Wednesday, 30 November 2011


I'm off to Paris tomorrow so watch out for pix next week.  I am so excited.   A weekend with my sister, no children till Sunday and fun.  Praying Bill and the kids have a peaceful weekend here, I am sure they will.  Our church is hosting a lunch on Sunday which I have bought tickets for and he is going into the girls classes on Friday to talk about Thanksgiving. 

Clare is already on the train up here from Penzance, so all is good.


Saturday, 26 November 2011

So it continues.........

So, I'm still on my Dukan journey...well, as much as I can be anyway.

I've lost another 1lb, which totals 10 so far.  I didn't do it at all while my moomin was here and it has been a bit of challenge getting back to it..   I was talking with my diet buddy and we were looking ahead at Christmas and how it is going to be so hard with all the things we have got coming up and I've decided to do Dukan as much as I can during the week when nothing is going on.  The main problem I, well we, have with it, is that mostly it is meat which is fine and alot of it is cold.  With winter closing in that just doesn't cut it.  I am changing my lunches to low cal soups as well as lots of protein to hopefully stop me reaching out for carbs.....

The past week or so has been busy with Phoenix events which have all been great and I'm really enjoying doing more of them..I've got my plans set for next year which is good.  I've been Curving too, which I know is helping with toning me up.  I put on an outfit I haven't worn in a while and it felt good as it fitted much better than the last time I wore it.  I figure slow but steady......xx

The weather here has been really weird...this time last year we were in snow, this year it's still 10 deg most days!  Cannot get my head round it at all and am just waiting for the cold weather to arrive.  It is typical I actually bought the children snow boots too!

School is kicking up into the next gear till the Christmas with kids nativity plays and performances and consultations and school fairs.....they are going to be exhausted by the time the holidays hit but I really love this time of year.  So far, the girls have shared all the songs they are going to be singing and I have to say they are sooooo cute xx

Not much else is happening with us, Bill work, me kids, kids school......what a life huh!  But you know what, I wouldn't swap it for the world....ESPECIALLY as I get to go to Paris next week with my is my 40th birthday present from blessed am I....actually can't contain my excitement, can you tell xxx  Worth turning 40 for I say xx
Till next time xxxx

Thursday, 17 November 2011

A little bit of moomin

2 weeks ago I was on the phone to my mum saying that Bill was going away for nearly a week with work and man, I was busy with Phoenix.....did she fancy coming to stay and give me a hand.......

Nothing unusual with that for most people I should imagine EXCEPT, my mum is petrified of flying!  I would never have expected her to come and only really said it in jest.  I went on with my day, kids school run, Curves, errands then came home about lunch time to listen to 2 messages saying give her a call.....I did....and she asked me to pick her up at the airport the next evening!!!!!  I was beyond excited and so pleased for her.  Well, 2 weeks has passed, way to quickly and she is now back in France.....having flown home by herself!  I am so proud of her for doing this and really, really hope that she now knows in her heart that she can do it again, she may hate it but she knows it is now possible.  It was sooo lovely having her here, it made the week Bill was away doable, I really didn't want to have to turn work down and knowing the kids were with her was so much nicer and easier than having to land them with my very kind friends.  Also, we got to do lots of Christmas shopping and coffee and breakfasts out, which has just been lovely.

I love you moomin and can't wait for you to come again.   Again, I am sooo proud of you and Thank you xxxxx

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Wow, it been ages!

I was doing so well for a while, wasn't I!!!

Been so busy for the last couple of weeks.  So much been going on.  Work has been awesome, I've set up a FB page for it, done lots of parties and got a big fair this weekend.  Still looking for traders, esp overseas if anyone reading this is interested in joining me.  Bill is away this week in Brussels with work and I asked my mum to come to England to help as I was really busy.  Now anyone reading this who knows my mum will wonder how on earth that would happen as she doesn't fly!!!  Well, she is happily ensconsed beside my cross stitching!!!!  She flew.   I am soooo proud of her and it is so lovely having her as company and back up for the kids while Bill away and I am working.  It is typical that my busiest week is the one when Bill is away!

Still doing the Dukan and curving, so far lost 9lbs and 10 inches all over.  Getting bored of Dukan so am going to adapt it a bit, by just cutting out the carb part but still doing it.    Really hoping I can loose a bit more before Paris xxxx


Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Wedding Days - part 2

Thought I'd post some wedding pix as they take me back to this time 15 years ago!!!!

I know we look young and comments on FB have reminded me of that but we were that young!!!

Enjoy, I've certainly enjoyed looking at them again x

Doing the deed!

Our Wedding party x

With my mum and dad

With my new in laws


Bill and his best man, Tom

Can't remember what he was saying but I seem happy

Me and my dad!

Our gorgeous cake x

Bill and I x

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Wedding Days!

15 years ago tomorrow, Bill and I got married!

I absolutely adore him....even when we get snippy with each other :-) and cannot imagine life without him!  We got married quickly, there was no mucking around for us.  We started dating in January '96, got engaged in July and then married in Nov.  I knew! 

