Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Up to date pix

I haven't blogged with pix for a while so I thought I would do a quick run down of my most recent snaps! The first is Homesense! Christmas has arrived there and even though it is early as a Phoenix Trader I start my Christmas selling in August and I LOVE Christmas. I was soooo excited to see this loveliness in my local store. I saw so many things I wanted and on the way out I won £25 so went and bought some of them. Including a wonderful snow globe and a Christmas plate (for mince pies) and 2 Christmas mugs. I have wanted some Christmas flatware for ages. When we lived in the US we had bits which I loved but also had storage! We sold virtually all our belongings when we moved here so I am now trying hard to replace things. I did manage to get Bill and I a mug each though :-)
This next picture is our latest addition. Sadly, we had to rehome Mabel. We started by gifting her to the police but she didn't make the cut and they have rehomed her for us. This was a heartbreaking decision that has been especially hard on Bill. Anyone who knows any of my issues will also know just how much this has plagued me! Luckily, we know she will be in a wonderful home with a bigger garden and people who will be able to give her much more exercise than we could. Anyway, back to Elway, we/I weren't looking for a kitten but there was a flyer in school saying that there was 1 stray kitten left from the litter looking for a home. I texted Bill about it, then felt incredibly guilty as he is really allergic to cats. Bless him though, he called later and said yes as long as he could name it. Hence, Elway! Have I told you lately babe, I love you. Elway is a wonderful addition to our family, everyone loves him, Jaime especially and Bill is quite happy to have a good game with him and I just keep plying him with antihistamines!
The 2 pix below are from my Open house evening. I sold Phoenix and I had my friend who has just opened a Bead shop and another new friend who sells other gorgeous gifts too.

My beautiful girls in front of a pond which would normally have a fountain but it wasn't turned on.
The kids playing on the obstacle course at Groombridge Place. We had a blast and are making the most of our passes before the season ends on Nov 6th
More Groombridge
Even more, just gorg boy though, sitting on a log dinosaur bone
This was from a model village we visited with the Macnabs. We had the most glorious day and we all had a blast. It wasn't until we got home that I found out it was where my grand parents used to take us regularly!
Anyway, that is a quick update. Dad has been given the all clear which is fantastic and we are all praising God for this wonderful piece of news. Thank you so much for all of your prayers.
This weekend, weather permitting we are taking my grandparents (aged 92 and 90) up to Scotland, Braemar. This is somewhere they have been going for the last 40 years but cannot manage to get there by themselves. Bill and I are driving up there with them on Friday as long as the snow they are kind of predicting doesn't mess up our plans. They are extremely excited as are we. My sister is coming up from Cornwall to help mum and dad look after the children which is awesome of them all for doing this. I think it will be quite an emotional trip for us all but hope and pray that it will be wonderful.
I am planning on taking lots of pix of the trip so will post them once we get home

Sunday, 3 October 2010


I love October and from what I have read recently on Facebook and other blogs lots of other people do too. Only problem here is that it starting raining yesterday at 11am and hasn't really stopped since.

I'm still running and am now trying to go with a running group on a Thursday night with Lou, my 10k buddy, and it is actually really fun. Can you believe I am saying running is fun but it is. I started off running with headphones and stopped because of an article I read and didn't think I would be able to run past a mile but am loving it. I use the time to pray and when it is a crisp cool morning I feel such peace. I've even started buying a women's running magazine which I find quite hilarious (the fact that I'm buying it and reading it) not the actual magazine.

Dad is doing well all things considered. The surgery went well and to be honest he is doing brilliantly but he is very frustrated..... it has only been a week but he just wants to be well NOW. Thank you to all of you praying and asking after him. Mum is doing ok too, she is just as frustrated and even though the kids are loud and sometimes annoying I hope that they provide a distraction for them both. They are being really good and not bothering Grampie much at all. They certainly aren't clambering all over him!

I haven't managed to do much work this summer. I am trying to set up an open house at mine for Christmas products which will be fun. I'm going to scout around for some local crafty talent to come too, it is nice to sell products next to other people. I'm still trying to find traders to join my team but just haven't managed to get out there yet at all, but I will. I do really love it and once the girls go to school I will need to make money from it too, which I know I can. I love having a team too, it gives me much more umpf to keep going.

Mum just asked me if I was putting any pictures on here and I'm not this time but promise I will soon.

That's it really, children are all doing well at school and only 3 weeks now till half term then it's all heading to Christmas!!