Wednesday, 30 November 2011


I'm off to Paris tomorrow so watch out for pix next week.  I am so excited.   A weekend with my sister, no children till Sunday and fun.  Praying Bill and the kids have a peaceful weekend here, I am sure they will.  Our church is hosting a lunch on Sunday which I have bought tickets for and he is going into the girls classes on Friday to talk about Thanksgiving. 

Clare is already on the train up here from Penzance, so all is good.


Saturday, 26 November 2011

So it continues.........

So, I'm still on my Dukan journey...well, as much as I can be anyway.

I've lost another 1lb, which totals 10 so far.  I didn't do it at all while my moomin was here and it has been a bit of challenge getting back to it..   I was talking with my diet buddy and we were looking ahead at Christmas and how it is going to be so hard with all the things we have got coming up and I've decided to do Dukan as much as I can during the week when nothing is going on.  The main problem I, well we, have with it, is that mostly it is meat which is fine and alot of it is cold.  With winter closing in that just doesn't cut it.  I am changing my lunches to low cal soups as well as lots of protein to hopefully stop me reaching out for carbs.....

The past week or so has been busy with Phoenix events which have all been great and I'm really enjoying doing more of them..I've got my plans set for next year which is good.  I've been Curving too, which I know is helping with toning me up.  I put on an outfit I haven't worn in a while and it felt good as it fitted much better than the last time I wore it.  I figure slow but steady......xx

The weather here has been really weird...this time last year we were in snow, this year it's still 10 deg most days!  Cannot get my head round it at all and am just waiting for the cold weather to arrive.  It is typical I actually bought the children snow boots too!

School is kicking up into the next gear till the Christmas with kids nativity plays and performances and consultations and school fairs.....they are going to be exhausted by the time the holidays hit but I really love this time of year.  So far, the girls have shared all the songs they are going to be singing and I have to say they are sooooo cute xx

Not much else is happening with us, Bill work, me kids, kids school......what a life huh!  But you know what, I wouldn't swap it for the world....ESPECIALLY as I get to go to Paris next week with my is my 40th birthday present from blessed am I....actually can't contain my excitement, can you tell xxx  Worth turning 40 for I say xx
Till next time xxxx

Thursday, 17 November 2011

A little bit of moomin

2 weeks ago I was on the phone to my mum saying that Bill was going away for nearly a week with work and man, I was busy with Phoenix.....did she fancy coming to stay and give me a hand.......

Nothing unusual with that for most people I should imagine EXCEPT, my mum is petrified of flying!  I would never have expected her to come and only really said it in jest.  I went on with my day, kids school run, Curves, errands then came home about lunch time to listen to 2 messages saying give her a call.....I did....and she asked me to pick her up at the airport the next evening!!!!!  I was beyond excited and so pleased for her.  Well, 2 weeks has passed, way to quickly and she is now back in France.....having flown home by herself!  I am so proud of her for doing this and really, really hope that she now knows in her heart that she can do it again, she may hate it but she knows it is now possible.  It was sooo lovely having her here, it made the week Bill was away doable, I really didn't want to have to turn work down and knowing the kids were with her was so much nicer and easier than having to land them with my very kind friends.  Also, we got to do lots of Christmas shopping and coffee and breakfasts out, which has just been lovely.

I love you moomin and can't wait for you to come again.   Again, I am sooo proud of you and Thank you xxxxx

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Wow, it been ages!

I was doing so well for a while, wasn't I!!!

Been so busy for the last couple of weeks.  So much been going on.  Work has been awesome, I've set up a FB page for it, done lots of parties and got a big fair this weekend.  Still looking for traders, esp overseas if anyone reading this is interested in joining me.  Bill is away this week in Brussels with work and I asked my mum to come to England to help as I was really busy.  Now anyone reading this who knows my mum will wonder how on earth that would happen as she doesn't fly!!!  Well, she is happily ensconsed beside my cross stitching!!!!  She flew.   I am soooo proud of her and it is so lovely having her as company and back up for the kids while Bill away and I am working.  It is typical that my busiest week is the one when Bill is away!

Still doing the Dukan and curving, so far lost 9lbs and 10 inches all over.  Getting bored of Dukan so am going to adapt it a bit, by just cutting out the carb part but still doing it.    Really hoping I can loose a bit more before Paris xxxx


Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Wedding Days - part 2

Thought I'd post some wedding pix as they take me back to this time 15 years ago!!!!

I know we look young and comments on FB have reminded me of that but we were that young!!!

Enjoy, I've certainly enjoyed looking at them again x

Doing the deed!

Our Wedding party x

With my mum and dad

With my new in laws


Bill and his best man, Tom

Can't remember what he was saying but I seem happy

Me and my dad!

Our gorgeous cake x

Bill and I x

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Wedding Days!

15 years ago tomorrow, Bill and I got married!

I absolutely adore him....even when we get snippy with each other :-) and cannot imagine life without him!  We got married quickly, there was no mucking around for us.  We started dating in January '96, got engaged in July and then married in Nov.  I knew! 

We don't go in for gift buying as we never have any money spare as it is so close to Christmas!  Today though was different!  Bill came home from work early, nothing weird there and gave me these:

And then he gave me this:

They are absolutely gorgeous and sit so beautifully.  I don't think I have had such stunning jewellery ever!  They could be used on a wedding day!  
Thank you gorgeous, I love you more now than I did then and I am blessed to have such a loving, wonderful husband and father to our children xxxx

BTW, the reason I got them today rather than tomorrow is because he gets up earlier than the kids and wanted them to see me open them....xx bless xx

Oh and I am wearing them right now!

Half Term madness!!

We had a wonderful half term.  Here's a quick rundown and then some pix
Saturday - Haircuts for all the kids - they hadn't been done since before the summer!
Sunday - Church and movie day
Monday - spent day with gorg friend Caro and her family
Tuesday - Bill and William went to Museum of London to check out Roman stuff and girlies had a birthday party
Weds - Cornwall till Saturday night - see pix
Sunday - Church and Twins club Autumn fancy dress party

All the above was lovely, we are suitably tired and I for one was ready for the kids to go back to school just for a break but it was so wonderful spending time as a family and hanging out with Clare and Kenny too.  Weds was the drive down and a lovely walk to park and seafront, Thursday it was raining so we got to see Cars 2, Friday we went to the beach with my cousin and his family which are what the pix are off, I couldn't post anymore as they were all of naked children, it was that warm....freaky and Saturday was swimming!! then drive home!


Dukan update

Half term was wonderful, pictures in another post......

Dukan however was not so easy!  To cut a long story short I put on 3lbs but this morning when I weighed in I had managed to get most of it off and am only a lb away from my last weigh in.  If I can loose 1lb this week I will be happy as I am back on my way!!!

That will only happen if I stick to it!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll keep you posted!!