Monday, 28 June 2010

What we've been up to recently!

We've done lots of dog walks recently in the woods and on Saturday Bill was working so the kids and I went to the woods and look what we found! How cool!
Had to get a family shot for the family readers, I really like this one and Millie keeps saying how much she likes it too because she is hugging William.

She also likes to hug trees as you can see from the next one.
I love the woods where we walk because Mabel gets a great run and we all have fun too, we went quite early on Saturday so didn't see many people and when I looked up this was my view! So beautiful.
There is also something very lovely about seeing the sunshine coming through the trees too, it's kind of magical and always makes me feel glad to be alive .

This is Jaime walking along some tree roots which she was very pleased with and I just had to take a pic My 2 lovely girls

The next one is when I walked the dog to the park and it is just going out to the meadow but again just looks so gorg! Can you tell I like the sunshine!
This one is great cos the kids had all just cycled a couple of miles on an old railway track that is now a pathway and at the end there was the perfect climbing tree. Toby, Williams best friend, is the furthest up. William was right wuss and kept crying about getting stuck he obviously is not a tree climber!

We spent all day Sunday busy, Bill and William went cycling before church and afterwards we went to Picnic in the Park in Calverly park in town. It's an event that all the local churches do for everyone and there's bouncy castles, facepainting, fun games, bbqs and all sorts going on. We went with another family from church who spent alot of time in Japan so had a traditional Japanese picnic which involves meat, marinade and veggies......YUMMY!!!!!!!!! So much better that your bog standard sarnie! And soooo much healthier too, thanks Payne family.
We left in time to get home to watch England play Germany then kind of wished we'd just stayed at the park as they got spectacularly beaten but we had a great time with some lovely friends and surprisingly considering the weather (30deg) the children played beautifully.
We both came down with a crash this morning though as at 7am, Bill calls to tell me he has been knocked off his bike on the way to the station. He cycle about 5 miles (ish) to get the train as the ticket is so much cheaper then runs the other end to the office. But today, a CAB driver knocked him from behind not once but about 4 times and then just drove off. Bill was really shaken but ok and has been at the police station this morning! Luckily so far the house insurance has been amazing and in theory they will either fix the bike or replace it. But, he is pretty shaken up about it which is such a shame and biking really is his thing!
Anyway, he has gone to collect Williams new bike, we managed to get him a 2nd hand specialized bike for his birthday. We had looked at this one in the store but it was ridiculously expensive and then a friend said we could buy their sons as he has grown out of it. Bill is just going to polish it up a bit and the voila! William will be thrilled and he won't care that it is not brand new, in fact he probably won't even realise! His birthday is on the 9th so not long now to sort it.
There are only 4 more weeks till the summer holidays which will be challenging having them all at home constantly for 6 weeks but lovely at the same time. We will find out on Thursday what the situation is with my dad and hopefully what treatment he will be getting so please keep him in your prayers..
Anyway, I really ought to go do something more constructive! It is sooo hot and I just can't be bothered....we had such a full on weekend I just want to flop on the sofa!!

Friday, 18 June 2010

Ta Daaaa!

Bubbs had sports day today, it was soooo much fun!
He is the one leaning forward in both these pix, he is doing some sort of throwing activity, one with a bean bag and another with a small ball. Bless him, he had a blast and so did we. Nannie and Grampie got to come too. The girlies were at nursery so it worked really well and the weather was perfect, sunny but not too hot.

This one here is the play field after with everyone on it having our lunch. We all go to stay and eat with our kids which was lovely.
Below is Bubbs in his new uniform and of course Jim Jam had to get in on the action showing off her princess nighty!

Monday, 7 June 2010

New school

Bubbs starts his new school tomorrow, I will take a pic of him in his new uniform!

Also found a couple of new blogs so check them out see my blog list. Have a happy week

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Update and soooo much other news!!

Firstly, thanks for all the comments about the ofsted inspection. It went really well, our children and teachers were amazing and I think that the inspectors really got how our school works and how well everyone is doing. We don't get the official results for about 3 weeks but the feedback we had seemed positive which is awesome.

On other news we are moving Bubbs school. I know, weird considering the above but actually it has nothing to do with school or him actually more to do with the girls. We have been thinking for a while now about how we are going to deal with identical twin girls in the same class. When we originally chose schools we picked a school which was much bigger than the one we are in now and has a 3 form intake which would have been really big for Bubbs to cope with but a much better option for the girls later on down the line. Because of the catchment system here we didn't get any of our chosen schools and got given St B's, at first it was a choice I was completely against but once I visited and met our awesome Headteacher I went for it. I became a Governor and supported the school as much as I could. But, there is always only going to be one class for each year.

Anyway, last week just as we heard about the ofsted report I heard rumours that there were some places in another local school which is just starting to have a 2 form intake starting this sept, so the girls can be in separate classes! We went to see it friday having spoken to our Head after the inspection to let her know what we were doing and why. The school was great, the Head there amazing and very similar ethics to our current Head and to cut a long story short we took the place. It was either that or go on a waiting list for next year which I really didn't want to do. It did end up that Bubbs last day at his school was that day but we didn't tell him that till the weekend. He is being fine about it actually and seems quite excited which helps. We all received a letter from our old Head yesterday, one addressed to Hubby and I which was really supportive and then one for Bubbs telling him what a great adventure this was going to be and how proud she was of him! She even wrote that his new Head is a friend of hers so she would always ask after him. She enclosed a cute book for him too. He was so thrilled!

I plan to stay on as a Governor at St Bs as long as they will have me as I really enjoy doing that and really believe in what the school is doing and want to support it as much as I can.

So all new here. We are on half term here this week so it's been real busy, guests here over weekend, trip with school today to beach (fun and nice weather), Bubbs goes cycling with Hubby tomorrow and then my sis arrives Fri for weekend and we have the wedding on saturday! So busy and so fun.
To any other twin mums out there, what do you all think about separate classes for twins??