We don't go in for gift buying as we never have any money spare as it is so close to Christmas!  Today though was different!  Bill came home from work early, nothing weird there and gave me these:

And then he gave me this:

They are absolutely gorgeous and sit so beautifully.  I don't think I have had such stunning jewellery ever!  They could be used on a wedding day!  
Thank you gorgeous, I love you more now than I did then and I am blessed to have such a loving, wonderful husband and father to our children xxxx

BTW, the reason I got them today rather than tomorrow is because he gets up earlier than the kids and wanted them to see me open them....xx bless xx

Oh and I am wearing them right now!

Half Term madness!!

We had a wonderful half term.  Here's a quick rundown and then some pix
Saturday - Haircuts for all the kids - they hadn't been done since before the summer!
Sunday - Church and movie day
Monday - spent day with gorg friend Caro and her family
Tuesday - Bill and William went to Museum of London to check out Roman stuff and girlies had a birthday party
Weds - Cornwall till Saturday night - see pix
Sunday - Church and Twins club Autumn fancy dress party

All the above was lovely, we are suitably tired and I for one was ready for the kids to go back to school just for a break but it was so wonderful spending time as a family and hanging out with Clare and Kenny too.  Weds was the drive down and a lovely walk to park and seafront, Thursday it was raining so we got to see Cars 2, Friday we went to the beach with my cousin and his family which are what the pix are off, I couldn't post anymore as they were all of naked children, it was that warm....freaky and Saturday was swimming!! then drive home!


Dukan update

Half term was wonderful, pictures in another post......

Dukan however was not so easy!  To cut a long story short I put on 3lbs but this morning when I weighed in I had managed to get most of it off and am only a lb away from my last weigh in.  If I can loose 1lb this week I will be happy as I am back on my way!!!

That will only happen if I stick to it!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll keep you posted!!

Friday, 21 October 2011

A week on!!

Sorry for lack of blogging just really busy!!

We are still on Dukan, it's hard but worth it.  I lost another 2lbs this week so half a stone so far for my UK readers!!  Haven't found any amazing meals to tell you about, it is pretty much the same thing day in and day out!!  We did do the school quiz, I ate the fish, no batter and about 8 chips and then we were back on it!  Bill is still doing it too and that really helps!

Half term is now upon us so it is going to be harder with the children at home but it is not going to stop me.  I have come this far and am not going to waste it...By my 40th, I'd like to be at goal!

Been curving lots this week which is awesome and working too so not much free time.  Went for a farewell lunch with a dear friend today, I am gonna miss her so much even though she is only moving an hour away and we have only known each 4 ish years, we have been thru soo much together it will be strange and it won't be till she leaves that I will realise just how much I see her and depend on her.  Love you Rach xx (I know you are reading this and see you on the 20th)

I'll keep you posted on the Dukan thing but probably not much this week as going to see my sis on weds til sat and so won't weigh in till Nov xxxx

Friday, 14 October 2011

Drum roll please!!!!!!!!!!

Posting early as out tonight!!!!!

I did the attack phase for 4 days and lost 5 and 3/4 lbs!!!!!  So pleased, Bill lost half a pound more but we are stoked.

Out for dinner tonight but can't drink as on antibiotics so no wasted calories there and really looking forward to it.

It's a beautiful day here, blue skies and sunshine and just turning cooler into Autumn weather.  Love it.

The world in our place is really good right now we are truly blessed.  Thanks for bearing with me if anyone is still reading......

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Day 4!

I know these posts are probably quite boring but I need to write down what I eat and how I'm feeling for me really so just indulge me!!

Comfort eating. - so not kicked it's butt yet but got a feeling I am due on any day now as my mood is THROUGH THE ROOF!!!  Watch out kids and Bill you always get the brunt of it.  I love you really x

Breakfast - Dukan galette - yummy and cup of decaff tea
Green tea from Starbucks, I think I am converted to this from here now until the red cups come out
Lunch - scrambled eggs (2) with smoked salmon.  Put a bit too much salmon in to be honest!!!  Didn't think I would ever say that......and a big glass of water
No snacks but really struggled at tea time. - Didn't give in though
Supper - the best yet.  skinless boneless chicken thigh fillets wrapped in lean bacon and baked with FF fromage frais instead of mayo!!!!   Soooooooooo good, both Bill and I agree this hands down!!

Again, not hungry at all just feel the need to eat out of comfort!!

Managed to get to Curves again which I'm really pleased about, even though my sinuses were still sore but wasn't going to let that stop me!!!

Thanks for the indulgence

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Day 3!!

I'm not all....but man I comfort eat.....

If I don't loose much weight then this will at least be a psychological lesson for me on my eating habits!

Giving the kids tea is the hardest bit.  Especially as they now have school dinners so I just give them a light tea, sandwiches, fruit, cucumber, tomatoes etc, all really easy things to pick up and snack on....BUT, I have been strong so far and not succumbed.  I try to either have a cup of tea or a diet coke to ease my cravings...hard but hoping it will be worth it.  I have seen a cute little corduroy skirt which will look lovely with my gorg boots I bought last year and I'm hoping to be in it comfortably by beginning of Dec for Paris.

