Sunday, 29 November 2009

Thanksgiving and all its loveliness!!

I am just laying about having cooked and fed 12 people today!! Oh and done the ironing..

I made Thanksgiving lunch for my lovely American Hubby who even though we have lived here since 1999 still misses home so I thought a bit of traditional US fayre would be nice for him..He does so much for us that it is the least I can do.

We had turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, gravy and sausage and sage and onion stuffing balls. For dessert we had pumpkin pie, pecan pie, whipped cream and ice I think that should be what all my fellow americans had too.

I have never made pecan pie and oh my goodness I will be making it again it is soooo yummy. I had a nightmare trying to find canned pumpkin too, but eventually 2 friends of mine showed up with 2 a piece so I now have enough for next year too. We all had a wonderful day everyone ate well, including the children eventually. I love that my children like pumpkin pie as it is something that just doesn't exist over here and our friends children liked it too, yippee.

That is all for now. Hubby away tomorrow night so by myself with the kids as long as I get them in bed on time we should be fine. I do have to take Bubbs to the doctors tomorrow though as he has a horrid rash on his face, I think it is a reaction to something but really not sure what, bless him he looks like he has a terrible case of acne!

Sunday, 22 November 2009

New week and hopefully healthy!

Just to update, WWW christmas fair went amazingly well and I had such a good time.
Kids seem to be a bit better so looking forward to a normal week starting tomorrow

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Christmas Fair

All is sick in the house, or at least 2 of the 3 kids are.....Bubbs and JimJam got horrid coughs and intermittent temps so off school today!

I am gearing up to do my first big Christmas fair at our Womens group evening...I am really excited, spent last night pricing up things and putting them all into nice display baskets. I just love this fair as it really starts the ball rolling on the season.

Not much else to report but want to try to start posting more regularly now as a fellow blogger and loyal reader commented the other day that I really ought to!!! So here goes....

Babysitting for a friend tonight and get to watch 'Last Chance Harvey' which I am looking forward to as Hubby wouldn't really like it so get to have a girly eve at someone elses house which is always good cos you can't do any other jobs apart from relax..... woo hoo

December is coming up and I have just been filling up my new replacement diary and man we are busy, I tell you once the kids start school it goes mad there are fairs, lunches, plays, discos and all other number of things that I have got to remember and before that I am actually hosting Thanksgiving lunch here after church (in honour of Hubby) on the 28th and so far I can only find canned pumpkin for 2.87 plus shipping (that is GBP but stupid computer won't give me the sign)....I am going to have to go for it as you just can't have Thanksgiving lunch without Pumpkin pie!! How much fun will that be though as we really do have so much to be thankful for even if we aren't in the USA!!

Friday, 13 November 2009

Beautiful friends and beautiful bag!!!!

Where do I start! I had a very good friend come round late on in the afternoon last night with an amazing surprise. She gave me a gift card for our local mall with money on it which all my amazing church friends from my wednesday group had given her to buy me a new bag! Well, can you imagine how excited I was.....anyone who knows me in real life will know I am not really a shopper especially for myself I just don't enjoy it. But, when beautiful friends tell you to go spend you go spend!!!! I bought myself a gorgeous bag and a new keyring and I had such fun doing it! I can't wait to show it to them next weds xx

Everything else here is good, the weather here today has been basically has been blowing a gale since last night and raining so hard it was sideways at times. Hubby worked from home today though which was a lovely surprise and makes for a long weekend almost. My mum is here still and we have managed to knock out quite a lot of christmas shopping while the girlies have been at nursery which is good as it spreads the cost alot. I managed to find Bubbs a small box of Lego Starwars which he should be so pleased with, he is too scared to watch the movie but is obsessed with them so I can't wait to see his face when he opens it. Girlies are nearly sorted and so is some of my family just a few to go now.

I have a Phoenix card stall at our Www (womens bible study group) evening christmas fair next week. I can't wait, I am nervous as have never had a stall this big yet but it should be really exciting and hopefully will mean I can do it year on is a really good way to start to get into the spirit of things and a good way to build up my business. I have managed to do a couple of parties this year and have donated some to charity too which is always nice.

Not much else going on at the mo, kids are doing great, weather hideous, hubby gorgeous, mum here and well, dad bored on his own in France and above all, God loves us allxx

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Thiefs, you are not going to get me down!!!!!!!!!!

Firstly, thank you for all the lovely and supportive comments left for me, it is so nice to know people do actually read what I write especially as I hadn't done for so long.

Mentally, I am doing great. I still get cross with the kids but with CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) which I am still learning to get to grips with and all my outside worries etc still being there I am feeling BETTER, woo hoo. All my children are being great. The girlies are playing together beautifully when Bubbs is at school now without nearly as much fighting. Anyone who reads this who has twins with older siblings will relate as when all 3 of them are together it is much harder work than if there is just the 2, be it the 2 of them or 1 of them with Bubbs. I am sure that is nothing to do with twins just 3 siblings. This is making life much easier though because I don't feel like a boxing referee all the time and the house just feels lighter.

Bubbs is doing better at school which I am really happy about and we got his school pix back today which is just so cute!!!! He is doing really well, no extremely well at his swimming lessons too and can pretty much swim. We did quite a lot of nothing over the half term school break. It was nice for all of us not to have to get up and out by 810am for school and we had a couple of PJ days. We saw no one from school and just really connected as a family. Hubby was off from the weds till tuesday which was awesome! Weds, Hubby and girlies went to the beach with the dog and had a blast and I spent the day with Bubbs. We were all supposed to do the beach thing but Bubbs said he didn't feel well so we stayed home but when I suggested doing something just the 2 of us he perked up....I am thinking he just needed some mummy time (bless). We walked into town for a couple of errands and then I took him to lunch which was lovely. Because of this, Hubby and I are now going to make a conscious effort to do things with all of them individually more often, esp Bubbs at the minute. However guilty this makes me feel saying it, I think my mental state over the summer affected him far more than I realised or even thought about. We always knew and had planned that we would be doing this but for some reason just didn't seem to think about doing it when they were so young...but I guess they are not actually that young anymore

Friday we went to stay with my Godparents, suzjim...that is what the kids call them. I love going there as we are thoroughly spoilt and it is like going on a mini break with the kids,who get equally spoilt. We went to a water park pool, you know the ones with wave machines and tubes and all had a BLAST, staying really late and just having a great time. All of this was marred by the fact that my hand bag got stolen!! Luckily, they didn't take the car but very kindly did leave the keys in the front seat (bizarre I know). The whole thing has cost me a fortune as we had to change the locks because my house keys and driving license were both in there! Also, our house insurance doesn't cover it as personal possessions is an 'optional extra'. But, it is only material so I have to let it go.

