking to my children on the phone

I could go on but 10 is enough for now, have a go it is really fun....although you feel a bit bad trying to prioritise and don't want to look as though some things are higher than others so that is why I have put it in no particular order it's just as it comes. Speak soon xx
BTW, hubbys leg looks far worse today the bruising has spread and the knot is much bigger so he is not a happy bunny! Bless

Sunday, 24 February 2008


Well, I would not usually show you a picture of my hubbys thigh but needs must. On thursday evening a good friend of mine and I were talking about the fact that we don't like the fact that our respective hubbys play/do sports that can bring home so many injuries. It is horrible when they are doing the sports because you are just waiting for them to come home. This is the evidence of my hubby and his saturday mountain bike ride! He didn't even get out into the woods this happened on the way out there!!! Anyway, suffice to say he is rather sore! Actually, I have to say it looks far worse in real life, it is the size of a grapefruit too.

This weekend, apart from the hubby incident was lovely. Bubbs finally got his hair cut as he wanted to look like Johnny Wilkinson and it ended up being a bit of fun for all of us. First we went to the library which all the children adore then we decided to go to Pizza the Hut! (Bubbs name for it) Beside us are a couple of photos from there, you can't quite see hubby grimacing in pain but I assure you he was. Great time had there it may be basic pizza but they really know how to look after children and when you are going out with a party of 5 that is soooo important. As you can see below the girlies had a fab time too, they spent most of the time putting the 3 crayons in and out for the box!!

They are looking so serious here it is quite funny, it's only crayons but means so much to them!

The 2 photos below are specially for my mum. The cat is officially theirs but they inherited another one in France so can't take Gizmo with them so we are looking after him and I know she worries about him with the children. This is Bubbs giving him some chickens and this is Gizmo playing trains with Bubbs........Love you moomin!

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Holiday time

Well as it is half term this week, the children and I thought we would go on a little adventure. Off we set in the car to go to our good friends in Norfolk. I hadn't been on a long journey like that by myself with them all but without Hubby so was wondering just how it would go...........

Couldn't find our map before we started but knew the way so thought I'd wing it. Luckily caught one of my lovely neighbours on my way out and nabbed one of hers.....I tell you God really knows what he is doing as I couldn't go the way I normally go and ended up doing the most massive detour through many country lanes and B roads which without the map would have had me turning round and coming home before we had even started. The day for driving was perfect though, cold but lovely and sunny and Bubbs and I really enjoyed looking at all the villages as we drove through them behind tractors! Girlies only slept for about and hour of the 3 hour journey so there was rather alot of crying going on but lots of singing and 'hard rock' as Bubbs calls it.

Once there we had a fab time the children all played brilliantly together and it was so nice to see my friend and her family, they used to live close by so I do miss them. They have given us somewhere great to go and visit though. We even got to go to the zoo yesterday. As we were driving there the fog was getting thicker and thicker and on arrival C and I really did wonder whether we would be able to actually see any animals but couldn't face another day in the house so carried on. As luck would have it we saw lots and the girlies had a great run/fall around, it was rather like herding cats though and the pix show that they really don't stick together and always go in opposite directions. The zoo was amazing and had a really lovely feel to it, even if it was 4 degrees and foggy. Can't wait to go back in the nicer weather.

Still have not had much sleep though as on the first night, Moodle was awake from 1am till 3am and then Jim Jam woke at 330am till 5am....nice! Last night Bubbs was awake with a sore ear again from 130am for about half an hour then just as I got back into bed Jim Jam woke again but she at least slept on and off till morning. Oh the joys of motherhood!

Bubbs now has ear drops and that was great fun trying to do those this evening. Literally screaming for me to 'get away' from him. Poor little thing but it has to be done, they just don't realise how hard it is for us do they!!

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Lovely weekend

What a lovely weekend. Friday started amazingly well as Bubbs went to nursery in the morning then straight to a party so I could stay at home until 3pm with just the girlies who slept from 1130am till 2pm. Wow, how relaxing and do you know what I did after the obligatory housework and laundry. I spent it on the computer looking at other blogs, sad I know but I was so excited. I found such lovely family sites and even one on WW which is just so funny as I am doing it too. I have bookmarked some of them and some of you have even left comments. Yippee, it's not just my mum and sister that write to me now. Anyone would think I didn't have any friends at all outside of this blogging world. This photo here is of Hubby and Bubbs cleaning the bike after a fab but cold ride on saturday morning, we love it because it looks like he is going really really fast.....