Food today:
Breakfast - fat free fromage frais mixed with sugar free jelly and a slice of Dukan bread ( so not bread but not bad, at least has a sort of texture)
Lemon and ginger tea at church, I abstained from the AMAZING brownies there
Lunch - packet of prawns with hard boiled egg and mustard/ff fromage frais dip.  - not bad actually.  Large glass of water and my new antibiotics!
Supper - baked mackerel with same dip, diet coke and ff fromage frais and sf jelly for pud.  It is really nice to have something sweet

Going to try to get to curves tomorrow if sinuses allow.  Looking forward to it.

On normal things, work is suddenly going crazy.  I have one week in Nov where I have 5 jobs and get this Bill is away all week....actually having child care issues but hopefully will be able to sort them soon.  It will be lovely to really get going on this and they should lead to more bookings as well which I am really stoked about....

Kids are all doing well, all seem to be over the cold now which is lovely.  And everyone enjoying school with no major issues to report which is good.

I weigh in on Friday morning so will let you know how the Attack stage has gone!!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Dukan Day 2

It's not been too bad...Haven't felt hungry but was really craving sugar once I'd picked the kids up.  I had diet coke while they had their snack and that took the edge off.  It doesn't help that my sinuses are still really hurting as I just want to comfort eat!!  The actual food isn't the hard part, it's actually quite easy, for me it is the reaction to snack!

I am going to kick this though, I had my first workout at Curves this morning and REALLY enjoyed it, can't wait to go again.  Will try again tomorrow if there is time.

Menu today? 
Breakfast - sweet galette, yummy,
had green tea at Starbucks with friends who gave me a 70% dark choc bar which I have stored away for a later date, talk about willpower.... I was desperate!!!
Lunch - Smoked mackeral with a couple of pickled onions and a hard boiled egg!!  (smelly huh)
Supper - beef which had been slowly cooking in crockpot since 7am. 

The beef was hardest to eat as just meat does get quite dry even with lovely broth!  I have made Dukan bread though, so we'll see how that fits into life tomorrow. 

Bill is doing this with me and the only thing I am worried about is the fact that he is going to lose more than me alot quicker.....but as long as I am loosing I can't complain!

Back tomorrow

Monday, 10 October 2011

A date with Dukan!

Well, Bill and I have made it through our first Dukan day!  It was amazingly good.  Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon for breakfast, roast chicken with a dodgy homemade mayo (bleurgh), lots of water, some crabsticks for snacks and for dinner a Dukan gallette with smoked mackrel!  So far so good!! 

I rejoined Curves today too and am planning on jogging there from school then working out....I am actually really excited about it. 

Not much else to say really, delivered some more orders and catalogues which is fab and did a bit of work round the house. 

I'll keep you posted on how I'm getting on food wise :-)

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Feeling better for the weekend!!

William went back to school on Thursday and it he definitely feeling better but still really tired!  I on the other hand still have cracking sinuses and a horrid chest.  It is amazing how I can go from running 6 miles one week to not even being able to get up the stairs and do the school run the next!!  They are still really painful but it didn't stop me having a great weekend.

Thurs and Fri I spent catching up on work and house cleaning with a girlfriend and we also watched a couple of chick flicks which was such a guilty pleasure!  On Friday afternoon our gorgeous friend Jim and Emma came for the weekend.  I love having them come down as they are the easiest house guests and the kids LOVE having them stay.  The weather stayed fairly nice, Jim, Bill and William went to see Tunbridge Wells play football at the local ground which was fun, girlies had a birthday party and today we went to church, had a roast dinner then headed to the common to play on the rocks.  We all had a fab time and we are just now waiting to hear that J and E got home safe, they had a 4 hour drive!

Tomorrow, Bill and I are embarking on a new eating plan.  We are joining the Dukan revolution!!  It is kind of like Atkins so we'll see how we go!!  Lots of meat and eggs!!!!  Mmmm, can't wait...Thinking of rejoining Curves, I do love that gym and really miss it.  I could manage to go much more easily now the children are all at school.  I need something fun to do!!

Got a bit of work to do this week too which is great and basically just catching up on last week without bending over too much as that is agony!


Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Sick, sick, sick!!

I didn't get a cold last year, not one that was more than a runny nose anyway!  Man, am I paying for it now.  Both William and I are poorly.  William has an ear infection and is now on antibiotics but even woke up today with croup and a temperature.  I on the other hand have a horrid head cold with a sore chest thrown in!

It does mean this week has been thrown to the dogs.  W is off school and I am hanging out with him on the sofa nursing both of us....Girlies and Bill bless them are going on normally.  It has meant my list has come to a halt apart from Phoenixing.  My order from the party came today and I've already unpacked it and delivered some of them on the school run.  Gotta love how I can fit this into my life, however poorly!