Saturday we came home, changed the locks and lazed about. Spending tea time having a KFC floor picnic watching family TV it was like something out of a movie and just as cool as it sounds.
Sunday we got back in the car and headed back to my grand parents after church, it was Church parade so Hubby was in his scout role and Bubbs joined him. He loves doing that it makes him feel so grown up. We had a lovely day with the grand parents and all in all this was the best school break ever. Made even more perfect by the fact that my mum came home sunday night too and is staying with us for a couple of weeks......I love her and having her here is a God send, literally.

Monday was back to school for Bubbs which was fine. Hubby was off too as it was our wedding anniversary....13 years! I love him more now than I ever did and cannot and wouldn't want to imagine life without him. He is my rock and however crappy I am with him he still loves me and after the year I have had mentally that is pretty impressive. I love you babe. We went out for a pretty crappy lunch with the kids and mum but still had a lovely day.

All back to normal now, everyone back where they should be and everyone happy. It's been a long time since I was able to say that and yes, I am relishing it.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Catch up, catch up, catch up!

So I've been having counselling, figured out I have been depressed since I got fired when I was pregnant with going on nearly 6 years, I have failure issues, an eating disorder of sorts and many other things too, even though I really don't remember much of my childhood at all....a fact that my sister finds hilarious! But, I am feeling better.

Everyone is doing well here, I had a weekend off with my sister in Penzance which was lovely and Hubby had a good time with the kids. We are all of down there for a few days next week which will be great and the kids can't wait. It will be nice for hubby too as he hasn't been there or seen K for ages.

Beginning to realise that I really miss my parents now that they are truly living in France. (I know you read this mum and I am not saying any of this to make you feel guilty just airing my feelings.) I went to my Aunts for a little party for my nans birthday and took the children for the day and just had such a good time spending it with her and my cousins and their children. I felt quite envious of the fact that Auntie H is around just down the road from them all and they get to see each other regularly and can just pop in. I can understand why my parents are doing it but it still doesn't make it any easier, sometimes you just need a bit of mum company.

Kids are doing well, Bubbs is having some issues at school as he is really young in his year group and just can't seem to concentrate in a group and gets very easily distracted but when he is working individually does really well. So that has been playing on my mind alot but realistically he is still fine. The girls are loving nursery although I can't wait to get the government grant for their fees come January as I still have half a term to pay for which comes out at 217 pounds and that is only for 2 mornings a week. Once the grant kicks in though I am putting them in 9-3 monday and 9-12 tues and fri.....I am looking forward to catching up on keeping house as it is a tip and there is so much filing in our bedroom we are finding it hard to move now!!

Hubby has started helping in the local Scout group at our church and is loving it. He hasn't had much chance to cycle recently but I am sure he will be out on his bike this weekend at some stage.

That pretty much catches us up. I have been reading blogs and commenting but should be back now. I am acquiring my sisters old laptop next week which should mean I can put pix back on again too.

Monday, 28 September 2009


Sorry, just can't do this at the mo. Really struggling mentally and just can't keep up

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

France pix

Just a few random pix from our holiday so far! This is the girlies getting ready to go for ride Bubbs and the girlies having a cocktail in our friends bar!!

Feeding the chickens and ducks at the same friends house Dad in his pride and joy Austin 10 Dorothy...great for going round the country lanes in...the kids loved it
Our first pool shot, this was taken because they had both put their hats in the water and had them back on their heads but it doesn't look as funny in the picture

We are having a great time apart from Hubby has now gone home which is a bummer. Will keep you posted with more soon

Thursday, 23 July 2009


Woo hoo after a 15 hour drive we arrived. Man it was long but worth it.

The week is going incredibly quickly as Hubby goes home on Sunday without us as he has to go back to work!! Not sure how the children will react to this but we have another 4 weeks here without him!

Stupidly forgot the wire that connects my phone (camera) to the computer so will have to rely on pix from mum and dads camera. So far just hanging at home in paddling pool and have been to my cousins house.
Will keep you posted...oh I have fallen down a step and put 2 massive gashes in my knee....oops hopefully they won't get infected but we'll see

Friday, 10 July 2009

Computers don't you just love um!!!

Bubbs birthday was amazing, firstly let me say that and he had a great time as did we all.

I found the lead for my computer but it now won't let me upload pix from my phone which is really annoying especially for the grandparents!!!

I am so tempted to just go out and buy a new lappy as there is one on sale at mo for £299 at a local large superstore but we are in so much debt with flippin nursery fees I just can't...that is why I am not blogging much though as it is just tooooo slow!!!!!

Hope everyone well, I am still reading!!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

We are still here

Sorry haven't blogged in forever and not going to say much here as we are getting ready for Bubbs 5th Birthday tomorrow. I will post pix then as at the minute I can't find my phone cord to transfer the picture of the cake I have just finished is a guitar!!!!!

See you tomorrow

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Going to Cat Heaven in a cool car!!

That is what my girlies said Gizmo is now doing. We had to lay to rest my parents/our cat on Monday after a really sad weekend of him going downhill. I have now had to draw lots of pictures of Gizmo and Heaven Car on our etchasketch!! Bless. When Bubbs finally realised Gizmo had gone the girlies answered first as to where he was and he took it completely in his stride (I was dreading telling him). Bubbs promptly told me that Gizmo was playing with Dizzy (mum and dads old dog)

Not much else has gone on here, I got the bill for the girlies nursery today, £250(they go twice a week for 3 hours!!! termtime only). I also recieved our bill for having our US taxes prepared, another £200. If you can believe it we have lived over here since 1999 now and still have to file each year and get the indignity of it, if we earn over a certain amount, bearing in mind how much the dollar can be worth in comparison to the pound, we would have to pay US taxes too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We also need to book our chunnel ticket so that we can go over to see my parents for the summer, aaaaargh where is it all supposed to come from!!!!!

