Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Oh My Goodness!

We have done soooooo much here. Hubbys parents come in tomorrow and I have spent the whole day cleaning with a friend of mine, bless her she is so wonderful and I just love her. I finished the decorating in the living room and haven't bothered with our room. Bubbs room is now for our guests and it looks lovely and welcoming.

Probably won't blog much over next 2 weeks but will fill you all in soon

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Normal life resumes

Anyone out there doing Rick Warrens 40 days of Community. We are in our women's group and I am loving it...just interested on others' views.

Had a governors meeting this evening, it is always really great but also really draining. There is so much positive stuff happening at the school but also there is the reality of the type of area that the school serves. I suppose in my naive state I just can't imagine life like some of the pupils endure and my continuing need to pray is highlighted to me.

Children are being lovely at the moment. It helps that we are enjoying some particularly gorgeous weather and playing outside is a joy. Bubbs seems to be doing really well with school and it is lovely when he reads us his book....my child is learning to read and it is so wonderful watching his little face when he finishes a story. He read the Very Hungry Caterpillar to the girlies last night and obviously couldn't read it all but you could see him actually reading the words he recognised and then saying the rest from memory but he loved it. He especially liked it when Jim Jam took over and carried on from memory too, he kept saying how clever she was as she had learnt to read. Bless him.

I am beginning to panic a bit with my in laws coming to stay, it is only a week away now. I am putting immense pressure on myself in my head of all the things I want done before they arrive. As you may know Jen and I started to decorate last week, well it is still in the same state as we left it due to laziness and Hubby or I being out. But there are so many other things I want done for my own piece of mind but if I thought rationally would realise they really don't matter. I just want them to have a wonderful time and I know they will with the children and that is the whole reason they are coming, not to see whether or not I have cleaned the loos!!

Wow, carried on a bit there didn't I. Anyway on another note, I am doing the Race for Life in May and have put a sponsorship button up if anyone is interested.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009


First of all can I say what an amazing job my Hubby did looking after the children for the whole weekend which included 2 school runs. My friend J looked after him at the weekend too so a MASSIVE thank you to them all so that I could go away!!

To start with we had to leave really early in the morning our flight was at 745am. My childfree time started early. My mum and dad met us at the airport and we went straight into Toulouse for a bit of shopping and lunch.....this is the first 2 pix!! How happy do I look

We arrived at the house and I was blown away. Hubby and I were there when mum and dad signed for it and it was a wreck, a charming one but a wreck none the less. Wow they have done soooo much. I am so proud of them both but especially dad. He is not a carpenter but has done so much woodwork he could be. He is not a plumber but has put in several bathrooms. He is not a kitchen fitter but theirs is AMAZING and he did it. The list goes on he is brilliant, that is not to say that mum has just sat about doing nothing all the personal bits go to her. I loved it...see the few pix below of outside.

This next one is our first jug of Pimms. It was such great weather we sat outside most of the time. Sis and I went to bed really early and would have gotten to sleep early too if we hadn't had a fit of the giggles!

Gorgeous sunset

Saturday morning starts with tea in bed brought to us by Dad and we were joined by mum and we just sat and chatted for ages not having to do anything. LOVELY

Saturday bought more sunshine, a singing tribute to mum and dad from some friends for their anniversary and more Pimms. We went to a pottery and dropped in on my cousins who then joined us for a bbq later on. Perfect.

Part of the singing tribute...
I was obviously having so much fun after this that I didn't seem to take anymore pix. We had a the same on sunday morning. Bliss. Then went to my Aunt and Uncles for a great dinner in honor of my mum and dads ruby wedding anniversary. On the way home we stopped in on some more of m and d's friends for a drink and game of table skittles...so much fun. We did have to get up really early, 330am,m to get home but it was so worth it.
I can't remember the last time Clare and I spent any time with mum and dad without any distractions and I would love to make a yearly thing.
Thank you to mum, dad, Clare especially for driving me to the airport and back, Hubby - you are a star especially with the poo incident and for my children for being so good for daddy

Friday, 13 March 2009


My sis and I are here. I will take lots of photos and post them later on when I am home but we are having a lovely time and mum and dad are really excited.


Tuesday, 10 March 2009


I finally started the painting projects last night. I flippantly mentioned it to Jen and said if she wanted to have a fun night she could join me....how pleased was I when she showed up. Bless her she is just great. We got quite alot done, the fireplace wall (feature colour) is done, and so is most of the cutting in. I still have one and half walls to do but this involves moving a bookcase upstairs and I didn't really think this through as there is no way Hubby and I can do it ourselves and I keep forgetting that I am away on Friday till Monday with my sister so think this may take a while.

