Saturday, 31 July 2010


We are off tomorrow to see my sister and bro in law in Cornwall for a week. We are soooo excited. The car is packed and we are leaving at 5am, hoping to be there by 1030am ish...
May blog, may not!

Thursday, 29 July 2010


Well, I went out again this morning. 545am and 1.87miles done by 620am! I used last night to figure out distance and it is brilliant, I would never know otherwise. Not sure how I will ever get to 7miles but I'm sure I will eventually.

I have discovered that I am not as unfit as I thought I was. On my runs I am able to control my breathing and am not too puffed until the end but I just struggle with the will power to actually to keep going. I am really hoping that I get to a stage where this is not the case and I will want to go further each time and really enjoy it. That said, this is the most I have ever enjoyed running so far and I think that is down to the fact that Bill loaded my Ipod with awesome tunes. I have a thing about music, I love listening to it but have no idea who anyone is so if I tried to put stuff on my Ipod I wouldn't know where to start and in true husband style Bill seems to know exactly what tunes I love. Thanks Bill

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

We took a day out!

Bill still working and it is the summer holidays so I decided to take the kids out for the day. We went to Groombridge Place as my gorgeous mum and dad got us a year round ticket so it was also a free day out. I am sounding so pleased with myself because I don't very often go out to such a public place completely by myself with all 3 children at once. I do normal day to day stuff but not a fun day out, not without friends usually. I also got thinking about this when I read a fellow bloggers take on it too. I took a few snaps on the way for your enjoyment!
The first one is all of us eating our lunch, the kids were so excited as they had their own packet of crisps!! I am that mean of a mummy that they only get a packet of crisps on a picnic! This is William taking part in a drumming lesson, I joined in after the picture taking and so did the girls. We had a blast and even had another go on the way back.

This was a very cool dragon sitting on its nest with eggs
Another very cool pteradactyl, you can't see it very well but its eggs are in the tree above it.
My gorgeous 3 children sitting on a dinosaur bone :-)

We had an absolute blast and the kids were great, the weather was awesome and we will definitely go back together again. I want to take Bill as he hasn't been yet either and it was just beautiful.
What are you guys getting up to on the holidays???

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Running again!

As the title suggests I have started running again. I am doing the Brighton 10k in November with a friend so here goes!

I've been twice this week and so I'm on a mission!

Friday, 9 July 2010

Birthday Boy!!

I can't believe my boy is 6 years old!!!!! Here are a few snapshots of my gorgeous boy on his special day, the Wallee toy is from school, he has it for the weekend and has to take him places :-)

Birthday tea at Macdonalds, several of his friends came along too. Much easier than a party! William and Jaime and of course Wallee on his new scooter (from Auntie Clare and Uncle Kenny)
A very excited boy in all his kit at 615am just off to the park to try out his new bike with daddy and Grampie

Looking at a fab Scanimation Starwars book again from Auntie Clare
and Uncle Kenny

Helmet trying on (from Nannie and Grampie)

Very proud owner of his very own proper cycling jersey, it has a hammer riding a bike (from Grandma and Papaw in the US) we can't find anything this cool over here for kids!

LEGO!! from his lovely friends

His stash, I took this last night before I went to bed!

Took this piccie for my sis as she got the girls LOVELY gap pjs and William a LEGO starwars Tshirt!!

Sorry the pix loading up backwards which is a pain so you are starting from the end and working backwards!!
We had a great day, presents, very early morning, cake, candles, fun and I had the best cuddle for such a long time before he went to bed!
I love my boy

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Such a weekend!

Firstly, not great news on my Dad. He went for the results of his MRI, basically hoping to get the date for his surgery and it has shown up something in his hip bone. He had an xray and bone scan that day and is now waiting for the results. For my US friends, the NHS is AMAZING, but unlike over there where there is mostly private health care we have alot more waiting and that is what we are doing again. We have just waited 2 weeks for the results of the MRI and are now waiting for the next lot. This was not expected at all so has thrown my dad for six but we are coping. Please can I ask for you to keep him and my mum in your prayers at this time.

On a much, much lighter note we did have a wonderful weekend. On saturday, Bill and my dad took my kids to Bedgebury, leaving mum and I with a morning to ourselves. We both had a few errands to run in town and of course just had to have a Starbucks!! Mmmmm tall skinny decaf hazlenut latte! We met a friend in town too for a catch up. I sadly managed to get a few christmas pressies on sale in Fenwicks which I hate admitting to but they were lovely. It was a boiling hot day so it was just nice being out with my mum. In the evening we had been invited to a private park in town for a party. It was being held in a 9 acre park surrounded by houses and you can only access it through gardens of houses surrounding it. Wow what a wonderful experience. We could certainly never afford to live in this area but it is lovely having such generous friends who extend hospitality to us. We started off in one of the gardens with Pimms ( my fave summer tipple) and they had a massive trampoline which the kids loved and it was such a picturesque sunny evening. We then moved down to the park, each house had a table and bbq set up and we all hung out eating amazing food and drinking more Pimms. The kids just ran round like loons hero worshipping all the other older children. William sat by himself right in front of the bands mesmerised....there is something sooo cool about watching live music. He particularly like our friend playing in his band. They managed to stay up till 10pm before it all became to much. But soooo worth it.
Today, we became Godparents to the gorgeous Molly Mae. Our lovely friends put on a wonderful celebration after church with loads of us in another AMAZING garden. We lazed about eating and drinking and the kids again had a ball!

What a fab time we had in a rather dark time. Mum and dad joined us on Saturday night but fancied a quiet one this afternoon so just came to church.

What did you guys get up too?