Sunday, 18 March 2012

The William Show!

So, we've had another busy week mostly doing stuff with the kids....the first picture is of William in his first football school tournament.  I wasn't even aware he played it and I have to say after watching their games realise he actually doesn't!  Bless him, he was soooo excited to be in the kit and to be there he didn't really care about the football.  The only time I saw him touch the ball was when he was off the pitch playing about.  But, all in all, it was a lovely afternoon.  The sun was shining, the girls were playing about in the field and Bill got home for it aswell.  Just lovely.  William is the one in the bottom right corner!

The next William adventure was the cycle ride he organised (with the help of Daddy) in aid of Sport Relief.  He wanted to do something to raise money so decided to do a 25km/15mile cycle ride with his friends.  They each had to raise £100 each, which they did and ride whatever the weather on Saturday!!  Well, the weather was shocking!  Bless them, it was windy, rainy and cold....But, they didn't complain and did it in 2 and half hours!  Go Boys!  The first pic is the boys before, how excited they look.

 This one is with the daddies!  What a cool group!

This one is proof they did it!  In fact 1.12km over!
And this lovely one is of them at the end, look how wet they all are...William actually got a bit weepy at the end as he was soooo cold and wet but also so proud...My friend Vicky had got them medals too so he took it to church this morning to show all the lovely people who sponsored him.

 One very proud Daddy and William x
 And of course, I couldn't blog without showing my gorgeous girls.  They had their first church parade today and got picked to be the flag bearers...they were so excited but did keep getting tangled up in it, it did take a while to get this picture!

That's about it today, it's Mothers Day here in the UK....So happy day to my moomin and Bill's mom too...Miss you guys and hope you had a good day xx

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Sooooooooooooooooo busy!

Sometimes life just happens and you really don't get chance to stop and think about what you are doing day to day dont ya think!!

This year has gone incredibly quickly.  Jan was dark and miserable but full of birthday celebrations, Feb, well I don't really even remember it and now suddenly we are in the middle of March.  This month for me has been full of work and has been good, I have been doing more card selling raising money for the school, my Governor commitments have been huge this month and I am reeling with the amount of reading and information I am having to take on board.  I feel like I haven't really seen the children as much as normal but then that is not always a bad thing because they are being equally stimulated and challenged in their environment.  And to top it off, I looked in my diary today to kind of figure out the rest of the month and realised Bill goes away next Thursday!!  That's right folks, he is away for 10 days in Taipei for a worldwide work conference.  My gorgeous hard working, loyal American husband is representing GB professionals in his field...He even has to wear GB kit.!!!!  So funny, but I tell you what, he is majorly excited.  I am excited for him too, but for me, not so much.  During the week it is fine him being away, normally he has left the house before the kids are downstairs and not back till they are in bed, so apart from the adult conversation after 7pm nothing really changes there...BUT, he is away for 2 weekends....not quite so nice.  You are in no mans land on the weekend, you can't really see anyone as they are all having family time and really do feel a bit like 'Billy no mates!'  Anyway, I CANNOT complain, it is 10 days not months like some of my blogging buddies go thru with their deployed partners,  but for me, it is VERY unusual!.

Anyway, that is me.  William is in a football tournament tomorrow which should be fun to watch after school and I am planning on going to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel with my movie girlfriend.  We try to go once a month but not sure we managed it is Feb????

What are you all up too???

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Izzy, Rainbows and Sushi x

So..... I got given some money from my Church girlfirends and some from family...I really wasn't sure what to use it for, but then I decided!  I bought myself a bike...all the kids have one and you know Bill and his I would like you all to meet Izzy..I didn't name her, Bill did!!  Sorry the picture isn't brilliant, but you get the idea!  She's a bit retro and a really girly bike but I love her!
 Another cute thing that has happened recently is the girls got enrolled in Rainbows!  They were so excited and love taking part on a Friday night with all the activities....xx  Bless them xx
My other new discovery is Sushi...I always wanted to try it but wanted to go with friends that knew what they were ordering.  Anyway, for Bill's birthday we went to the local Sushi place, had a FAB meal and found they did take out!!! Woo Hoo....this was last friday nights treat, all while watching a movie!! 
Hope this week is treating you all well, we are all good here.  The sun has been shining and it is unseasonably warm and spring like considering it is only 1st March...but hey I'll take it over snow any day!