Girlies are finally all better we had a lovely weekend, Dan and Chloe came for the day Sunday and we had such a lovely relaxing time it was great.

Off to my mum and dads this weekend for their Ruby Wedding anniversary. My sister and I are going by ourselves...I cannot remember the last time just the 4 of us spent time together, all of us can't wait. Maybe Hubby can though as he is being left with the children from Fri to Mon morning. He has to do 2 school runs and the weekend. He loves me very much I am very lucky

Friday, 6 March 2009

Pink Eyes

Just a short one to update everyone.

I have left my guilt at the door just in case anyone was interested!!

Hubby is off work now too as he has it too. But, we are all getting better slowly but surely which is great.

Not going to do much this weekend so hopefully be all up to strength again by monday.


Tuesday, 3 March 2009

A Mothers intuition and a Mothers guilt!!

That's right, all in one day.

My day started ok, we slept most of the night only woken a couple of times by Bubbs wanting a drink....not sure why. But that did mean that the girlies slept for the first time in a couple of weeks.

Jim Jam woke quite happy with no snot trails on her face, Moodle on the other hand had such a horrible case of pink eye it looks like she had been beaten. It was also nursery day. I made the decision early on that neither of them were going to go, mostly because I didn't really want to have to go out again at 12 to pick them up but also because Moodle really couldn't and Jim Jam had been ill for the week and even though she was better it was nice to have her home and better.

On the way back from dropping Bubbs at school with my friend Jen I meet one of my other friends taking her daughter to nursery. Between us all we decide that Jim Jam should go as she looks and is acting fine. So, out of the pram she hops and off she goes. I then go home and convince myself that I have been making excuses for her and I am actually worried about separating them. More on this later. It's raining at pick up so I take the car and my friend to collect our girls. When I get there I meet the head outside who tells me Jim Jam has fallen asleep and do I want to go straight in to get her. Once in the car she won't talk to me...I know she is only 2 but I swear she was ignoring me!!!!!

We get home and she proceeds to scream and cry for the about an hour when eventually we all 3 of us crash on the sofa and fall asleep...the girls end up sleeping for 2 1/2 hours and when they wake up Jim Jam is no happier. She is now pulling at both ears and one of them is leaky....the guilt builds from here.

Call and get an emergency appt for 545pm, call Jen to have her look after Bubbs for a bit longer, he goes swimming with her on a Tues eve thank goodness and try to keep Jim Jam happy till docs.

Come out of docs with antibiotics for Jim Jam and eye drops for Moodle. Get to Jens burst into tears, other friend Vicky also there, she goes to get scripts for me, I take kids home and medicated once Vix comes back with them and supper..God bless my friends, thank you Lord.
I had actually already put a lasagne in the oven that another friend had given me yesterday, again I am soooo blessed.
Anyway, long story short....listen to that intuition any mothers out there.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Won't let a week go by!

Girlies are still sick, Moodle now has pink eye to add to it all, Jim Jam was feeling better today but still slept for 2 hours this morning so she is obviously still suffering. Not being able to go out has been hard but I have as always been blessed with great friends. Jennie looked after Bubbs most days after school last week so I didn't have to come out with the girls and a new friend from church came and spent a couple of afternoons with me. So even though it was a poor week for health a great one was had for friends. I am always so thankful for them.

On Saturday Bubbs and I went out for the day by ourselves leaving Daddy with the girls. I had forgotten just how gorgeous he is by himself. We went to visit my sister and BiL as they are moving in the next couple of months so though I would make the most of being able to go up so easily. It was lovely, Bubbs and I chatted in the car on the way and he had a nice time with them. He loves going there and I am hoping he can get another sleep over with them before they move as I think he might miss those. We also stopped in on my grandparents. They are 88 and 90 but you wouldn't know it. Bubbs took he school certificates and reading book in his school bag for them to see and was so proud showing them off and telling them what they were for, he soon lost interest when it came to his reading book and suddenly was desperate for Lego! Grandma Nee Naa was quite happy to do that though and they had great fun building a house and a couple of cars while Grampie and I chatted while watching for squirrels in the garden.
Sunday was church which was a family service and our friend Mark (Moodles Godfather) did the sermon, I think it was his first one and I have to say he was brilliant and all very relevant so I am really looking forward to the next one. There was a continental breakfast after which is so lovely as you can catch up with people you don't always see and the team in the kitchen do such a fantastic job we as a church are incredibly lucky especially in the current financial situation.

We had some friends round for afternoon tea, I have become friends with the wife and Hubby got to meet her husband so nice for everyone as they are new to our church so great to know that they can come in and recognise some more faces.

I'm off to bed now as I am soooo tired looking after this kids!!