Monday, 8 July 2013

Birthday Fun

William turns 9 tomorrow, I cannot believe the time has gone this quickly.  He is still so young, but this will be his last year in single digits!!!!  Anyway, this year it was his turn for a party but he chose for a family day out to LEGOLAND instead.  It was such a fab day, 25 deg and heaving with people, queues no less than 45 mins each BUT we still had such a good time.  We rode on all but one ride and he got to see the 4D Lego Chima movie he was desperate to see. One of the highlights actually was sitting down at about 230pm and making Lego.  There is a discovery den where you can get boxes of Lego with instructions and the correct Lego bits and all 3 kids loved this!  We spent an hour and a half in here, which in the height of the heat was lovely, especially for us!  Apart from it being really busy we couldn't fault the day.  We got there as soon as it opened and headed straight to the bottom of the park so we could go on the Dragon rollercoaster first then made our way back.  We didn't leave the park until it closed at 730pm! We certainly got our moneys worth!!  Below, are a few pix of our lovely family day out xxx
Lego Chima figure

Bubbs with one of the many models he made 

 Millie with one of hers

 Family lego building

Jim Jam on the carousel

I love this pic above, Lego figures as big as they are!!!
 On Friday, the kids got their first Kung Fu belts as well, so a totally full on weekend!!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Cartwheels and allsorts!

I haven't blogged in a while, it's been full on here really.  Here are a few snaps from our half term break, we went to see Clare and Kenny in Cornwall and it was AWESOME.  It was sunny, warm and FUN x Enjoy the pix xx

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Marathon pix and a few details.....

Well, I realised that I really didn't have any pix of the marathon at all!  Probably because it was all so overwhelming and a little bit scary, but there is one of me having just woken up on sunday afternoon with my medal...and one of me with some storm troopers which I took for my husband and the kids!!

I am so glad I took part and feel as though I can put this marathon business to rest now.  I wouldn't say it was enjoyable and it really hurt, especially towards the end.  It also took far longer than I would have liked, it training we walked much faster but on the night you could only really go as fast as the person in front of you and to be honest we bobbed and weaved through quite a few people but that just made it no fun.  The plus side was that I saw lots of London that I'd never seen before.  The negative to that is there are a few places I'd like to actually go visit BUT I have no idea where they are!!!!! 
All in all, it was a fab experience and one that I would thoroughly recommend to all of you, the training takes forever but it was worth it.  Missing a nights sleep certainly takes it toll though! 
What did you get up to at the weekend?


Thursday, 9 May 2013

Today I used my courage!

I love to sing!  I sing anywhere, it makes me feel good, I have a terrible memory so I rarely remember lyrics which isn't very helpful but who cares right....I also can't read music and can't play any instruments.  I've never had a lesson in my life but just love it.  Over the last few years at church I have started to sing in the choir and on various womens events we've had, usually as long I've heard the song a few times and have the words I can wing it, I only ever sing the tune!  I also played Snow White in our church panto which had a bit of singing but that is a whole other story!

So, I've been looking at getting some lessons.  To try to learn how to sing correctly etc etc.  There was an ad for our local theatre which was hosting a yummy mummy sing song.  It started last week and is for an hour each Thursday morning for 6 weeks.  I plucked up the courage and went as I only found out about it today.  My worst nightmare would be for no one else to be there, best outcome would be to learn some stuff and meet some new friends.!!!!  Well, worst nightmare it was...I was literally the only person there apart from the teacher and you know what.....IT WAS AWESOME!  A little weird but AWESOME!  I learnt some breathing exercises, did some tongue twisters then sang a song.....all on my lonesome.  I basically got a private lesson and I loved it!  I didn't sound too bad either, my biggest problem is confidence, I may love to sing but doubt that I sing even slightly listenable!!  But, apparently I sound alright....yeh!  So, I'm going again and hope to learn some more and maybe this time get someone else along too. I carried on the tradition this evening too as Bill is away and watched Pitch Perfect, what an awesome film, I just loved it.

Anyway, there is my confession today, what did you get up to??????


Just the one, but it's cute!!!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Hellooooooooooooooo, is anyone still out there??

To be honest, it wouldn't surprise me if there wasn't!  I haven't blogged in so long, I just haven't felt the urge.  To start with our old laptop was so clumpy and slow it took forever and I could do it on my phone but it was all a bit small for my liking.  Anyhow, we now have a new computer (laptop) which is fab, it does have Windows 8 on it which is taking a bit of getting used to, hence no pictures this post....I may upload one in a min from my phone!

So, whats gone on the last 6 months....well, Christmas was lovely!  We had my parents here for the first time since we've had the kids as they usually spend it with my grandparents.  It was fantastic to see their faces as the kids opened their presents and we had such a wonderful, chilled day.  January passed with me turning 41!  One of my 'things I want to do in my 40s' is a marathon, so I signed up to the Moonwalk which is a charity powerwalk starting at midnight round London!!!  It's next by Sunday I can check Marathon off my list!  I still cannot believe I am doing it and to be honest it has been really hard doing all the training, not so much physically but mainly due to time????  Last Friday we dropped the kids at school and walked 20 miles which took 5 hrs....that was the whole school day!  Man, I was exhausted that evening because as much as the kids love me, they don't quite get how hard it is to do that and life just continues as normal for them!

Ridiculously, not much else has happened....apart from the normal day to day!  I really am that sad!

So, if anyone out there is still writing, let me know I'd love to start reading blogs again. xxxx

Friday, 2 November 2012

Half term family fun

So, our week hasn't quite gone as planned! We made the movies on Monday but that night Millie and I both came down with a tummy bug! Bleurgh! I haven't felt that ill in ages, the day started at 3am!! Anyhoo, we spent Tuesday on the sofa ALL day and I mean that too. I got up to fix W and J food but that was it, I couldn't stay awake and just felt terrible. It also meant we had to miss the Light Party which the kids were gutted about but M was still peaky and I really didn't want to pass it on! So our first day out was yesterday and what a fab day it was. We went off to my grandparents who are in their 90's and took them out to lunch which my aunt and uncle joined us for too. After we'd visited with them for a bit we headed over to my cousins where W and O played a bit of Wii, J got to hang with D and M got to try to play the didgereedoo with Uncle Mark.... He really can play it!! All in all a fab day, they all live 70 miles away so unfortunately we don't do it that often as right now it is just too expensive and the only regret I have from yesterday is that I took no pix with grandma and grandpa nee naa!! To put it into perspective for my US friends it cost me £70 ($120) to fill my car up with gas yesterday!!!!!!!!
Today is another quiet one, we go back to school Monday so are making the most of not having anywhere to go! Once we go back its the countdown to Christmas and Bill is away loads this month inc 2 full weekends and tomorrow too!!!! I'm actually hosting Thanksgiving this year too with my neighbours who have never done it before! Luckily, that is the only weekend Bill is here for!!
How's your week been??