Friday evening just got better, I had been ogling the Krispy Kreme donuts my sister had posted pix of on her site and she decided to come for a visit with K bringing some of the yummy things with her. Such a lovely spontaneous thing and excellent for us as we treated ourselves to an Indian from our favourite restaurant and had donuts for pudding...well actually we ate them when they arrived and saved one for Bubbs to have in the morning.

Did loads on saturday, had the laziest morning we have had in a long time all just hanging out playing. K took some fantastic video of the kids which I have just viewed and it is brilliant. He is so talented our website is just amazing and we are very lucky to have him want to do such a lovely thing for our family. Bubbs had another party to go to, but first he went into town with Hubby and K. Bubbs loves the library and could spend ages in there usually but this was taken over by the fact the daddy was going to buy him a poster for his room, he picked a cars movie one which has all the characters on it and he is very excited about it. Whilst they were out and girlies were in bed sis and I tackled my home hair dye job.....Not bad I don't think and so much cheaper than going to the salon, and it must look ok because absolutely no one commented on it at all!! Dropped Bubbs off at his party which seemed fine but apparently he wasn't that happy for quite a while and when he got home he told me I had left to early and that he was sad and wanted me and please could I not leave him at any parties again. Bless, talk about making you feel guilty, but I think I may not leave him again as he obviously isn't ready.

Hubby and I went to see Atonement in the evening at church, kind of watch a movie and discuss thing. Well the movie was a touching story but for those who haven't seen it there is one scene in the library which is rather hard to watch in church and it also features the worst word ever which is such an integral part of the whole story so could not be dubbed with anything else but did make me squirm rather.

Today was another amazing day, went to a very goods friends sons baptism today, which was really beautiful. It wasn't held at our church but at her mother and father in laws and they were both taking part in the service which made it all the more lovely. The children were wonderfully behaved at the party afterwards and a good day was had by all.

Sorry this has gone on for so long but there is just so much to say even if it is rather mundane.

Friday, 15 February 2008

Happy blogging

Yippee! Managed to get some photos on, only a few this time but this might tempt you back for more. The first is a typical morning at our breakfast table all in pjs eating yummy toast. Bubbs favourite is Marmite and for all US readers that is something you either love or hate, US hubby hates it!! The girlies love peanut butter and honey, which is my favourite too.

This is when we finally got to visit my grandparents last weekend. My nan is playing round and round the garden with Jim Jam (I think) who is sitting on sis' lap. We had such a lovely day with them all and can't wait to go again.

I couldn't resist putting this one in as it typifies my day. All 3 of my children love to play in the kitchen which as you can see is not very big at all although very well equipped. I am constantly shouting at them to get out while I am trying to cook but then look around and see this type of thing with all 3 of them playing so sweetly together is just lovely. What Bubbs is doing I am not sure but whatever it is has got the girlies attention.

Hope you have enjoyed these and I am sure there will be many more. I am loving doing this and find it quite surprising as really didn't think I would. I have never written a diary and always wanted to be the sort of person who did and isn't it funny that when I finally do it is for all and sundry to read!! love, me xx

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Here we go again!

As soon as I hit publish last night we heard it. That unmistakeable barking cough that we had heard so much on sunday night. Surely Bubbs couldn't be going again, when we got downstairs we found it was Jim Jam instead. So, we ventolined, calpoled and eventually gave her some steroid pills to help her breathing...can you tell we have gone through this often now! The only disadvantage of the steroids as wonderful as they are at helping them breathe is it keeps them awake. I finally went to bed this morning at 5am, only to be up again at 655am.