I have also joined the EA active 30 day challenge which is great fun but and it's a big one, my wii controller seems to not work all the time and it drives me crazy cos you can't move on to the next exercise or save what you have done so far so it looks like I have only done 2 days!!!!!


Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Where do I start?

Firstly, I am doing brilliantly without my pills. I am still struggling with my eating (currently eating McVities plain choc digestive) but I am trying to cope with one thing at a time. I still haven't managed to do any decorating but that can wait.

The children are all finally back at school, I had my first morning off for 3 weeks today and I know it sounds really selfish but man, it was soooo good! I went back to Curves, ran some errands, tidied up the house a bit (not that you'd notice) and then went back to collect the girlies. They did really well in pants today and didn't have any accidents at nursery and only had 1 each at home this afternoon so all in all good. I hardly spent anytime with Bubbs today and really miss that. I need another day by myself with him. I seem to be constantly telling him off or nagging him and I don't want to be one of those mums.

I now have a team member for my card business which is fab. I have known B for a while now and she has run her own business before so I know she is going to do brilliantly and also the money she is raising is going to be going straight back to her daughters school which has got to be an incentive for her customers. I am loving all the new cards they have at the minute they have such great illustrators.

My sister has now moved to Penzance, I am going to miss her terribly as she is now 6 hours drive away, I feel like I am back in the US again. On a good note, they have settled in well, she sent me a pic of the front room and it looks fab. They have had a great week weather wise to have moved to the sea and I can't wait to go visit her. I am trying to finagle going down on Fathers Day weekend if I can make it. Mum and Dad are there right now and they were with us here last week. We had a great time with them, we visited my grandparents, went to Leeds Castle and just hung out. They bought Bubbs a new pair of sandals too which was wonderful and such a help for us.

Anyway, I think that is it. I'm off to bed and my book. I am finally reading Twilight. I have not heard any of the hype for this, not sure where I was as apparently it has been huge. My sister gave them to me and I am on book loving it!!!!

Ooh also, managed to get to Osteo - going back again on Friday and got a hair cut. I am now sporting a short short do and loving it



Thursday, 21 May 2009

And so it goes on....................................

Moodle's not been well the last couple of days, there is nothing particular just a temp and a massive infected spot on her chin...she is looking particularly cute but rather gross at the same time. She goes to have her bandage off tomorrow which will be great, she is really protective of her hand so not sure how much she will love it but hopefully it will all be fine.
***UPDATE, Had to take Moodle to Docs this afternoon as she has developed thrush in her mouth. This means more meds for her too which is really sad and it is something she has to spit out too!!!!! Try that with a 2 year old! Also, got a call from the community nurse today which seems to indicate we are officially on the 'at risk' register since visiting the ER. How guilty do I feel.
On a positive, I did book a hair appt for sat and am now off to search for a new do, I fancy cutting it all off and starting over.!***************

Everyone else is doing well, Hubby is not in the best place at the moment as he had his bike stolen from outside of work, and before you ask we hadn't taken out the pedal bike premium (in error) so it is not insured. He is really struggling within his faith to be able to forgive these guys and it has been a real hard few days for him. This also effects his Capital to Capital race too as this was the bike he was going to ride.......he is riding for charity and for City Uni from Edinburgh to London in August. Check out his blog to find out more. I am really proud of him for doing this and I am sure he will have a bike to ride as we have no way in the world of buying him a new one!

Not much else going on I don't think, I am desperate for a haircut and the osteopath so hopefully will get to do both next week at some stage. Also, my sis moves to the other end of country next week, so feeling bit worried about that. I pray that they have a safe and happy move and nothing goes wrong

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Race for Life

I did it, I ran my 5k Race for Life. This is a real achievement for me as I had not managed to train (apart from going to Curves) since signing up and I swore to myself last year that I would run it this year.

Anyway, thanks for anyone who has sponsored me and just so you know I didn't push the twins....I only just made it round by myself can't imagine doing it with them too.

The girls are doing well with their potty training, we are having accidents but not loads and we have ventured out without nappies. I did it so differently with Bubbs, it took me ages and I remember having nappies hanging around for ages. This time they have all been put upstairs in their bedroom for night time and I just have a big bag of pants downstairs for them to put on if they have an accident. Funny thing is, they love to wear Bubbs pants, no cute pink panties for them just Bob the Builder ones, bless them.

We spent a lovely afternoon today with our friends at their daughters birthday bbq. They are really good hosts and it was such good afternoon. Thanks guys.

This week starts over again. I am doing ok without my meds. I am not sure quite when they completely leave my system, I am still getting weird side effects that affect my sight. It is hard to explain, when I turn my head quickly I feel as though my brain is being left behind for a split second. It used to happen if ever I missed 2 or more pills so I can only imagine it is while the medication is leaving my system. I am finding my temper is extremely short with my children but I think that really is just normal at the stage we are all at. One of my biggest problems that I find really hard to cope with is my negative self image and how much I put upon myself, which when I don't get everything done I feel hideous in my own skin. Extreme I know but that is how I feel. The list I have in my head of stuff I want to get done, either for myself ie: lose weight, exercise more, pray more consistently, have complete faith in God for my life (that is a real hard one) etc etc. Or for my home ie: decorate the bedroom, which would lead to setting up our office, which leads to organising my Phoenix stuff and home accounts, which leads to the kitchen being tidier as most of the paperwork is in there, which leads to being able to reorganise under the stairs, and the list goes on. Can you see how messed up my head is now. Realistically, how am I going to get even half that done with 3 children around, especially as Moodle is going to nursery this week again till the bandage comes off on Friday.

Wow, what a great feeling it is to put all this on paper well screen at least. I do wonder fellow bloggers what it will be like to come back in 10 years time and read our posts. So many of you that I follow are so open and expressive in your blogs and I just love reading you all

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Potty Training

Yes that is right I am potty training. The girlies have seemed keen on it for a while now, to be truthful they could live in the bathroom. I was having to lock the downstairs one as they would just trash it constantly - I can see my family laughing about this now. So we have gone for it. Nappies/diapers are put up in the bedroom for night time and pants are out. Had a fair few accidents so far but suppose that is just normal, there is now no going back!!!!! The funniest thing is that they don't want to wear all their lovely pink cute girly pants, they found some of Bubbs old pants with Bob the builder and Thomas the Tank engine on and really want to wear them!! I have such tomboys.

