Friday, 30 May 2008


This breakfast actually looks obscene and bless him he didn't eat it all but it was very funny cos he was so excited about it.
Just had to post this rather unflattering one of me in my PJs with my beautiful god daughter being mauled by Moodle xx
This is the brilliant toy from Ikea, it is only £7.99 and is so fab, Bubbs loves it and you can make a helicopter, motorbike, digger and a plane with it....
This is the toy providing entertainment for a houseful of children

Not much else went on today, children feeling the loss of all the attention as everyone has now gone home and they were left with just me today....boring! We did spend a lovely afternoon on a playdate at a friends and hubby got home by bath time so fun was had with him before bed. I spent the evening sorting out some of the baby clothes that I want to sell at the car boot sale on Sunday, I seem to have so much stuff it is a joke. I have just had an email from my sponsor on my card business and she suggested putting a recruiting board up on my stall too, why I didn't think about it I don't know so I will keep you posted on how I do there, it would be so good to build a bit of a team up, especially as it has gone global now....any potential traders out there in the US or Oz let me know, so far it has managed to pay for my Center Parcs holiday!

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Ikea and all its fun!

On Bank Holiday Monday my sister, bless her, came down for the morning and we went to Ikea with Bubbs. I was going specifically for their easel which was on sale 1/2 price for Ikea Family members and I thought they would make great birthday presents but did buy alot of other things aswell. One thing we did do though was go for the breakfast, Bubbs thought this was great and it is so cheap and a great way to start the shopping trip. Anyway, I was going to post a picture of the said breakfast and Bubbs as his face is great but Blogger won't let me upload. Another thing we came across was a mecano type building kit which is brilliant and has made a fantastic toy and for only £7.99, so worth the money.

We went to a 2nd Birthday party in the afternoon and gave out one of the easels which party girl thought was fab and apparently is loving playing with it with her mummy. The party was brilliant and it made a great end to a lovely week off. Hubby went back to work the next day but T,C, E and I came for a couple of nights so the fun carried on. On Tuesday night we had a get together of our post natal group, we are all onto our second, in my case third, children apart from one of us and it was so good to get together and catch up. The hubbys all get on as well so we had such a good time. I completely cheated on the cooking front and got food from a place called Cook which does fantastic homecooked style food ready made for your to pass off as your own!! and ice creams for pud. Yummy. It was a late night but we had a completely lazy day on Weds. In the evening before I went to work they gave me a thank you present for having them and guess what, it was Singstar.....if anyone has read how much I like Guitar Hero they will know how excited I am about this, what an amazing present. The only reason I am not singing right now is because House is on, it's the one with Mira Sorvino and half way through is very very good.

Today they left and we had a fairly peaceful afternoon,they got home safe and sound. I refused to do any house work this afternoon or evening so am just chilling with Hubby and the lap top. How sad are we!!
Sorry about the lack of photos but it just won't let me load them up, they were really good too

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Mouth Ulcers and lots of screaming!

Oh my poor girlies! Both of them have the most humongous (don't you just love that word) mouth ulcers all over their tongues (canker sores for the US readers). The poor things are in agony, not eating or drinking much, not really sleeping and are generally not happy bunnies at all. This is all going on while we have a house full of people as T & C and family are here till Thursday and for anyone who has actually seen our house you can imagine how amusing that is..... Apparently mouth ulcers are contagious which I didn't know at all and that is why they both have them.

Poor little things they are really really sad

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Holiday/Vacation/A Little Slice of Heaven