Haven't run in a week, can barely walk without wheezing and can't imagine trying to run.  I really need to get my running mojo back, I've lost it somewhere and have no idea where to look for it!  I've just ordered the Dukan Diet book, well you know me, I'll try anything once and it was only a fiver.  My friend started it this week and I'm going to join her!  I am such a sucker for diets, anything to help me feel better and more confident about myself is worth a go in my book..Basically, it's a protein only, then protein and veg thing with these weird oatbran things thrown in according to said friend!!  I'll keep you posted on this then!  Can't start it till Monday as have Jim and Emma here for the weekend.  I'm really hoping we are all feeling better for them or they will be in for a rotten weekend!

Anyway, I've been going on for a while now so I'll cough and splutter my way out of here...xx

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Sunshine and New cards!!

Woke up to sunshine this morning and 25 degrees!!  Crazy isn't it, Saturday is October 1st!  This makes for a lovely walk to school and a great run in the shade on the Groombridge trail with a good friend. 

The rest of my week has been going well, I've been getting more jobs done and Bill and I got the shed and garden tidied at the weekend.  A trip to the tip and charity shop makes for a very happy mummy and daddy!!  I'm loving getting on top of stuff finally. 

I've got my first major Open house for Phoenix tomorrow, I have invited lots of people and am really hoping that it goes well.  What with the trip to Disney and now having to get US passports for the children before we even book tickets we really need the money.  I was worried about doing it at the end of Sept as on 1st October the next new release  is out but today I got an email from Head office to say that the products are ready to order early and the supplement is available to download now!!  Wow, I've checked it out and think it is the best one to date!!  I love my job!!!!

Got loads to do for the event tomorrow but have the whole day to do it and after school because William is at Beavers and my lovely neighbour is having the girls for tea....gotta love great friends. 

I'm leaving you with my weblink so you can check out all the lovely new cards!!  Feel free to order!!

Friday, 23 September 2011

A job done!

I can mark Kitchen off my list of things to do!!!!  Woo hoo!!

Poor Millie has had croup the last couple of nights.  I kept her off school yesterday but sent her in today, I'm praying I've done the right thing but also think that they are all really tired.  William is still crying at the drop of a hat and I'm finding it hard, I want him to thrive at school but really not sure he is.  He is on the edge of some friendship groups at the minute and he hasn't found his footing yet with anyone in particular.  He comes home saying he hasn't played with anyone and it really hurts!  I pray for him to be happy and contented and wanting to learn!  Man, being a parent is hard isn't it!

As for the rest of my's gone better.  I've got lots of little jobs done and am still going strong...I ran on weds and it was lovely and enjoyable  woo hoo!!

Here's to the weekend

Monday, 19 September 2011

First full day and I'm full of good intentions.......

I have my list.  In fact, I have a list just for this week!  Blogging was one thing on it so after this I can check my first thing off.  BUT!  Mmmm, where do I start..I'm feeling lost...I have spent so long as a full time mum I'm scared of the thought of having this time to catch up..  I know, I know you only have to look back at the posts of how hard I was finding it when they were little to remind me that I was waiting to this time.  BUT...I still feel empty.  I want so much to have a tidy house and to run more and to Phoenix more but's just not there...I'm looking at my hideous desk and can't actually work out where to start, I look in my kitchen and see the mess but can't work out where to put everything.  I look at my catalogues and know I have to dress them and price up all my gorgeous Christmas stock ready for my Open house next week but just can't bring myself to do it.....Why???  My heart starts beating faster than normal, I feel guilty for feeling like this but I feel at such a loss!!!  I NEVER thought this would be how I would feel...not in a million years...I've been to laid back about them starting, I got them all second hand uniform, pe bags that don't match,. drinks bottles that leak...maybe I was subconsciously not letting myself do it properly like all the other mums!!!

So, unsettled it is...however well my children are settling in, I will go with UNsettled for me!!  I long for my children to enjoy school and learn so much about themselves and the is their oyster after all.  I will be there to pick them up when they come out, there to kiss them and cuddle them because they miss me and there to feed them, bathe them and snuggle them into bed but I need to find me in all of this..I am no longer a mum with children at home, I am free with restrictions from 9am till 250pm!!

Answers to all this jumble on the back of a postcard please!!!!

Friday, 16 September 2011


Dinner is in the oven and I have half an hour to blog!  Kids are having a flop in front of the TV as they are all shattered.  Man, going back to school and starting school is wiping us all out. 

We've all had tears this week, but only once each.  Millie, going into school, William in the playground at lunch when he saw me picking up the girls and Jaime, randomly when I picked her up on weds?  ~Overall though everything is going well.  Girls go full time on Monday and I am anticipating alot of tiredness and quite few tears!!

I've managed to get loads of work done this week, lots of orders from France are now winging their way way to Cornwall for mum and dad to take back with them.  I've organised an Open House here to launch Christmas and get the ball rolling.  We are saving to go to DisneyLand Summer 2012 so I need to make some serious cash!  If anyone out there is reading this and they want to join my team, drop me a line!

I'm finding the transition weird.  I somehow expected it to be all plain sailing and didn't anticipate wobbles from Jaime but they've happened and now I'm not sure what I am supposed to be doing.  This week has been odd as they have only been there till 1pm, so not enough time to get stuck into too much but I have managed to do most of my desk and am getting there, so check one off my list!