Moodles finger is doing well, we get to go back on 22nd to have her bandage off which will be great as bathing with a bag over her hand is getting tiresome now and she hates it.

I seem to be doing ok without my meds, not sure how med free my body is yet as I don't know how long they stay in my system for but I took my last actual pill on the 7th May so I can't have much left in me....who knows but all in all it's good.

Next thing I need to work on is losing weight. I fight this issue always, like so many women in the world. I comfort eat when the children are stressing me out and that then makes me feel so bad. So once all the weeing is over diet is on!!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Surgical superness!

We are home and Moodle is great. Our hospital was amazing and the staff there were so wonderful. Moodle and I got there at 730am and were home by 245pm. The surgery was only 40mins long, obviously I haven't seen underneath the bandage but they assure me it went well and she (her finger) will be ok. The hardest bit of it all was leaving her asleep on the operating table. I had to cuddle her while they put her under, they used gas as getting a vein was too difficult and once she was asleep I had to leave. I felt like my heart had stayed with her on the table. They were amazingly quick though and I was soon back in recovery with her holding her little hand again. She was an absolute star and sooo brave, she did manage to vomit all over me after drinking water too quickly and sitting there for the next 3 hours smelling wasn't exactly great but I can hardly complain.

My sister was wonderful dropping everything to come and look after Jim Jam and picking up Bubbs from school. I am so relieved having her doing that as she did say that Jim Jam was quite subdued and didn't eat much. She also kept asking after Moodle, this seemed to be first time they noticed being apart....

Anyway, they are all in bed now and I am hoping they get to stay there the whole night as I am exhausted.

Bless all of you for the lovely comments, prayers and thoughts

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The hospital again!!

Picture the scene, it is 715am, I have just high fived Bubbs cos he's come downstairs dressed and I see the girlies standing at the top of the stairs waiting to come down. 'Come on Moodle' I say....crying starts I dawdle upstairs telling her milk is waiting for her downstairs and not to whinge. I get to the top of the stairs and her finger is stuck in the door. I have never seen anything like it, it was flat! We all jumped in the car and were at the emergency room by 715am!!!! Bubbs and Jim Jam were amazing and our lovely friend Mark came and took them away to take Bubbs to school and deposit Jim Jam at another friends for the day. Moodle was amazing, she now has her finger in a massive bandage and is going back in to the hospital tomorrow for surgery. We've just checked in on her and the wound is obviously bleeding a bit but she is asleep.

Please pray for her tomorrow as really not sure quite what the surgeons are going to do

Not great for my giving up of chocolate.....I have failed miserably, so sorry Steph but I will try once this is over

Monday, 4 May 2009

Giving up sweets, chocolate and Cake

I am going to join my blogging friend Steph and give up the above for the rest of the month....wish me luck

Sunshine and a Bank Holiday

I am 2 weeks into coming off my meds, this week I go down to 1 pill every other day and then I will be off them. I have been feeling really great coming off them and pray that this really is a good thing. I have had a lot of personal stuff going on this week but still feel amazing which must be a good thing.

We have been blessed in so many ways over the last few weeks with new amazing friendships
and I praise God for being in my life. So many good things are happening to us and my prayers I know are being heard which is just so encouraging. I just wanted to share that with you.

We spent a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend seeing friends and family. My sister and brother in law came down today and we had a lot of fun especially when they decided they would treat our children to a small trampoline...we went to buy it and it was on sale too so how lucky were we. The kids adore it and I am so pleased as it was really amusing watching Clare and Hubby putting it together...lets just say it took a while!! They are still waiting for a move date but I know it will be fairly soon so I am just making the most of the visits while we can.
We got to see my Godparents yesterday too after attending a friends sons baptism which was great. It was lovely to see Sue and Jim and catching up with them after their trip to Oz, we got to see lots of pix of their new Grandson who is gorgeous and if his mummy and daddy ever read this congratulations and E is adorable. We also got to go to some other friends on Sat night to christen their new BBQ....the men hung around it with their beers and made some good meat charcoaled. It was lovely and great catching up just in case they are reading this....THANKS AGAIN.

Anyway, here's to another nearly pill free week

Monday, 27 April 2009

Medication update

I am in the process of dropping my anti depressants. I have been on them for over 2 years now and I think I must be out of the slump I was in!!!!!!!!!!!

I starting my second week of 3 today so keep me in your prayers.

I am feeling great so far actually better than I have done in a while so fingers crossed. It has even been raining all day!

Sorry not blogging as often but I just need to slow down on some things and speed up on others that are more important at the moment.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

CaTcH Up

What a couple of weeks. The time has flown by and we have done so much I can't even remember half of it. We have had some gorgeous weather which has meant lots of time outside which is so lovely. Over the Easter weekend we had a wonderful church service on Good Friday for Bubbs Crocodile Creek, it was amazing seeing the younger children so involved and he seemed to have an brilliant time. We also went to lots of different Egg hunts at various friends houses which as you can imagine the children LOVED. On Easter sunday after an inspiring church service we went for a lunch out as a surprise for my wonderful friend Jennie. She had no idea it was going on which is brilliant as there were loads of us and the place was divine!

Just spent a brilliant day with my Grandparents and parents which was sooooo lovely and we played outside all day again in the glorious sunshine. Here's to more lovely weather

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

A fab 2 weeks

Such a good time was had by all in the past 2 weeks. I am sure we are all as exhausted as each other but wow how much fun. Below are a few and I mean a few of the pix I took. Cyndy took so many more but I was too busy running after the kids. Papa and the kids...mind you William doesn't look that happy here. It was the first 5 mins though
Grandma and Papa at Leeds Castle

Brighton Pier, the girlies wanted lots of swings along here.

3 generations of Thompsons

Papa wanted to buy his grand kids ice cream!!(and his son!)
Spoke briefly to Papa tonight and they got home safely and have collected all their animals so are happy and just getting back to real life again. I bet it must be so weird now that they have no children around them. I particularly enjoyed myself as Grandma and I got to go to the gym most days and I really enjoyed hanging out with her without the children. It was lovely having Hubby home for 2 weeks too and we had the best weather we could have hoped for as you can see from the pix. Thanks guys for such a fun visit, I hope you get to do it again we can't wait.
Tomorrow my parents come in from France for Easter. I love this time of year, it is such an important and amazing date in the Christian calendar and to be spending it with my family makes it so much more special. Bubbs has been attending Crocodile Creek church camp which he is loving and we get to go to a family service on Good Friday which no doubt we will see what they have been up to in it. Our weekend is packed with celebrations all over the place and we are all really looking forward to it.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Oh My Goodness!

