Tuesday, 23 November 2010

10k news

Well, I did! It took me 1 hour 15 mins and 08 seconds!!!! Really slow but I didn't walk once.
I will definitely do another one, not sure when but just need to pick up my pace now. Feel sooooo good having done it and achieved my goal but today I got to see some of the official pix and I am GUTTED. To me, I look fat, old and ridiculous. I have just started to finally feel better about how I look but man this has taken me right back!!

Never mind life goes on.


Thursday, 18 November 2010

10k prep!

Well, there isn't!! I did a 5 miler on thursday and then 3 miles on sunday night. Since then I have been slammed with chores, work, kids and everything else life entails. Bill is leaving to early at the minute for me to go before he leaves so I'll just have to wing it on Sunday!!


Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Catch up!

Sorry it's been so long, time just seems to be getting away from me. Bill was away this weekend from weds to Sunday. So I am pooped. Mum and dad are in Cornwall with my sis and bro in law and Bill goes away again this Friday till Sunday too.

I am planning on doing a 5 mile run on Thurs with my buddy. We haven't run this far yet but comfortably manage 4 miles so it should be ok. We have our 10k (just over 6 miles) on 21st Nov. It seemed so far away for so long but now it is coming way to quick. The weather here at the mo is horrid, grey, cold and wet. Praying for a sunny, calm, cold day on the 21st as we are running along Brighton beach walk!

Not much else going on here, kids doing well at school. Elway is just adorable, I have never met a cat that will put up with what my children put him through but he does and actually seems to enjoy it. Planning Christmas here already. I have been Phoenixing since school went back in Sept but this is the first time we will be having Christmas here in our own home by ourselves. We can't wait. Probably going to cheat on the food though and get everything pre prepared from Marks and Spencer!!! Well it is my Christmas too. I've also signed up for Christmas Choir Candlelight service. I LOVE this service, I go to it every year by myself. Bill puts the kids to bed for me and I just go and be at peace, I have read at it before but never sung. Anyone who knows me will now be laughing!!! I freely admit I am not the best singer but I am very enthusiastic which I pray will be enough!!!!!

Much love