Thursday, 9 May 2013

Today I used my courage!

I love to sing!  I sing anywhere, it makes me feel good, I have a terrible memory so I rarely remember lyrics which isn't very helpful but who cares right....I also can't read music and can't play any instruments.  I've never had a lesson in my life but just love it.  Over the last few years at church I have started to sing in the choir and on various womens events we've had, usually as long I've heard the song a few times and have the words I can wing it, I only ever sing the tune!  I also played Snow White in our church panto which had a bit of singing but that is a whole other story!

So, I've been looking at getting some lessons.  To try to learn how to sing correctly etc etc.  There was an ad for our local theatre which was hosting a yummy mummy sing song.  It started last week and is for an hour each Thursday morning for 6 weeks.  I plucked up the courage and went as I only found out about it today.  My worst nightmare would be for no one else to be there, best outcome would be to learn some stuff and meet some new friends.!!!!  Well, worst nightmare it was...I was literally the only person there apart from the teacher and you know what.....IT WAS AWESOME!  A little weird but AWESOME!  I learnt some breathing exercises, did some tongue twisters then sang a song.....all on my lonesome.  I basically got a private lesson and I loved it!  I didn't sound too bad either, my biggest problem is confidence, I may love to sing but doubt that I sing even slightly listenable!!  But, apparently I sound alright....yeh!  So, I'm going again and hope to learn some more and maybe this time get someone else along too. I carried on the tradition this evening too as Bill is away and watched Pitch Perfect, what an awesome film, I just loved it.

Anyway, there is my confession today, what did you get up to??????

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GOOD for you! So proud of you! That is awesome... So funny, until I warm up to people, I am the opposite. I would WISH no one would show up and worst case- lots would... But it turned out awesome! yay!