This weekend is Rain, Rain, Rain.  But, to be honest considering how busy last weekend was it will be lovely to not do much at all!!  Movies, popcorn and lots of cuddles for all of us!  Oh and of course, Homework!!!  Man, William seems to be getting loads.  I'm sure it's really not that bad but when you are fighting the tiredness too it is HARD!

Till the next time

Monday, 12 September 2011

Birthday Princesses!!!

This weekend was awesome!  The girls party was brilliant thanks to Lizzie from school who was our party entertainer and my mum and dad who helped so much in the kitchen.  The girls had a blast even though they were shattered from being at school all week and still are now!   Here are a couple of pix to show you how it went.                                                                    Jaime here enjoying her party tea

One of my lovely parent friends is an amazing face painter, thanks Imo

Millie showing off her lovely face!

The tea party madness

The gorgeous new party dresses that nanny and grampie got them

Jaime on her new bike

Millie on her new bike

Mad present opening on actual birthday

Naughty cupcake for breakfast on birthday

This is what our dining room table looked like before the girls got to it.  The problem/bonus on having a big party is all the presents the children get.  It is lovely that everyone is sooo generous but I did feel rather uncomfortable seeing all the things they were given. 

On Sunday, we went to church in the morning then had my God parents round for lunch which was great and I think mum and dad enjoyed catching up with them too.  Mum, Sue, the girls and I nipped off to TKMaxx for a bit of dress shopping and the picture above is what we came out with.  I just love that shop!!

Mum and dad are gone now, off to my grandparents for a couple of days then my sisters for 2 weeks.  We won't get the pleasure of their company now till Christmas which seems ages away but I'm sure will come round really quickly.  Talking of Christmas, check out my website as all the Christmas stock is available now.  Feel free to place an order.

Still haven't managed to sort the rest of my conservatory yet.  Lots of going back and forth to school still as the girls not yet full time.  They did stay for lunch today though, which they loved but it did only give me an extra half an hour.  I'll bide my time, next week they are full time and I can really get cracking!!!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Day off!

Didn't do anything on my list but really enjoyed my morning!  Caught up with friends and ran errands.  Worked out what cakes I'm doing for the girls party on Saturday...cupcakes with pink fondant icing and a letter M for Millie and cupcakes with yellow fondant icing and a J for Jaime. They may be having a joint party but I really want them to have their own candles to blow out.  Still got quite a bit to do for the party, aiming to make the cakes tomorrow evening and ice them in the morning.  They are counting down the sleeps which isn't very many anymore.  Bill goes and picks their new bikes up as well, not sure where we are going to keep them until Sunday.  I really don't want them to see them before, I'm hoping the weather is going to be good enough for us to go for a bike ride after church and lunch. 

Nearly at the end of the first week of school, all going well so far.  All 3 kids are tired and there are more than the normal amount of moody tears at bathtime but all in all it is going well.  Next week the girls get to have lunch and they are super excited.  I had to choose what they were going to eat and it was hilarious hearing what they would say about the choices, it will be interesting to see what they say once they get to eat them :-)

This weekend will be mad, not sure I'll blog now till Sunday but will come with pix of party, cakes, bikes and basically general excitement.  I can't believe 5 years has gone by.  I sat the other night and looked back to 2008 when I started blogging, WOW, so much has gone on.  Seeing the pics were amazing, reading was hard but then it was lovely to see how far we/I had come.  I've made some great friends along the way and it put me back into wanting to blog again...the nights longer helps too.  But in reality, Facebook has as lot to answer to for me as it killed my posting.  I'm back now, probably not everyday but I need to do this! xx

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Strike One!!!!!

Or nearly!!  I got started with the help of mum and dad on the conservatory/office/phoenix stuff.  Dad built the shelves (gotta love Ikea) and I filled them..  Well it says nearly for a reason.  It is looking better but I still have a LONG way to go!  I did manage to get all my Phoenix stuff into one place, (the shelves) and mum seriously tidied the kids area she even separated boys and girls stuff so they have a set of shelves each and they can all now reach the things they want to play with which is quite exciting for all.  I do love it when tidying has been done because the kids come in and they seem to think they have all new toys.....not true they are just able to get to them and can see the ones they buried months ago :-)

Tomorrow, I'm having the morning off and meeting some girlfriends for coffee.  2 of us will have no children with us, 2 with but only littlies.  I haven't caught up with these girls all summer so it will be a great morning.  Should really be carrying on tidying but you know what, nah!!!  Life is too short!

Just realised I've blogged two days running, my friend Jen will fall off her chair!!  Probably a patio one too

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

School, Autumn and a new chapter!

Well that is it, I now have 3 children at school and none at home!!  Bless my gorgeous little girls, they are doing brilliantly and I'm really proud of them.  We changed schools last year so that our girls could go into different classes giving them chance to make their own friends and  become their own person rather than hide behind each other.  This week is weird because mum and dad are here so our first week is not normal yet..  The school run has been good so far, we leave by 815am and walk just over a mile to get there for 845am.  It's a fun walk if its sunny but not quite so much if it's raining like it was today!!!!  It has been pouring with rain accompanied by 60mph winds!  Fun, it was so chilly in the house today I even had to turn the heating on, welcome Autumn!  The girls are still only going to school till 12 this week then 1pm next week and finally they go to full time finishing at 315pm by the 19th...I have so much on my mind till then I am beginning to feel overwhelmed!!

