Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Weekly blogging

There is something to be said about blogging. I have been reading a few blogs now where people are struggling with bloggers block.....why I'm not sure as I have so much to say but not enough time to say it all and then when I do finally get to sit down I am blocked. I think that is why it is becoming a weekly thing for me now.

Last week seemed to fly by, I had my first Governors meeting at the school on Tuesday which was eye opening and I have been thinking and praying about it ever since. I had no idea just what difficulties we are dealing with there, just as an example, since the new year started in Sept they have had 17 different languages join the school.....how do they manage? The teachers do though and the Head has put into place such a great way of encouraging pupils and teachers that it really is working for the school, for the government....not so much. Our statistics are low but that is to be expected when we are graded the same way as a school that has the same amount of students in one year group as we have in the entire school and this is what is making the school look bad on paper for prospective pupils families. I talked about how I was praying that taking on this Governors post was the right thing to do and after this meeting I realise that it is but I had no idea just how much work it is going to be and what is really involved. I am sorry if this a bit boring for some but it is going to be rather alot of my life for the next few years and the girlies will be attending this school also and we have to try to keep it going up like it is now.

Talking of the girlies, why they can't sleep I just don't know. I have tried all sorts and because there is no routine to when and how they wake up it is very hard to pinpoint just what is wrong so I am still suffering from lack of sleep but doesn't everyone with children....does it ever get easier??

I am still doing WW, I hate it with a passion and am struggling so much with motivation and will power, but I have at least started running, which is what my hubby gallantly calls it I did have to confess this morning that it is actually more like shuffling...I go every weekday morning with the dog before most of the normal world is up....only a very few mad dog walkers...I am actually enjoying it, although I really wish I could actually run a bit better but I suppose it has only been a week.

The rest of my week was filled with normal day to day stuff, nothing amazing happened. The girlies were hard work, they seem to fight with each other most of the time and I am finding them really challenging at the minute. They are talking so well though which makes things a little easier as they can at least communicate with me a bit better. They constantly want to talk on the phone as well which is really sweet although trying to show the person who has called things is not really working as strangely enough they can't see down the phone and the girlies just don't get that.

We had a great weekend. My sis and BiL came for Friday night so it was good to catch up with them, they had just been on holiday to Cornwall and were really excited as they are thinking of moving down there. I have to say I will miss them dearly as it is not exactly a short drive to see them but can see why they are wanting to do it and anything that will give them a better way of life is great in my book. Strangely enough though, Hubby seemed to be more upset about it than I was when we got talking about it once they had left and I suppose even though we don't see them all the time he has always had a great relationship with BiL and will miss that as it really is a face to face relationship rather than a phone one. This means though we will now have 3 very nice potential holiday destinations....

On Sunday, after church, we spent the afternoon at a friends for lunch and we took Mabel. They have a 11week puppy too and 3 children so you can imagine the chaos but it was that lovely chaos where you just sit and watch it unfold. The children were all great, the food was amazing (thanks C) and the pups were soooo funny. They were pooped when we finally made it home as they had played literally all afternoon in the garden as we actually had some sunshine. This is going to be one of those memorable days that I will cherish. Also, it was really nice for the 2 Hubbies to get together as well, C and I have become firm friends in the last few months and it was great to extend that friendship to the rest of our family. I am so blessed with my friends sometimes I can't actually believe how lucky I am.

Back to the grindstone this week, yesterday was full of washing, drying, cooking and then a great coffee afternoon and J's house. We also had Bubbs first parents meeting with his teacher. She is wonderful influence on Bubbs and he has really taken a shine to her as have all the class and she said he is doing really well and settling in brilliantly which I am so pleased with. Today, so far I have a table full of filing that I have put off as I am doing this enormous post that is going on for ever all about nothing as the girlies are in nursery.

Gotta go now as I really do have to file otherwise I will be crushed but the paperwork that is just about to topple over!

Picture Madness

Thought you might like to see some recent pix of our visit to Great Grandparents........
The first one is of Mabel, how cute is she??Moodle and Jim Jam having milk after bath at GGparents
My grandparents with my children (who'd have thought it!)
A bit of book reading
Grampie getting a cuddle with Mabel.....

Hope you enjoyed, they are especially for you M and D

Sunday, 12 October 2008

What a week!

Phew sorry I haven't blogged in ages, this week has been a bit of a blur!
Monday night Bubbs came home with a fever and had a really rough night, but was so excited about school the next morning and no longer had a fever that I sent him in...how awful did I feel when the school called me 1115am to come pick him up....he was just exhausted. I kept him home on Wednesday aswell and I had forgotten just how hard it is with all 3 of them at home. He went back on Thursday but slept from 330pm till 5pm when he got home then went back to bed at 7pm for the night...so tired my little boy. Luckily on Friday he was normal and so I had my free morning while the girlies were in nursery and I started my Moore College course on the Introduction to the Bible. I am really excited about this as I have wanted to get to grips with my bible reading and this will get me on track...yea!

We have had an amazing weekend. Yesterday, we spent the afternoon with my grandparents. It is my nans birthday today so we went for afternoon tea....such a lovely afternoon. There will be pix to follow. Today we went to a friends for lunch which was again lovely and we feel really spoilt.

That is it for now. Hubby has the day off tomorrow as he has worked loads recently so we are looking forward to getting some jobs done that we haven't been able to.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Help needed

All you American homeschooling mamas, papas or grandparents your help is needed. Hubby wants to go into Bubbs' school on Thanksgiving Day to do a bit of a talk on Thanksgiving, he will probably be allotted about 15 mins but will only talk for about 5 of that.......any suggestions on a book that is suitable for 4-5 year old's that he could read to them or even a PowerPoint presentation he could do and then he thought he would get them to do the 'classic' turkey drawing using hands........

Let me know if there are any suggestions as I will have to order it on Amazon or something so fairly soon so he can practise....how sweet is it going to be and how proud will Bubbs be


Thursday, 2 October 2008

New Do!

I am not going to post pix of the hair as the one I took last time is how it is now and I couldn't get any other nice ones without me looking far older than I really am....how vain am I!

I'm a bit excited as my card business seems to be going quite well, I did a charity coffee morning which is always good as it is nice to be able to give a donation. I have also just confirmed 2 Christmas school fairs (I have never done a fair yet) so yippee.

2 other great things happened on Tues apart from my sister coming, one was I lost 4lbs at WW, it was my first weigh in after going back last week and finding out I was only .5lb off what I was when I first started last year! The other was a large package arriving for me, could they be what I had been waiting for......yeah they were my new Emu boots which my mother in law kindly ordered of Amazon and mailed to me saving me a fortune....I wore them today as it was chilly and they are possibly the yummiest thing to wear on your feet ever!!!

I quit my job last night, Hubby's job is meaning he is home much later now the students are back so I can't get there by 7pm. I am bummed but relieved as it was stressing me worrying about being late. That is why I am quite glad the card stuff is doing well as it might keep me focused on it more.

Moodle is still not great, she is fine in herself but keeps having horrid nappies so she can't go to nursery again tomorrow which is a shame as I am not managing to get any of the jobs done this week that I hoped I would.

Anyway gotta go, Hubby is on TV on Monday so need to go and buy him a new shirt tomorrow this wasn't on the job list but is now!