Today was a really low day for me, managed to get Bubbs to nursery and myself and the girlies to church where, once they were in creche I promptly burst into tears. Luckily I had managed to get Jim Jam and myself a docs appt later in the morning. What would I do without such wonderful friends. I had a good 45 mins chatting and blubbing before I had to leave. I feel tears are meant to be shed, no point having them otherwise. The doctor was wonderful and put my mind at ease about Jim Jam and her chest, also about self medicating with the steroid tablets, I knew in my heart it was the right thing to do but you still need that confirmation that you did the right thing. I also got my own medication upped, which I had been trying to put off since christmas. Why is it we as mothers are so hard on ourselves and feel the need to cope and not be a failure. Anyway, I admitted defeat and the doc was fab. Looking forward to the meds kicking in though as I am the most irrational person at the minute and I am sure hubby will appreciate it too!! Wow, unloaded rather alot there didn't I, oh well, it pays to be honest.

I did say I would put some photos on the other night so here goes: Didn't work as they were unable to upload my images.....will try again later. Speak soon

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

How bad can monday morning be???

Do you ever have it when you get up in the morning and you just don't know what you are supposed to be doing and wonder why there isn't a manual you can follow? That is how I felt this morning and I am sure I am not the only one.

In my last blog I was going on about how I didn't relish sunday nights, little did I know then just quite how bad my sunday night/monday morning was going to be. It all started about 1am, when I was woken by the sound of Bubbs barking like a dog, anyone else who has had children that suffer with croup will know exactly what this sounds like. Anyway, I ran downstairs and he was really struggling to breathe, he is 3 and has had croup probably once a month till about 8 mths ago so this is quite a normal occourance for us. This time it was different, I haven't actually ever been really worried about it so when I said to my husband I was going to take him to A and E I think he thought I would be back in an hour or so. A and E is only 2mins away in the car and the only thing I really remember about that journey was the fact that hubby took Bubbs out to the car in his underwear, he was so worried he didn't even care if the neighbours saw him bearing in mind it was 1am that was unlikely but who knows. The docs were great and dished out some steroids and ventolin and transferred us to the paeds ward another 10 mins car journey away. By this time Bubbs is thoroughly enjoying his "adventure" as so far he has aquired a new teddy and is spotting the badgers and foxes on the way. Paeds was great too, but we didn't get to sleep finally till 430am and Bubbs woke at 550am wanting to play with the train set he had spotted when we checked in. I kept telling him we couldn't get up till the nurses came in and about 645 a church friend of ours who is a nurse, popped her head round our door wondering how we were and if we wanted breakfast. It is so lovely seeing a friendly face when you are in a place like that, bless her. We were finally allowed to leave at 1145am after the consultant had checked us out and confirmed that Bubbs also has an innocent heart murmur...what a night/day. 2 visits to the A and E in less than a month is more than I can take.

This morning though Bubbs was still coughing although has gotten better throughout the day, but somedays you just don't have a clue where to start. One thing I have gotten out of both the A and E experiences is thought is that my children are fantastic and amaze me more everyday. Moodle had to have 2 of her bottom milk teeth pulled out root and all with no anaesthetic and she was a star through all of this and Bubbs was so calm and compliant last night I could not have been more proud. All the docs who examined both of them said what wonderful patients they were, now I am not that naive and know they probably say that to all the children but it still seems special when they say it about yours.
Thanks for reading and speak soon

Sunday, 10 February 2008

An end to the weekend

Don't you just hate sunday nights, hubby get stressed because of work tomorrow and I have just finished the most enormous pile of ironing! It seems like only a few seconds ago I was doing my first post talking about ironing sorry, be assured this is another weeks lot and not a rollover!

Anyway, we did have rather a lovely day. Bubbs woke up with a horrible croupy cough and not in the best of moods, once the inhaler had been dosed he did seem to get better but it did mean we skipped church. This meant I did have time to properly prepare lunch which was good as we had another family coming over. Have to say since we have had children I have learnt to cook. Didn't really do it before it always seemed so pointless when there was only 2 of you and you were working odd hours, I do quite like it now and made a really yummy lamb hot pot! My mum and sis would have been proud of me, tee hee.

The day was beautiful again and hubby had been cycling this morning with one of the friends coming for lunch and he came back on a real high, he hasn't had a good time like that for a while as it has been so wet. We all went for a walk after lunch. We had bought the girlies little back packs that incorporate reins so we all walked. It took rather a while and there was lots of falling over and even more paddys because they didn't like not controlling where they were going but we got there in the end. Once there it was great the sun was shining and it wasn't too busy. Bubbs kept trying to join in with some older boys digging a big hole but they weren't really having any of it, in the end I saw him go off by himself. I felt my heart breaking at that point and went to join him, the response I got was "come on mummy we can dig a bigger hole than them over there" I loved him so much at that point I thought my heart would burst! The girlies had a great time they loved the slide or rather Moodle did, Jim Jam just liked standing at the top screeching as loud as possible.