We have done soooooo much here. Hubbys parents come in tomorrow and I have spent the whole day cleaning with a friend of mine, bless her she is so wonderful and I just love her. I finished the decorating in the living room and haven't bothered with our room. Bubbs room is now for our guests and it looks lovely and welcoming.

Probably won't blog much over next 2 weeks but will fill you all in soon

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Normal life resumes

Anyone out there doing Rick Warrens 40 days of Community. We are in our women's group and I am loving it...just interested on others' views.

Had a governors meeting this evening, it is always really great but also really draining. There is so much positive stuff happening at the school but also there is the reality of the type of area that the school serves. I suppose in my naive state I just can't imagine life like some of the pupils endure and my continuing need to pray is highlighted to me.

Children are being lovely at the moment. It helps that we are enjoying some particularly gorgeous weather and playing outside is a joy. Bubbs seems to be doing really well with school and it is lovely when he reads us his child is learning to read and it is so wonderful watching his little face when he finishes a story. He read the Very Hungry Caterpillar to the girlies last night and obviously couldn't read it all but you could see him actually reading the words he recognised and then saying the rest from memory but he loved it. He especially liked it when Jim Jam took over and carried on from memory too, he kept saying how clever she was as she had learnt to read. Bless him.

I am beginning to panic a bit with my in laws coming to stay, it is only a week away now. I am putting immense pressure on myself in my head of all the things I want done before they arrive. As you may know Jen and I started to decorate last week, well it is still in the same state as we left it due to laziness and Hubby or I being out. But there are so many other things I want done for my own piece of mind but if I thought rationally would realise they really don't matter. I just want them to have a wonderful time and I know they will with the children and that is the whole reason they are coming, not to see whether or not I have cleaned the loos!!

Wow, carried on a bit there didn't I. Anyway on another note, I am doing the Race for Life in May and have put a sponsorship button up if anyone is interested.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009


First of all can I say what an amazing job my Hubby did looking after the children for the whole weekend which included 2 school runs. My friend J looked after him at the weekend too so a MASSIVE thank you to them all so that I could go away!!

To start with we had to leave really early in the morning our flight was at 745am. My childfree time started early. My mum and dad met us at the airport and we went straight into Toulouse for a bit of shopping and lunch.....this is the first 2 pix!! How happy do I look

We arrived at the house and I was blown away. Hubby and I were there when mum and dad signed for it and it was a wreck, a charming one but a wreck none the less. Wow they have done soooo much. I am so proud of them both but especially dad. He is not a carpenter but has done so much woodwork he could be. He is not a plumber but has put in several bathrooms. He is not a kitchen fitter but theirs is AMAZING and he did it. The list goes on he is brilliant, that is not to say that mum has just sat about doing nothing all the personal bits go to her. I loved it...see the few pix below of outside.

This next one is our first jug of Pimms. It was such great weather we sat outside most of the time. Sis and I went to bed really early and would have gotten to sleep early too if we hadn't had a fit of the giggles!

Gorgeous sunset

Saturday morning starts with tea in bed brought to us by Dad and we were joined by mum and we just sat and chatted for ages not having to do anything. LOVELY

Saturday bought more sunshine, a singing tribute to mum and dad from some friends for their anniversary and more Pimms. We went to a pottery and dropped in on my cousins who then joined us for a bbq later on. Perfect.

Part of the singing tribute...
I was obviously having so much fun after this that I didn't seem to take anymore pix. We had a the same on sunday morning. Bliss. Then went to my Aunt and Uncles for a great dinner in honor of my mum and dads ruby wedding anniversary. On the way home we stopped in on some more of m and d's friends for a drink and game of table much fun. We did have to get up really early, 330am,m to get home but it was so worth it.
I can't remember the last time Clare and I spent any time with mum and dad without any distractions and I would love to make a yearly thing.
Thank you to mum, dad, Clare especially for driving me to the airport and back, Hubby - you are a star especially with the poo incident and for my children for being so good for daddy

Friday, 13 March 2009


My sis and I are here. I will take lots of photos and post them later on when I am home but we are having a lovely time and mum and dad are really excited.


Tuesday, 10 March 2009


I finally started the painting projects last night. I flippantly mentioned it to Jen and said if she wanted to have a fun night she could join pleased was I when she showed up. Bless her she is just great. We got quite alot done, the fireplace wall (feature colour) is done, and so is most of the cutting in. I still have one and half walls to do but this involves moving a bookcase upstairs and I didn't really think this through as there is no way Hubby and I can do it ourselves and I keep forgetting that I am away on Friday till Monday with my sister so think this may take a while.

Girlies are finally all better we had a lovely weekend, Dan and Chloe came for the day Sunday and we had such a lovely relaxing time it was great.

Off to my mum and dads this weekend for their Ruby Wedding anniversary. My sister and I are going by ourselves...I cannot remember the last time just the 4 of us spent time together, all of us can't wait. Maybe Hubby can though as he is being left with the children from Fri to Mon morning. He has to do 2 school runs and the weekend. He loves me very much I am very lucky

Friday, 6 March 2009

Pink Eyes

Just a short one to update everyone.

I have left my guilt at the door just in case anyone was interested!!

Hubby is off work now too as he has it too. But, we are all getting better slowly but surely which is great.

Not going to do much this weekend so hopefully be all up to strength again by monday.


Tuesday, 3 March 2009

A Mothers intuition and a Mothers guilt!!

That's right, all in one day.

My day started ok, we slept most of the night only woken a couple of times by Bubbs wanting a drink....not sure why. But that did mean that the girlies slept for the first time in a couple of weeks.

Jim Jam woke quite happy with no snot trails on her face, Moodle on the other hand had such a horrible case of pink eye it looks like she had been beaten. It was also nursery day. I made the decision early on that neither of them were going to go, mostly because I didn't really want to have to go out again at 12 to pick them up but also because Moodle really couldn't and Jim Jam had been ill for the week and even though she was better it was nice to have her home and better.