Firstly, our summer was awesome so different for the last 2 years.  No breakdown for me and no illness for Dad, phew!  We did a bit of camping, went to France, met friends and managed to get to the park a few times.  We had 6 weeks and even though day to day it felt long the whole thing really did go soooo quickly.  I promise I will post pictures soon but they are on my parents computer at the minute so need to get them on here first.  Kids had a blast all summer and Bill was off for nearly 3 weeks which was so wonderful.   Now I have to face reality!

I have so much I want to get done and feel I need to get done and have absolutely NO idea where or how to start.  I can't even get motivated to get running again.  I did my 10k at the end of July and knocked 8 mins off my last time which I was thrilled about but have barely run over the summer and am dreading going for my first run in the morning (6am!).   I think I may have to write a list on here so that I can maybe check things off as I go along, please be aware it is a nightmare of a list and will be all over the place!!!!  Any suggestions on how to do it, or if anyone fancies helping, I can pay you in cake!!  Oh all this below is once we have the got the girls birthday over this weekend.  Mum, dad and I spent the morning getting supplies for it and so far I think I am getting there.

Ok here goes my list!!!!!
  1. Clean, 7 years of proper cleaning needs to be caught up with.  I've put this at the top but so much of can't actually be done until I've done so many of the other things on my list
  2. Phoenix - I've got my Christmas stock and supplements that need to be sorted.  I have great plans but still no time at the minute and I'm really looking forward to getting my teeth into it. 
  3. Put up new shelving unit which will lead into tidying the conservatory/office/phoenix space.  I look in my conservatory and just want to be ill.  It is such a mess, you can't see my desk for kids stuff that just hasn't quite made it to it's home and paperwork...where does it all come from???  This also leads to making more room in my understairs cupboard as my phoenix baskets get to go in the shelving, which then leads to me being able to put my Kenwood mixer, my slow cooker and my breadmaker in prime positions in said cupboard.  Currently, the breadmaker is stuck in a cupboard, the mixer is taking up lots of kitchen counter space as is the slow cooker, and this one is also covered with paperwork.  Any US readers, please bare in mind that my kitchen is tiny, if there is more than one person in it you can't move!!! 
  4. Run, more!
  5. Pray more!
  6. Making weekly menu plan and then actually sticking to it.  I find meal planning one the hardest jobs I do as a mother/wife..  I need to get my weight under control, see point 7.  I've started to do this today and have made my first planned meal.  I have all the food I need for it all as I shopped online and it got delivered today!  Cooking for 4 adults and 3 kids though is a challenge as my fridge is feeling a little tight!
  7. Blogging more consistently. This is fairly low on the list however much it changes but I miss it.  I spent a couple of hours checking out my old posts the other day and wow, did it bring back some memories.  Some harder than others but the pictures were awesome.  I want carry on doing that!
  8. Catch up with neglected friends.  The summer played havoc with friends, we didn't see anyone really for 6 weeks and although this was great for our family, I've missed them.
  9. Touch up paintwork, esp white wood work. It is all starting to look messy from where we have all knocked it!
  10. Garden, we've done alot with it over the summer but it is now time to put it to bed for the winter, today's weather wasn't really conducive to that, let's hope we get some better weather soon.
Well there we go, I said it was long and that I had no idea where to start!  Sorry for such a long and rather boring post but as most of you know it is so lovely putting your heart and head on paper, as such!  I plan to come back to this post and strikethrough as I go along...wish me luck!!!!

Anyway, finish the week off and see in the girls 5th birthday, that is the plan so far.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Williams 7th Birthday!!!

This is what we did yesterday!!  We deposited the girls with our lovely friend Vicky and took 10 boys out for the day!!  They got to do Archery and Crate Challenge at Blackland Farm.  It was AWESOME!!!!  Happy Birthday my Gorgeous Boy!!!!!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Blogger Frustrations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I have just spent the last hour and a half blogging about us al, catching up as feeling so bad about not posting only for BLOGGER to loose half the post....I cannot go over it all again so will be back when I am in a better mood!!!  I am soooo annoyed as it was such a lovely long post...sorry guys xxxxx

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Hello!  If anyone out there is still looking at this, it's the Easter holidays and the sun is shining so we are all out and about soaking up the sunshine....I haven't known an April like this in forever and we are all just too busy hanging out together....girls in summer dresses, William in shorts playing in the garden!!  What more can we ask for.

Off to Cornwall on friday to visit my sis, I'll be back soon with all the pix of that visit and all the other lovely things we have been up too...