Firstly, I would like to apologise for the lack of photos in this post. I have looked on my phone and realised that I have obviously had so much fun I forgot to take any. We had such a great time and were blessed with lovely weather, not too hot or cold just right. All the children were stars and for once everyone slept. Hubby had the Friday off before hand and it is Bank holiday Monday next week so he is getting loads of time off.
We travelled down to Center Parcs Longleat on Monday morning and met our friends from Guernsey about 1pm.....we headed straight to Pancake House which is a favourite of ours and had a great lunch, they do fab savoury pancakes and the children's food is good as well so everyone was happy. We got to meet T and C's newest addition I and she is adorable and only 9 weeks old, she also looks so like her sister E it is quite scary. Bubbs and E had a great reunion and E is notoriously bossy so for the rest of the afternoon it was Bubbs do this and Bubbs do that, she was also smitten with the girlies which was so cute. Come 3pm we were allowed into our villa, it was great as always, and the children loved running around while we were trying to unpack. Everyone went to sleep amazingly well considering, the girlies had their own room and Bubbs and E shared but were brilliant. We had dinner in that night and C and T asked us to be I's godparents. How honoured are we, it made me cry! They also gave us an amazingly beautiful framed picture of E and I which I have now placed on our TV.
Tuesday we went swimming and that was fab, the girlies haven't been for ages and were a bit whingey to start but then got into the swing of it. In the afternoon E and Bubbs went to a Fairy Funtime craft session which involved lots of glueing and glitter and both hubbys came back with glue on their noses....still not sure how it got there...
Wednesday meant E and Bubbs went to Crickets (nursery session) which was themed 'Wise Old Tree' they were great and loved being in there and it gave us all a morning with just the littlies, just hanging out at house and having a bit of a lazy time..bliss. When we picked E and Bubbs up they came out loaded with stuff which they had made including a flower they had planted, a windchime they had coloured in and many other bits and pieces. They also had their faces painted as bats which they just loved. In the afternoon, C and I got to take E and Bubbs swimming which was excellent fun as we got to do some tubes and other stuff which is hard to do with the girlies around, they had their own fun though as Hubby took them off to a playground which they all love (daddy included) The hubbys got to go out this evening to watch the football and C and I watched PS I Love You, wow what a tear jerker I went through nearly a box of tissues.
Thursday meant C and I got to do an activity called Tree Trekking which was a high ropes course in the trees. Wow how much fun was that, I loved it and felt completely not like a mum at all apart from the fact that I could see and hear all 3 of my children shouting their support to me from down below and I mean DOWN below.....note to self, probably best not to look down if you ever get to do this again. In the afternoon we all got to go swimming again, this time the girlies went mad, they were throwing themselves about in the water which was so sweet and Bubbs absolutely adored playing with them, his swimming/drowning is coming on well too, I only call it that because that is literally what he does.. He launches himself underwater then paddles and kicks as hard as he can till he needs to come up for air. Bless him! We went out for dinner at a great Tapas place after that which was a lovely end to the holiday and back to the villa for packing which is always the worst bit.
Friday, out of the villa by 10am and on our way home, C and T went off for a weekend elsewhere and are then coming back to our house for few nights before going back to Guernsey. We decided to stop of at my sisters house as we were passing the end of her road and wanted the holiday to last a bit longer. We ended up staying there all day and had a great time, she cooked a BBQ for supper and made choc chip cookies for us to take home, thanks sis I love you. All the children finally crashed out in car on the way home so did a swift transfer into their beds as they had all had a bath at Clarabelles. Then we had to unpack, horrid. Put it this way it is now Saturday evening and I have just finished my 5th load of laundry and still have 2 more to do tomorrow. Speaking of which, my godparents S and J are coming for the day tomorrow and as always are bringing food with them, a chicken to roast I believe this time so lets hope we have a great visit, I love it when they come down but this morning Jim Jam woke with ulcers on the bottom of her tongue and is not in the best of moods at all which is really sad as they really look painful. We did take her to the pharmacy and they gave us something to soothe them but she really bit my finger when I had to put it on the little minx so I am not sure how much good it is doing.
Gosh, I have really rambled on here haven't I. Hopefully you can have some pix when C and T visit because I can download theirs

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Jazz Saturday!

Thanks to anyone who visited from MommyFest, hope you enjoyed what your read. I have had great fun going and visiting anyone who has left a comment.

Had a few busy days, I have just got in from a great evening out at church. A black and white night with a 3 course meal and live Jazz. Wow, what a treat. The food was fantastic and the music was brilliant particularly the trumpeter. Luckily it wasn't a late night as I babysat for a friend last night and didn't get in till about 1am so was totally pooped this morning and Hubby bless him took the children out for the morning so I could catch up on a bit of sleep. Hubby is currently catching up on the Apprentice as he missed it on Weds night cos he went to see Iron Man, which I think he thoroughly enjoyed.