On the way back from dropping Bubbs at school with my friend Jen I meet one of my other friends taking her daughter to nursery. Between us all we decide that Jim Jam should go as she looks and is acting fine. So, out of the pram she hops and off she goes. I then go home and convince myself that I have been making excuses for her and I am actually worried about separating them. More on this later. It's raining at pick up so I take the car and my friend to collect our girls. When I get there I meet the head outside who tells me Jim Jam has fallen asleep and do I want to go straight in to get her. Once in the car she won't talk to me...I know she is only 2 but I swear she was ignoring me!!!!!

We get home and she proceeds to scream and cry for the about an hour when eventually we all 3 of us crash on the sofa and fall asleep...the girls end up sleeping for 2 1/2 hours and when they wake up Jim Jam is no happier. She is now pulling at both ears and one of them is leaky....the guilt builds from here.

Call and get an emergency appt for 545pm, call Jen to have her look after Bubbs for a bit longer, he goes swimming with her on a Tues eve thank goodness and try to keep Jim Jam happy till docs.

Come out of docs with antibiotics for Jim Jam and eye drops for Moodle. Get to Jens burst into tears, other friend Vicky also there, she goes to get scripts for me, I take kids home and medicated once Vix comes back with them and supper..God bless my friends, thank you Lord.
I had actually already put a lasagne in the oven that another friend had given me yesterday, again I am soooo blessed.
Anyway, long story short....listen to that intuition any mothers out there.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Won't let a week go by!

Girlies are still sick, Moodle now has pink eye to add to it all, Jim Jam was feeling better today but still slept for 2 hours this morning so she is obviously still suffering. Not being able to go out has been hard but I have as always been blessed with great friends. Jennie looked after Bubbs most days after school last week so I didn't have to come out with the girls and a new friend from church came and spent a couple of afternoons with me. So even though it was a poor week for health a great one was had for friends. I am always so thankful for them.

On Saturday Bubbs and I went out for the day by ourselves leaving Daddy with the girls. I had forgotten just how gorgeous he is by himself. We went to visit my sister and BiL as they are moving in the next couple of months so though I would make the most of being able to go up so easily. It was lovely, Bubbs and I chatted in the car on the way and he had a nice time with them. He loves going there and I am hoping he can get another sleep over with them before they move as I think he might miss those. We also stopped in on my grandparents. They are 88 and 90 but you wouldn't know it. Bubbs took he school certificates and reading book in his school bag for them to see and was so proud showing them off and telling them what they were for, he soon lost interest when it came to his reading book and suddenly was desperate for Lego! Grandma Nee Naa was quite happy to do that though and they had great fun building a house and a couple of cars while Grampie and I chatted while watching for squirrels in the garden.
Sunday was church which was a family service and our friend Mark (Moodles Godfather) did the sermon, I think it was his first one and I have to say he was brilliant and all very relevant so I am really looking forward to the next one. There was a continental breakfast after which is so lovely as you can catch up with people you don't always see and the team in the kitchen do such a fantastic job we as a church are incredibly lucky especially in the current financial situation.

We had some friends round for afternoon tea, I have become friends with the wife and Hubby got to meet her husband so nice for everyone as they are new to our church so great to know that they can come in and recognise some more faces.

I'm off to bed now as I am soooo tired looking after this kids!!

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Just a quickie

I can't even remember posting last it seems ages ago. Girlies are both sick at mo so have had to stay in all week. Luckily, I have had a few good friends come to visit amid the snot and temperatures but there is nothing worse than being stuck in.

Bubbs is getting better after his ear infection but now he is back at school after a weeks break he is very, shall we call it....challenging. I feel like all I do is shout at them from the moment we get up, and that is about 5am these days till we go to bed.

One good thing though is that I have still been running, not much but more than I used to. I have to make a concerted effort to go as I really don't want to but once I am out I am really loving it. yea me.

Mabel is being hard again though as she is not getting out as much as the girls can't go out. Oh how I wish my Dad was here cos I know he'd take her.


Thursday, 19 February 2009


I have changed my layout and have lost all of my fav blogs to read so you better commenting so I can find you all again

What a couple of days

I am enjoying life at the minute. I haven't been able to say that for a long time. I ran again today and I am really liking it, I love Mabel too and anyone in my real life will realise this is a big thing as we have had issues with her in the last few weeks but she is getting me out there running and is a great companion.

I am surrounded by wonderful friends and have spent the last couple of days laughing with 2 of them and their children so we are all having a great half term.

One big thing that is going on is a trip to France for my sister and I. We have just booked to go for the weekend to see our mum and dad for their 40th wedding anniversary. We were trying to keep it a secret but getting from the airport was getting expensive so we had to tell them. I am really excited as I haven't seen their house since they have done any work on it and it will be soooo lovely for just the 4 of us to spend some time together. I am in complete gratitude to my darling hubby as he is having to take Fri and Mon off work to look after the children and do the school run and stuff with them so thank you so much babe. I hope he has a good time and I am sure my friends will keep an eye out and look after them all for me too.

I have been putting off the ironing now for a week and the pile is growing and growing but you know is too short!!

Happy blogging

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Exercise Euphoria

I have done it, I have gotten the exercise buzz. Saturday I ran 5k, monday 3k and today 5k. I am actually really excited. I need to loose weight so this is the way to go. Keep an eye on this page to see how I am doing.

Had a good couple of days with friends so half term is going well.

Sunday, 15 February 2009


Just wanted to share these pix taken by my brother in law this weekend. Jim Jam is the funny one and Moodle is the model poser
xx Enjoy

Before and After!

Well, we did it. My sister and I managed to sort the girlies bedroom out. We used 2 tester pots of paint and some of the kids poster paint, talk about a cheap makeover.....are you ready.
This is beforeGorgeous lampshade which Nannie bought a while ago View looking straight in from door, on the left is a massive white wardrobe
This is the from the corner opposite the door by the wardrobe, the wording says Sweet Dreams
This is from just by the door inside the room

The girlies adore it and they kept shouting 'spotty' to Auntie Clare as she was putting the last ones on the wall.
We adore it and I now have the decorating bug and really want to try to get our room done before my in laws come over as they will be sleeping in there and it will be lovely for it to be gorgeous for them.