Monday, 14 March 2011

My ABC's

Stole this from Joy, who got it elsewhere and I've never done one before so thought I'd have a go.  If you do it yourself let me know so I can be equally nosey!!
A. Age: 39!!  Can't believe I'll be 40 next year
B. Bed size: Double, would love to go bigger but no room
C. Chore you dislike: All of them, before kids I was Monica from friends now, I just can't be bothered, as soon as you tidy give it just a minute then it's trashed again!
D. Dogs: Mmmm, sore subject!  When in severe post natal depression I agreed to get a gorgeous springer puppy, called Mabel, 2 years later I resurfaced into normality and realised I/we really couldn't give her the home she deserved so we rehomed her
E. Essential start to your day: Shower on weekdays but if it's a pj day, tea!
F. Favorite color: Yellow - sunshine
G. Gold or silver: Gold, but can only wear silver earrings
H. Height: 5′ 4"
I. Instruments you play(ed): I wish!  Have just joined the church choir and LOVING it
J. Job title: Mum, homemaker and Independent Phoenix trader
K. Kids: William (6), Millie (4) and Jaime (4)
L. Live:  Kent in the UK
M. Mom’s name: Hazel
N. Nicknames: Mummy, Mama, Vix, Ki and Bicki
O. Overnight hospital stays: 7 nights with William - he came 5 weeks early and 3 nights with M and J, they were C Section
P. Pet peeves: I've lost my vocabulary, since I've had the kids I just can't use my words.  I'll literally stumble over them all which gets quite embarrassing esp in professional situations
Q. Quote from a movie: “you had me at hello" - I know, cheesy but soooo good
S. Siblings: Gorgeous and lovely sister - Clare.  She now lives 5 hours away which I hate but she is loving it and it makes a great place to go stay but wish she was closer
T. Time you wake up: 540am mon and weds to run the rest 645am
U. Underwear: yep and they have to be from M&S
V. Vegetables you don’t like: Pretty much like them all
W. What makes you run late: Kids!!!!!
X. X-rays you’ve had: Teeth
Y. Yummy food you make: WW moroccan lamb and most recently a fab pavlova, recipe courtesy of my gorg mum.  I've the recipe for years but never had the guts to make it.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Bikers in the family

As most of you probably know, Bill is bike MAD!!!  He would cycle all the time, he mainly mountain bikes but has just got a road bike which he is really looking forward to taking to France and doing some of the Tour routes on.  I no longer have a bike but think I will eventually have to get one because the girls learnt to ride 2 wheelers over half term!!!!

My dad was over from France and we had a nice day so decided to see how they would get on, it took them about 10 mins!  With all 3 of the children we have invested in Puky balance bikes  and they have been worth their weight in gold.  They now just want to ride them all the time, although we haven't managed to get out as much as we have hoped as the weather hasn't been great but hey ho!
Look no stabilisers!
No really, no stabilisers!!
Me too, me too!
The Bike Gang!!
William was so sweet while this was going on, he was really encouraging and played on the girls old balance bike or his scooter because his bike is just a bit too big to ride in the road with both girls out too.  I was really lucky as well because we were given Jaimes bike and I managed to pick up Millies for £8 at a second hand toy barn....bargain and loved by her as it is pink and purple!!

We've done lots of other things too, but this was just too precious not to share.  It won't be long till we are all out on family cycle exciting

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Wow has it been that long!

I had no idea....the time has just gone by!

Loads has been going on,  Bill and I both had a birthday, I went on our Church women's retreat weekend, Mum and Dad have come home for a visit and I have started running loads thanks to my Garmin.

So, birthdays first.  Mine was on a Sunday and I happened to be leading our 2-4yr children's group at church that day, not my first choice of activity but more on that later.  It ended up being fine.  I got tea in bed with the kids who gave me all the cards and pressies that had been delivered.  William picked out the most gorgeous rose earrings for me, in fact I haven't taken them off.  After church we all went out to Sunday lunch at Rendezvous our fav restaurant as a treat for both of our birthdays and to be honest I really didn't want to be cooking!  We then walked up to my lovely friend Jen who had asked us for tea... spent a fab afternoon playing board games, puzzles and then watching a movie with all the kids whilst having a great spread of food.  I am sure I have said this many, many times but Jen is the bestest hostess!  I aspire to be like her in that dept!  All in all a fantastic birthday weekend.  My others friends had treated me to a lovely dinner on Friday night and gave me a loaded Starbucks card, they know me soooo well.

Bills birthday was on Tuesday but it was all normal here, he did stay home long enough to have pressies and tea with kids before going to work and we had a nice dinner when he got home...but that was it..  Birthdays suck on a work day!  Rest of the week went in a blur as we, us women, were all looking forward to Friday 5pm....retreat time!!  Wow, I love it.  Ruth picked us up and we drove to The Oasts we go here every 2 years and it is always the most enriching weekend I can have.  There were 47 of us, our speaker was awesome and the topic was Prayer.  Wow, how wonderful talking through the Lords Prayer over the weekend, she was awesome.  I joined the music team led by my awesome friend Lou.  This was my first time singing and fourth retreat and it was fantastic, I am soooo enjoying worshipping God in this way!  We sang such wonderful songs and it was a privilege to belong to such a great team.  Such a wonderful time.