Not going to be posting for the next week as we are off on holiday so need to do all the washing and ironing and packing tomorrow and then we are off. We are all really excited, especially Bubbs as he is getting to see his little friend that has moved away, so we hope we will get great weather. I think I might get a bit of blogging withdrawal which is silly really but I love reading what all my bloggy friends are up to. I will take lots of photos so that I can show you all how much fun we had.

See you all in a week

Sunday, 11 May 2008

MommyFest 2008 Blog Party

This is my first time participating in this as I'm fairly new on the blogging front but loving it.
Hope you enjoy your read if you have found me and feel free to leave comments, I look forward to reading them and visiting your blogs too.

Lots of love,


We went to a 1st birthday party today in the most amazing weather and the children ate burgers, ice cream, cake and biscuits.....they loved it! The also got to play in the paddling pool, how brilliant it is so nice to have some good weather.

Today didn't start so well though, before church I thought I would be organised and put in a load of laundry so it could dry on the line while we were out. I put it on and the blooming thing broke, it managed to do one turn so the detergent went all over the clothes and they were all just a bit wet so I had to take it to my neighbours just to get it done. I tried change the fuse but couldn't get the old one out so had to go to another neighbour for him to help me, Dad you will know who this was. We managed to change it but it still isn't fixed. Also, discovered today that our car is due it's MOT and needs the brakes doing before that, and over the last couple of days the girlies have been getting their legs stuck in the bars of their cots and can nearly climb out so we will need to get them beds soon too. Oh, just remembered too that I sent all our paperwork off to get our US taxes done which costs £150 too, even though we don't live there and I don't even have a green card anymore. Sorry for the moaning but you know sometimes when you just don't know quite how you will get out of that financial hole, I am beginning to feel like one of those people on the consolidation loan adverts!!!!!!!!!!

On a lighter note, thursday night I went to a friends house for a Friends Scene It night. We had such a good time and had completely forgotten how funny Friends is and I haven't laughed that much in ages. Also, my moomin, dad, sis and BiL have literally just arrived in France for a 2 week vacation together, I hope they have a great time and still blog so I can catch up with them.

BTW, the girlies can now say loads of words, the most frequently used today being......CAKE!

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Work and fun to be had

Morning all, had my second day at work last night my hours are 7pm till 11pm so quite late for me because I am normally in my pjs by the children's teatime! It is good though and I am learning loads I am so amazed by how many lovely designs people come up with it seems to be a really relaxing thing to do.

Didn't do much yesterday as Bubbs still not great and when I did get home last night Hubby was up in the bedroom with Moodle who had been waking since 9pm, I was not so nice gave them both some water and left them to it. They proceeded to cry on and off till 12 but then we didn't here from them till the morning, yippee!

I am afraid I don't have loads to say as we haven't been out much but are finally going to resume normality today and get out into the nice weather at the park this afternoon, I'm not sure how long it will last but it is beautiful at the moment and everyone is dressed in summer clothes and colours and it looks so lovely, I love it when the children have their legs out! Got to do lots of boring filing this evening which is why I am on here so early but will try to do a better post soon

Wednesday, 7 May 2008


Sorry, just realised I haven't blogged for ages and I always worry about the regular bloggers I read when they haven't blogged so here I am.

Mum and Dad have been staying with us so that is probably why and Bubbs hasn't been well for the last couple of days but is on the mend slowly, I hate tummy bugs cos I always think I am going to get it and they just wipe you out don't they?

We did have an amazing weekend, the church fayre went brilliantly and overall they had about 1000 people attend and they put it all on for free as a real outreach thing so all our prayers were answered when the sun shone all day and more and more people kept flooding in. The committee and all the volunteers did a fabulous job and it was a great day. The next day was family service with a continental breakfast afterwards, again donations only and a really good way to get together with friends, the kids loved it as well cos all the breakfast was just like cake which was their ideal!

Monday was May Day holiday over here but Hubby had to work so Moomin, dad, the kids and I jumped in the car and headed for a country fair, it was great. There were animals and old cars all over the shop, we watched ferret racing and sheep dogs herding ducks, the children loved it and so did we. We met our neighbours there and suggested a BBQ later on so carried on the fun well into the evening, I love spur of the moment ones like that they always seem the nicest.

Bubbs didn't sleep for a couple of nights, luckily the girlies did and he has had this tummy upset but that is probably all to do with the sunshine as yes that is right we have had sun since Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing and it is supposed to last for a couple of weeks, yippee! The children are just spending all day out in the garden which is great!