Thursday, 12 February 2009


First of all can I say thank you for my amazing comments. I am so blessed with friends that understand and love me for who I am even though I don't love myself right now.

Secondly, I had a visit from a real life friend today who blessed me with a wonderful spiritual goody bag. Thanks gorgeous.

My sister and BinL are visiting this weekend and I have just read that they have accepted an offer on their house today so they are now going to be seriously looking for a house very far away from here.....pretty much at the end of the country so I have very mixed feelings. I am so excited for them as it is definitely the right thing for them to do at this time in their lives and if they don't do it now they never will. BUT, it does mean that my little sister who my children ADORE will be at least 6 hours drive away. Now, in the US that sort of drive didn't faze me but here in the UK, you just don't do it regularly so it is something I just have to get my head around. I love them both so much and really want them to be HAPPY but also love the fact that if I really wanted to right now I could get in the car and be there in an hour and if I called her she would do the same. Also, we haven't mentioned any of this to Bubbs who I think actually will be quite upset so not sure how that will work.

On another vein though, Sis is going to help me decorate the girlies bedroom this weekend so I am really pleased and should be able to post some pix once done. Also, we are going to go to the movies on sat night to see 'He's just not that into you'....chick flick here we come yippee

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Health, wealth and happiness


How is it possible that I have NO MOTIVATION to run. Even though I posted about enjoying it and really when I go I think I do I just can't do it.

As a christian I know all the things in my title shouldn't really be what I yearn for but when there are bills we can't pay, depression I can't fathom and a desperation to be thin but can't stop eating and can't bring myself to exercise how can I say they don't.

Sorry if that doesn't make any sense at all but this post is really to get it off my chest and to document my feelings of failure in most, no all things to do with me


Sunday, 8 February 2009

Rockets, trains, buses and Lions

Firstly can I say a good real life friend of mine has just started a blog, please visit her she'd love it. All in a Tiz

Well, after my whinge the other day about how boring my weekend was going to be this is how it went.........

Trafalgar Square, Bubbs, Toby and his daddy
Blurry sorry but cute pic while waiting for bus
My gorgeous friend Jen with girlies and Harry at fountains in Trafalgar

Light 'thing' at the Science Museum

The cute boys having the time of their lives on the Trafalgar Lions
My 3k was cancelled and Hubby went to the Men's Breakfast at church even though he felt decidedly dodgy but was so glad he did. Henry Olonga, the cricketer, was the speaker who was amazing, uplifting, has a singing voice to lift the roof which meant he came back full but not from breakfast. While this was going on my friend Jen called to wish me luck in the run and when she heard it was cancelled asked me to go to London with them. What a great day. We were blessed with the travel, the children adored the train and then we went on a bus through London which is such a great way to see it. Once at the Science Museum we went through the Space section then spent the rest of the day in the Basement which is where we had our packed lunch and then played in the interactive section for 3-6 year olds. It was so much fun for the adults as well as the kids. Doing this meant Hubby got to spend the day relaxed as he had to work today.
Even though Jen and I were pooped after an exhausting day we got to go out last night to a girls night in to watch Mama Mia (singalong of course) and mexican food. We had a blast and sang our hearts out luckily not waking the baby in the house. What a fab day, thank you friends.
Today was a different story. Church this morning, great sermon Giles thank you and I actually got to hear it today as all my children were in their groups and I was left by myself. Once home after hanging out at church for as long as was possible I came home to the longest day for a long time. The children were fine till the afternoon. I tried to walk the dog but got bogged down in the mud with the pushchair. It just dragged on as I am sure it did with Hubby. At least we are here now.
Gonna go now and hang out with Hubby

Friday, 6 February 2009

Here comes the weekend.

It's that time again already 915pm on friday night. Girls took ages to go down and Moodle in particular has been really whingey today. Hubby went straight to bed as soon as he got in as he has been suffering with a tummy bug since Weds eve. Woo hoo I have a great couple of days ahead of me huh
Don't have much else to say tonight, going back to watching NCIS.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

R is for rotten, ridiculous and romance!

Weird title I know and here I go with my challenge set by Jen over at Eternally Huckdoll, this was one of the first blogs I found and have been reading it ever since. I can't remember how I found it though. She is a fellow twin mum, a FANTASTIC writer, witty, heartfelt, raw and addictive. Sound a bit like a stalker don't I, but she is one of the bloggers I'd like to meet...shame she lives in Canada, rather a long way to go huh.

Anyway, Huck randomly chose me the letter R and I have to attempt and I mean attempt to tell you 10 things/places/people/anything I love.

1 Running - actually I don't love it at all, but I am trying to. I have started training/shuffling and had signed up for a 3k then a 5k, the first of which was supposed to be on Saturday and it is CANCELLED due to inclement weather...typical England. Anyway at least I am trying.

2 Reading - I have always loved doing this, I remember so fondly Enid Blyton, Judy Blume and so many others and I still love it. Magazines, crime lit, autobiographies, chick lit, self help, christian and more recently in my adulthood The Bible - this is probably my biggest challenge.

3 Retreat - you may have read before that I belong to a women's bible study group, well every 2 years we get to go on a 'retreat'. We meet on Friday evening in time for dinner and get started on a weekend full of devotion, friendship, worship and great food.

4 Raspberries - most definitely my favourite fruit. I remember going 'picking' with my mum, nan and sis every summer and my sister and I always ate more than we picked. The succulent juicy raspberries bursting with flavour is such a wonderful thing. Great with my mums homemade pavlova.

5 Rings - my engagement ring firstly, a beautiful choice made by my Hubby without my knowledge so a complete surprise and I adore it. Next my wedding ring, plain, simple but full of the promise of our marriage still going strong after 12 years. Then comes my eternity ring, traditionally you get one of these on the birth of your first child. Mine represents Hubbys car, long story cut short...when we moved from US to UK, we did so by ourselves ie: not with any support from a company/job so we sold everything. We had only been married 3 years and we had to sell all our wedding presents (gutting) but we did. The Honda CRX that now sits on my finger was Hubbys first new car all of which he paid for. He couldn't bear to be completely rid of it so surprised me with an eternity ring from the sale of the car just before we moved. Lastly, is my signet ring given to me on my 18th birthday. I love it and have worn it ever since.

