Monday, 23 April 2012

A few pix

Just a few pix of what we have been up to recently.  William got to go rock climing as a school trip about challenging yourself, he LOVED it xx
Before the rain set in over the Easter holidays we spent a fab day at Bedgebury with some friends and the kids spent about 2 hours in this ditch digging out stones to see who could get the biggest pile!!  They had a blast as did us mums x

We also caved and bought a trampoline, or rather I should say I sold lots of cards and bought one....if Phoenix pays for stuff like this I'll be happy xx
Another shot of the Bedgebury day, Jaime on the swing x
William and Harry in the infamous ditch digging!

We had a great Easter break, we went to see my sister and hubby with my mum for the long weekend and it was lovely, we managed to get to the beach front on the first day as the weather was kind to us...We always have fun there and the kids had a blast.  Once home just chilled and did fun park runs alot of the time as the weather was ok but not great.  All back to school now so trying to catch up with housework and other chores... I decided this holiday to not bother even trying to keep the place tidy while the kids are off, it really isn't worth it and I miss out on all the other things we could be doing... I didn't choose to be a SAHM just to do housework!! 

It's raining again here, typical really as the rain started the day after the hose pipe ban was announced.  But gots lots to catch up so I'm off...Happy reading xx