Moomin and Dad are off to my grandparents today for a couple of days and then back to France early on Sunday morning with my sister and BIL for a 2 week holiday at their house, then back here again for June and the wedding that the girlies and Bubbs are in.

Friday, 2 May 2008


We all got some sleep last night, which was amazing and we were so lazy this morning that we were nearly late for Bubbs nursery but managed to get him there on time just!
Moomin and I had a lovely morning mooching round town and on our way in I walked her past the school for Bubbs, the reception class was playing outside in the sunshine so it looked great and as we went past the church we popped into the church hall to see where the new pre school will be. They happened to be having an open day as it officially opens on 6th May. The women running it were lovely and it is much cheaper in comparison to where Bubbs is currently and where I was going to send the girls so I signed them up there and they can start for a couple of mornings a week when they turn 2 in Sept. Can you believe I will have 2 mornings a week to myself.....oh my goodness I might actually be able to do some housework and get the bathrooms cleaned, I am such a Monica that I am really excited about this prospect!! (Sorry)

Once we had done this we carried on and wandered round just looking in shops really which we don't get to do very often and was great, we then stopped into a cafe for some lunch and a cup of tea, how civilised and the girlies were really good too. Once done we collected Bubbs came home and put all the children out in the garden for a play, this is great for about 20 mins until they start fighting over something or other then it gets really the time tea time rolled around I had had enough and couldn't wait for them to go to bed. I realised yesterday that I had forgotten to take my pills for 2 days so today even though I took one last night was really hard....who knows when I will be ready to come off them but certainly not yet!

Did place a large card order for customers which is great as it is a new month so hopefully will manage to earn some commission again as we are off on hols for week on the 19th and then hoping to go to France to visit mum and dad in July.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, we are hoping to have great weather for tomorrow, I might even put a skirt on if its nice

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Lack of Sleep!

I am sure for any of you with children this title will not take you by surprise as this seems to be a running theme with them. My moomin came back to us on Monday evening which has been lovely but coinciding with this has been children not sleeping again. On Tuesday night Bubbs developed croup again, after our visit to the hospital last time I didn't think we would get another bout of it so soon but there you go. Hubby and I managed to get the ventolin inhaler into him but that didn't really touch it so we gave him some steroids which eventually did the trick but left him bouncing off the walls, not exactly what you want at 2am! Whilst all this was going on the girlies decided they wanted to join in the fun and screamed pretty all night on and off, so much so that we had to give up going in in the end because they didn't really want us they just wanted to go back to sleep but couldn't, if only you could tell them that if they would just be quiet and lie down that would happen. Anyway that was Tuesday night, poor moomin was exhausted but it always happens when she is here. Last night was a bit better, Bubbs had a few night terrors early on and at 3am woke up and told me he had forgotten how to go to sleep so could I help him, bless him, he looked really confused so I snuggled down with him on the floor for an hour as he had his duvet there as well as his blow up bed. The girls developed a croupy cough but weren't struggling to breath and I was so pooped that I didn't even go down to them. They weren't crying out and their breathing was fine they just had the unmistakable seal like cough. They are all fine this morning, Bubbs did have a lie in till 915am which is him caught up on his bad nights, the girlies don't give us that luxury but at least they are having a nap now.

On another note, I started work last night at Glazy Daisy. It was a great night, not too busy which for my first one is a good thing. Next week already is fully booked which is amazing, and everyone really gets excited about it. Some of the designs that are done there are great and really inspirational, we have some very talented people in our town!

Tonight is another busy one, Hubby and I attended a 6 week Marriage course run by our church which was amazing and really got us both communicating again and we have encouraged our friends to do it to as it is really good fun and thought provoking. Anyway I am in the kitchen for it tonight as you do get a candle lit dinner with it and Hubby is babysitting for our friends and moomin is babysitting for us so it is all go here. We also have a good weekend coming up, our church is celebrating it's 150yr anniversary so we are having a Victorian themed family day on Saturday which should be good especially as the weather looks like it might be nice and then on Sunday after church there is a family breakfast as well. I'm really glad my mum is here for these so she can spend time with some of our lovely friends and we get out of the normal day to day routine.