6 Romance - we don't go in for presents very much as we are ALWAYS on a budget but when we do Hubby is great with them as you can see from the above. The other thing he does amazingly is cards or what he writes in them. I am useless and can never think of anything meaningful or witty to write but can never wait to open his. I also love anything to do with romance.....chick lit, chick flicks and music..I cry at anything romantic too..

7 Roast dinners - I think I have always loved these. Lamb especially with lots of mint sauce. Since having my children I have even learnt to do them myself. There are so many great combinations and sitting down to eat one as a family is so special.

8 Ribena - blackcurrant cordial, which is always a treat in our house. As children we loved it and it was something we didn't have all the time as it is an expensive one but if we were ill it was always there. It is wonderful as a hot drink when you have a cold. Yummy.

9 Roses - Yellow. They were my wedding flowers, I love them. On our first anniversary Hubby bought me dozens, I can't quite remember how many but he had to borrow a lot of vases from our neighbours to put them in so as to surprise me when I got home from work. Bless.

10 Reality - this is a hard one, as I always seem to be living in a dream world. I love my family, children, husband and however hard it is, reality.. I will always find this a hard one to read especially at the moment while I am suffering through depression but that is all the more reason to live for today and relish my life as it happens.

So, there you go. Hope you enjoyed reading. I have to say it was hard to think of 10 but fun when I did.
Thanks Jen

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snow, praise and decorating!

It's been snowing here, Hubby didn't get to work yesterday as all the trains to London were cancelled....I know and inch of snow here and we come to a halt....Mind you I didn't mind as it was nice to have him home for an extra day. Bubbs still went to school and had a great time making snowmen with his classmates. Today was more annoying though as school was still on but preschool wasn't which meant I had the girlies with me and trying to walk the dog round the meadow was rather hard work. Below are a few pix of our walk...
Mabel mid tail wagGirlies in pram in meadow

Gorgeous park looking fab

A rather beautiful tree
Girlies eating tomato soup, great snow food

Now onto the decorating.....I rather stupidly didn't take any before pix but the room was basically magnolia with only furniture in it.. My sister took Bubbs for the weekend so we could do this in the evenings when girlies were asleep and he was and still is really excited about it....his fav colour is red so this is what you get....
View from his bed, the flag is from Help for Heroes rugby match
This is slightly different view from his bed, I got the works from Ebay and I love them
This is the view from the door

We have never been able to decorate before and are so pleased with it. Can't wait to start on other rooms now we want to do the living room, girlies bedroom and our bedroom.
Ok, that is the snow and the decorating, praise is next.
Well, I went on my bi yearly WWW retreat on mine and Hubbys birthday weekend. 47 women go away for fri and saturday night for praise, study, an amazing speaker and friends and great food. I get so excited about this every 2 years and would love for it to happen every year but there is such a lot to do to organise it and for all the husbands to be left at home with the children is a lot to ask. We had a fantastic speaker who did some great talks and our small group studies were great too. I always come away having learnt so much and feel so calm when I return home. It really does take me a while to come down as I try to get back to real life.
Anyway, sorry for such a long break. I will be back tomorrow as I have a challenge set by a good blogging buddess Eternally Huckdoll. I've got my thinking cap on already

Thursday, 15 January 2009

In Laws are visiting

Oh my goodness, my in laws are coming to visit. We are soooo excited and it isn't that long away. They called the other night to say they had found some flights and then the next day confirmed the dates....they are coming in March. Big Bill gets to meet his grand daughters for the first time, he was last here when I was pregnant with them and Cyndy met them when they were 3 months old so they are in for such excitement and fun. The children are really excited and keep asking when Papaw and Grandma are coming and we are starting to plan what we can do.


Friday, 9 January 2009

Firstly, I would like to apologise to Hubbys family as the only picture we seem to have taken of Christmas is of the Red Velvet Cake that Carolyn and I made. This was a big deal as this isn't a cake that we do over here so we were experimenting and Oh my goodness it may look a mess but it was YUMMY!!!!!!!! Our Christmas was AMAZING. Hubby was off work from the 17th Dec till the 5th of Jan.....I know how brilliant is that. I started my Christmas really when I did my reading at church on 21st, it was my first time reading at the front but was lovely. The music was beautiful and was a brilliant job done by our new music director. This is always my favourite service of the year so I relished every moment as I was child free so even managed to catch up with a few people too.

We left for Guernsey early on Monday morning, it is only a 45 min flight and the children were brilliant. Carloyn and Elliss came to pick us up from the airport and the fun began. Tim was off for the day so we really spent the day catching up and planning the rest of the week. Ever since I have know Tim and Carolyn I have always admired their Christmas, they do it so well and I felt really blessed that they invited us to spend it with them (well, we probably invited ourselves but that is neither here nor there!!) The children were all having a great time and as they have a lovely spacey house there was room for everyone. The week went by in a flash. We went to church on Christmas Eve and Day at a lovely church which was only a 10min walk away and the Vicar was brilliant and the children well behaved. Tim was the MasterChef for the week and made the most gorgeous Christmas dinner we all ate far to much and didn't even get to have Christmas pud!! we were so full.

The children loved being together for present opening and it was madness most of the day which we all loved, it was a really special time for us all I think and I am only going to mention it at the end but Carolyn and I were both ill for most of it and ended up on antibiotics the following monday.
One great surprise was Carolyn and I getting tix to see Joseph on the 30th, so even though we came home on the saturday Carolyn came back to UK on Tuesday, and both of us spent a wonderful evening at the Theatre it was just a shame we both felt so terrible but we weren't going to miss it for the world.

New Year for us was spent in bed, me at 930, mum 10pm, Hubby 1115pm and Dad actually managed to see in the New Year by himself bless him. Luckily, I am feeling better now but Mum is still horribly ill and laid up in bed, Dad not great and Bubbs is on antibiotics for an ear infection. Ho Hum welcome to January!!

Below, is a picture of my walk today, Mabel is in the corner and it was to show you all just how beautiful it is on the cold frosty morning. I actually have time to sit down here for a few minutes while the girls are in Nursery and I am savouring it as it really is the first time in weeks that I have stopped.
This month is both mine and Hubbys birthday and actually I am going away on my WWW retreat for our birthday weekend as mine is on the 23rd and his the 25th. I do feel rather guilty leaving Hubby with all the children but I am so looking forward to the retreat and it is only every 2 years.................