I am going to try to post some pix tomorrow so watch this space. Speak soon xx

Saturday, 9 February 2008

What a beautiful day!

Woke this morning to the most lovely sunshine we have had for a long time and it's the weekend which meant hubby didn't have to go to work, yippee. We actually got a bit of a lie in and had the most lazy morning we didn't actually all get downstairs for breakfast till 830am which for us is wonderful.

Finally made it to my grandparents today as the girlies were as healthy as they will ever be in the winter so we went for it. A fantastic visit with them helped by the fact that sis showed up too. How nice to get 2 visits done at one time and the children just adore her. We did some yard work for Gramps, Bubbs worked like a trooper bless him and the girlies just ran round the garden screaming with delight, having sunshine just seems to make everything so much easier doesn't it? Mind you, Nan and Gramps have the most enormous pond and trying to keep both girlies away from it was hard work I could have done with a lassoo (sp). We treated ourselves with fish and chips for lunch which was yummy and not very WW at all, but you've got to have some food excitement in life. I can't just read Clarabelle Sprinkles section on food every night and drool over the macaroni cheese pix.

Had another surprise today too, I had been out when a package arrived on Wed so hubby collected it for me today. Wasn't expecting anything so was a little bit excited, what do I open but my own Ollie and Nic bag! My gorgeous sis had bought me one too, I have yet to post any pix on this blog but there is one on hers and my bag is the same but brown. The lining is amazing and I filled it up straight away, there are so many fab little pockets. Aren't I lucky. I have felt really spoilt this week so thank you everybody. I love the fact that I have found this blog so relaxing and am finding that throughout the day I am thinking about things that happen and whether I can write about them, which has got to be good thing as it makes you appreciate what is going on around you a bit more.

Last but not least, all 3 children were just lovely at my nans, seeing the girlies running around in the garden was priceless and Bubbs was so excited at being able to help with his own shovel that Gramps had found him. Speak soon xx

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Heavy like double cream.

Oh my goodness, I have just had such a hard day with the children today not helped by the fact that I am hormonally challenged and I was already to have a bit of a moan on here and then I read Flossieteacakes, then the Happiness Project video, then my sisters comments on Flossie. I am constantly reminded when doing this blog that we really are loved.

Where do I start, yesterday was a lovely day. Bubbs goes to nursery in the morning and I walk really quickly to church for my WWW group, wednesday women word, or wednesday wicked witches as my husband calls us! I love this time, it is my sharing time with the wonderful women in my group who are all amazing and it is my prayer time. I prayed for my friends and what they are going through and how thankful I am to have them in my lives. I was reminded of this earlier on in the morning when I was given a present from a wonderful friends mother. She had heard that my birthday was a disaster and that I didn't have anything to open (all this is another story entirely). When presented with this amazing gift (Clarins products, yummy) I cried! Such a lovely thoughtful thing was being done for me, wow. Later on that evening I babysat so another friend could go to the evening WWW group and when she came home she was on a real high from what she had learnt and we just really appreciated being so blessed in our lives.

Sorry, I know this is heavy and maybe offputting to some but I love the fact that God loves me and wants me to do some good in my life. I don't have an amazing profession that makes a difference in the world and sometimes I wish I did, but then I have to remember that I may be looking after and nurturing someone who will. Who knows what Bubbs, Jim Jam and Moodle could be or do and we as parents have to make them ready for anything that is my job.

Today was another day entirely, didn't leave the house at all apart from to get bread to feed friends for lunch and spent my entire day having very long conversations with Bubbs about nothing. He as an amazing ability like all children to talk about anything and make you smile. My husband has just very kindly pointed out that all these conversations are so important to him though!