Back to normal Sunday eve but then Mum and Dad came home.  I spent Monday doing cleaning and washing after a 6am run with Ruth and they managed to get home really early which was fab...they weren't due in originally till 1130pm and got in by 9pm.  Lovely.  I managed to run, Mon 6am, Tues 930am, Weds 6am and then Thurs 730pm and tonight.  I have even changed the girls nursery to Tuesday morning so I can run with Sarah's Runners  who Lou and I started running with on Thursday eve.  Brilliant fun running with others and different places for me.  Just loving running at mo, don't normally do more than 3 miles but that is just great for me.  It is certainly more than I ever did before and having the Forerunner just makes it more fun.  Geeky I know, I never imagined I would get like this but I am!!  I am a bit bummed though as I have put on weight since I started running so both Bill and I are back on WW starting tomorrow.   I will be accountable on here for that and keeping up the running.

Gosh I have really gone on a bit here, well done if you have stuck it out.  Got a major busy week coming up. Phoenix meeting with one of my traders Monday, Tuesday, Sarah's runners in AM and a spa eve with friends :-), Wed, WWW in AM then coffee with friend in PM, Thursday, Gov meeting in AM, Friday, music social in eve, Saturday, dinner party for friends....luckily, Bill taking kids to Daddy and Me in the morning at Church, so I can prep the dinner then.  I made a commitment to God that I would regularly get together with our friends, Christian and Non, and this will be the first one.  It is my version of a New Year Resolution, can't ever do those as never do them and then berate myself!  Throwing it up there to God makes me far more accountable!

Not sure why you wanted to know my week, but thought it was funny when I looked at my diary!!

Monday, 10 January 2011

Excitement in my life!!

I've just purchased a Garmin Forerunner 110!!!!!  I am so should arrive tomorrow before 2pm which means I can try to figure it out by my run the next morning....

It's my birthday present from Bill, Mum and my sis

Thanks all

Friday, 7 January 2011

What a weird week!

Firstly, still no boiler....they got the part and came to fit it yesterday only to find out that the people who built the house managed to block the boiler in with a shelf  he could not move!!  I have rebooked them to come on weds, can you believe that was the earliest they could do.  Just need to figure out how to remove the offending shelf without breaking the cabinets!  Luckily, still not too cold :-)

This week has been really weird though, because Bill had Monday off, and William went back to school on Weds but we couldn't go out up till then because we were waiting for the boiler man.  Mills and Jaime finally went back on Thursday and I didn't get to do much while they were away because again I had to wait in for the boiler man.....I did at least get some ironing done, the pile was getting a little bit ridiculous!

Today, was a much better day though.  All the children were at school this morning and I managed to get to the grocery store to fill up on food.  Wow the prices have rocketed up, my normal bill was at least £10 more than it normally is and petrol, well don't get me started on that it is currently, £1.25 per litre!!!!!!!!.  I also managed to fit in a coffee with a friend which was awesome.  I took the girls out for a quick lunch with one of their friends who had started 'big' school today as we realised they aren't going to have play dates as such anymore. 

Bill got off to Scout Camp ok, they have gone till Sunday and as it is a nationwide get together they have loads of extra stuff planned so I am praying the weather is good for them.  They did have to put the tents up in the rain today.

I have managed to get lots of running in.  My new routine is working well, I have clocked up 7 miles so far this week and am going again on Sunday so will probably hit 10.  It is my birthday in a couple of weeks and I am trying to find a decent sports watch that will keep a good tally of my mileage and pace etc... I am still hankering after a Garmin Forerunner 110 but it is just that wee bit too expensive.  If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them...

Have a great weekend one and all

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Bill has gone back to work today after a FANTASTIC Christmas break.  We spent time with family and friends and a lot of time just all were a bit coldy and so were we but nothing too horrid.  Our boiler broke down on New Years day and despite having emergency Homecare with our insurance we are still waiting for it to be fixed so it is a little chilly in our house to say the least.  Luckily, we have a gas fire in the living room and an emersion water tank so it could be alot worse but, man I am looking forward to some nice warm radiators!!!

Kids go back to school on weds for William and Thurs for the girls... I am really looking forward to be able to do some tidying up..doesn't matter how much I try to do when they are around, it just gets messed up as I'm doing it.  Need to find homes for all their Christmas stuff too and I have about a years worth of filing to do which is going to be one of my first jobs this year!!  I know, you're jealous aren't you!

No New Years resolutions...learnt long ago that I am the sort of person that may make them but not keep them and then beat myself up about it so it is not worth it!  I am starting a new running program though, I am still going to run with Lou 2 or 3 times a week in the evenings but another friend wants to start back up again so am going to run with her in the mornings a couple of times too.  That should make for 5 days a week....lets see how long I can keep it up...I have always wanted to do that but just couldn't do it on my own so am hoping that having a partner for all the runs will keep me going....first one is tomorrow at 6am!

Not much else going on.  WWW starts up again tomorrow with a coffee morning, Moore college starts back on the 14th, mine and Bills birthdays are this month and then it is the WWW retreat at the end of the month which I am soooo looking to.  Roll on spring!