Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Marathon pix and a few details.....

Well, I realised that I really didn't have any pix of the marathon at all!  Probably because it was all so overwhelming and a little bit scary, but there is one of me having just woken up on sunday afternoon with my medal...and one of me with some storm troopers which I took for my husband and the kids!!

I am so glad I took part and feel as though I can put this marathon business to rest now.  I wouldn't say it was enjoyable and it really hurt, especially towards the end.  It also took far longer than I would have liked, it training we walked much faster but on the night you could only really go as fast as the person in front of you and to be honest we bobbed and weaved through quite a few people but that just made it no fun.  The plus side was that I saw lots of London that I'd never seen before.  The negative to that is there are a few places I'd like to actually go visit BUT I have no idea where they are!!!!! 
All in all, it was a fab experience and one that I would thoroughly recommend to all of you, the training takes forever but it was worth it.  Missing a nights sleep certainly takes it toll though! 
What did you get up to at the weekend?


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