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Puddle Jumping

Not much went on today in my world as it rained most of the day and with 3 little ones that is not fun. I did however finally return to the wonderful toddler group that goes on at our church. It is the first time I have been back since the girlies were very small and it was lovely. Bubbs loved it as a friend from nursery was there to play with and I spent my entire 2 hours chasing Jim Jam and Moodle in opposite directions. I got so many comments on how well they are doing it was a real pleasure and a workout to boot.

The afternoon brought more rain and desperately needing to go to the post office meant going into town. How do you make that attractive for a 3 year old who has to be dragged along with me, well just say you are going puddle jumping! I would like to say that it is as exciting as base jumping and it might well be for Bubbs but for me just means we might get out of the house. Going into town for the post office is one of those really annoying things too as they have just shut our local PO that was at the end of our road!!!!!!! Aaargh, can see no sense in this as I am sure the owners of the lovely newsagents that housed the PO can either. Anyway, good trip all round managed to spend £20 in Boots but got it all with advantage points which is always lovely because you feel like you have got something for free...I do tend to forget the vast amount of money I have already spent in there to accumulate said points but there you go. One thing I did purchase was some hair dye, need to save money some how so going to do my own will let you know how that goes.
Did manage to get to the gym today which was fab as it is my hour of 'me' time and I have also signed up for the 'Race for Life' June 18th. Gosh don't I sound fit!

Monday, 4 February 2008

Another day!

I woke this morning to Bubbaloo whispering to me "mummy it's morning time!" I would hasten to add it was 5.45am! I find anything before 6am just wrong and should be illegal... Anyway, in he comes for a cuddle with very cold feet and stinky morning breath but you can't help just loving him anyway.

As I was getting up I kept thinking of things I would write tonight and now I have sat down can't think of anything. My day really does consist of looking after the children first and foremost which can be exhausting and fun but rather monotonous at times. Today was not bad because I did have some girls round for coffee while Bubbs was at nursery, my friend from 2 doors down who is awaiting the arrival of their first baby, due 6th Feb and my old next door neighbour who brought her 6 week old son with her. The girlies thought he was great fun and kept running up to him and laughing. Very sweet for me but probably mighty unnerving for mummy! This little get together will hopefully carry on in the future but we are hoping that imminently expecting one won't be with us next time because she will be too busy with a new baby!!

The girlies were lovely today, not often I actually say that as my mum will tell you. But, considering Jim Jam is on antibiotics for an ear infection and both of them have disgusting noses they were delightful. They have just started really giving each other cuddles and it is the most gorgeous thing to see. They do seem to have a cold all of the time and one of my new years resolutions was to go and visit my grandparents once a month with all the children, well so far January has been and gone and I have just postponed this week as well because of the kids colds!! Let's keep our fingers crossed for next week.

Last but not least and this is going to be a thing featured on this page alot is my WW struggle. (Weight Watchers) I went back today for the first time after christmas and had to start paying again which is rather disheartening but does give me extra incentive for losing next week!!

One funny but strange thing did happen today, I left my pram outside the front door only to come back later to find it in the middle of the road. Obviously I had taken the children out but it did look rather funny, lucky we live on a dead end road!

Sunday, 3 February 2008

My first blog

Well here I am after reading my mothers, sisters and very good friends blog and being inspired to write my very own......By the way, I am not in the least bit crafty and will not be doing anything remotely creative as I don't seem to possess any of those bones! There got that out of the way just in case you were expecting greatness considering the amazing company I keep. Not really sure what I am going to write about really apart from my life which is quite nice for me but could be quite boring for a reader, we'll see.

Today I managed to cook my sister a roast dinner which in itself doesn't sound anything at all apart from the fact she is an ex chef and whenever we get together whoevers house it may be she ends up cooking or at least helping. So, I am rather pleased that for once she got treated. I even made Lemon Pie which she thinks is made up as she has heard so much about but never actually managed to eat. This all took place at our lovely family dining room table in the conservatory/playroom accompanied by the girlies and bubbaloo!! Roast potatoes a flying and cheese sauce smearing I think it went well. We will have to check the comments later to see if she liked it.

After lunch we even managed to get out and have a mooch at the shops children free, hubby on babysitting duty so what a lovely treat. All in all a lovely day finished off by a massive and I mean massive pile of ironing!

Hope this hasn't been too boring and look forward to posting again with something a little more exciting.