Friday, 19 December 2008

End of term

It was Bubbs last day at school today until Jan 6th. Hubby and I went to the school mass which was just lovely. The whole school filed into the hall, Father Ed lead the service and Acorn Class (Bubbs class) did a Christmas offering. The class stood up in front and sang, with actions, My God is a great big God.......this was adorable. Then they did a dance to 'Reach for the Stars'. After the dancing was finished they shared their class prayer. All of this was amazing and we were so fortunate to have been able to go and see our little man and his friends in action. I have enormous admiration for his teacher Miss Fry, she loves the class and is getting so much out of them, we are SO blessed.

We are gearing up for going away, but just had to share this with you

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Getting ready for Christmas!

Well, I am supposed to wrapping presents the same as I was supposed to be wrapping them last night but so far I have done none.

I have Nigella Christmas Kitchen on in the background, a glass of rose, Hubby is out and I am blogging. Just felt I had to come back. I have been reading loads and commenting too and didn't realise how much fun it is to do.

We are off to spend Christmas with our friends in Guernsey, we fly out on Monday and return on Saturday. I will take loads of pix so that Papaw and Granma can see them in the US. I am soooo looking forward to it, it is going to be a great holiday and the children are so excited I can't believe it. Bubbs finishes school tomorrow after morning mass and we have got a massively busy weekend before we go but all fun stuff.

On Sat morning we are getting up early and the children and I are going up to see my sister for a couple of hours as they are going away for New Year the same day we arrive home. This will be the first Christmas we have not spent together since we moved back to the UK, the same goes for my parents so it will be strange for us all. Sometimes though, as a family with young children you do have to do something for them don't you? I also have to drop Mabel off at my nans for my mum and dad to look after whilst we are away and be back home by 1pm. (she lives 1.5hours away on a good day) Bubbs is getting a haircut at 130 and the girlies and I are going to Harrys 2nd birthday party which Hubby and Bubbs will meet us at. Luckily we are not doing anything in the evening so I might be able to get some packing done.

Sunday is just as busy, I am in the children's group at church in the morning and then we are going some other friends in the afternoon which will be lovely as haven't got together with them for a while. Hubby gets to put the children to bed tonight as I am doing a reading in our Candlelight Christmas service which I am really excited about as it is my most fav service of the year and I am reading Luke 2 1-7 which is lovely.

So much to do and so little time as is always the way.

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Christmas and see you in the New Year

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Cold, outside and in

I am sitting here with streaming eyes, nose, beating headache and a house full of men watching the football.

This week has been horrible. The children are being a nightmare. I am really struggling with Bubbs, he is being so challenging. I think he is really tired as his first term at school is nearly over but even still he is really pushing the limits. The girlies still aren't sleeping so nothing new there and that is why I haven't blogged because I basically got so fed up of moaning and have nothing left to say. I am still reading and commenting but till I have something half decent to say I am going on a break.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Has it really been a week?????????

Where has the time gone, I have managed to read blogs and even comment on a few but there has been no time to post.

Not much but so much is going on. Bubbs was really unwell this weekend, had a horrid temp and really miserable but is going back to school tomorrow and now I think Moodle is coming down with it. They are still not sleeping and we have had my parents to stay for the last week or so and they have just gotten no sleep bless them. I bet they can't wait to move onto my sisters house where they just have the cats to cuddle.

I am plodding along as usual, really trying to save money wherever we can. This whole credit crunch thing has really got me paying attention to just what we spend our money on. I managed to do all our Christmas shopping on a tight budget going to really cheap stores but getting really cute stuff, now all I have to do is wrap it!!

Not much else to say, well there is but I am in the conservatory and it is freezing so I'll have to blog another day.