Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Holiday weekend!

Just spent a wonderful weekend with various friends. We had planned on being away from the house over the bank holiday weekend to give Dad some space to come back to reality after his surgery but it didn't happen and we went away anyway. Mum and dad got to spend the weekend by themselves which at the moment doesn't happen and they kindly looked after Mabel for us too.

We got in the car Saturday morning and drove to my Godparents, weather was ok but Autumn/Fall is definitely on its way. We went to a food fair in town and played in the park then Uncle Jim cooked us a lovely bbq. Sunday we got up lazed around watching DVDs we'd rented from the library then had a slap up breakfast before heading out swimming. Roast Chicken for supper then back in the car to visit Jaimes Godmother and her family including our God daughter. They have just moved back from Guernsey and are now only an hour and half drive which is so fab. Spent a great day with them on Sunday exploring their new town and going to a summer fete, (must be the last one of the season). Kids had a blast and it was wonderful being able to catch up with them so easily. I look forward to many more visits to and from them.

William goes back to school on Monday and the girls start their new nursery at his school on Tuesday. I have to go on Thursday to meet with their new teacher and confirm their hours etc which will be fun for them to see where they will be going. To be honest, I can't wait for them to go back. I am trying to savour this last week but I am dying for some routine and normalcy. The kids are being great in general but there is a lot of fighting and I am just fed up with it. I also have so many jobs that I want/need to get on with but just can't manage to with them around including work!

I know though, the time soon passes and it will be here before know it and they will be all grown up and gone in a blink of an eye, but I still could do with a day off!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Update on dad!

Well he didn't have it! Mum and I took him in this morning to find out there was an emergency surgery in the theatre so there would be a wait. We left him there about 930am to wait, and wait and wait. Dad eventually called at 1pm to say that surgery was now starting but he wasn't having his because of his sleep apnea. He needs a special bed for recovery and they didn't have one. It is rebooked for the 22nd September so we will go from there. Thanks for all your prayers and comments.

The kids were good at my GORGEOUS friend Rachels so that was a blessing and it rained all afternoon so we sat in and watched Bedknobs and Broomsticks and then Peter Pan.

Also, want to say thanks to all my friends that are being so lovely about my parents. This is turning out to be a hard summer for us all and I just want you all to know I appreciate you all.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Hanging in there!

Well, I still have yet to run! My sinuses are so blocked I just can't breathe but I may go out tomorrow and just see what happens.

Dad has his surgery tomorrow. He was supposed to go in today but there were no beds so he is in at 745am in the morning and my absolutely gorgeous friend Rachel is having my 3 for a sleep over tonight at hers so I can take him in. I just couldn't fit everyone in the car at one time otherwise.

Anyone reading this who prays, please keep him in your prayers, he is really nervous and mum is too so it would be very much appreciated.

Monday, 16 August 2010

A cold in the summer!

What is that about!!! I feel like crap right now, my nose is running and my throat is sore. I haven't run since last weds and now I am feeling really blobby!

We did have a lovely weekend though, we went to Wisley Gardens with my cousin and his wife and children on Thursday which was lovely. The kids had a great time, they always have fun getting together and this was the first time both husbands were in on the trip too. The weather was kind to us and all in all it was a great day.

On Friday we packed up again and headed off to Stoke, land of oatcakes and Jaimes Godfather and his family. We stayed with him and Emma (his gorgeous girlfriend) in their new home. Wow talk about house envy, it was lovely. They have made a great choice and we wish them happiness in it, and lots of visits from us :-)
On Saturday we visited Blackbrook Zooilogical Park and luckily didn't get rained on the kids had a good time looking at all the birds and especially the lemurs at the end. My fav were the Meerkats, they had just had babies and were especially cute. On Sunday the boys went off to play footie, Jim plays every weekend so William and Bill went to watch with some other family too. Emma, Millie, Jaime, Mum, Joann and I went off to a country park walking distance from the house and the weather was wonderful. We went in the afternoon to Chris and Joanns house for a family get together and I was so proud of the kids they were awesome and the sun shone a wonderful way to finish off our Uk staycation.

Bill went back to work today, Dad went for his preop blood work and the docs. I had the kids and I managed to do 4 loads of laundry and vacuum and mop the playroom floor and the kitchen floor before I picked Mabel up from the kennels.

Anyway that is me, no running as I just can't breathe properly right now! Back soon

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Still running!

Well, we are back home and man I can't wait for the kids to go back to school, I am just so fed up with being mauled and whinged at all day. Don't get me wrong, I am loving not having to rush around in the morning and it is great being able to do what we want even though some it weather dependent, but they just don't ever stop talking, bickering, poking, prodding, annoying each other and eventually ME!

There we go enough moaning I sound like the kids!

On another note, I am still running, I ran 5k on Monday and today and I am finally beginning to enjoy it more. I am able to concentrate on running rather than breathing and that is a bonus for me which is wonderful. I run with Mabel on the lead around my waist which is better as I don't get a sore shoulder from holding her back all the time and Bill has done me another running track on my Ipod for which I am sooo grateful. I need to start adding more distance to my runs now, we are away for the weekend from Friday till Sunday evening and Bill is working odd hours when he goes back to work so will have to figure out when I can run. I really like running in the morning, I feel terrible when I first get up but once I have done the first 10 mins I feel great. Once I have done a day with the kids and they are finally in bed I just can't face then going out to run and still have to have dinner etc once I get home. Man there are just not enough hours in the day!!!!!

Anyway enough rambling on about running, can you tell I am a little obsessed yet!!!!

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Sand angels anyone?

Thought this picture was really cute, and Millie running up to join them too
Millie, Clarabelle and I built this sandcastle, the shell decorations were done by Millie herself and she was really rather proud of this, there are MANY other pictures of her with it.
Millie, bless her, was so proud of the fact that she had walked across the beach with this bucket of water and she didn't get her towel wet whilst retrieving it because she very cleverly hoiked it under her arms. She was slightly disappointed when as soon as she tipped it into her moat it disappeared though
This is Jaime rolling down a big sand dune, they all had a go at this but I love this picture because it looks like she has just fallen down!
You can't see them but there are bubbles out there somewhere
Knees anyone
Arty beach shot in the grass, he could be a catalogue model
This is just before take off for dune rolling
See we swam in the sea! Well the kids did it was far to cold for me
How cute is she?
All these pictures are taken by my lovely bro in law. He is just awesome and is putting them all, I mean hundreds of them onto a disk for us to take home too. Bless him.

We've also managed to fit in swimming today, Toy Story 3 yesterday. We did that because it was raining and really glad we did because down here it is so much cheaper than back home. We also went to the Minack Theatre on tuesday which even though it rained was brilliant and so worthwhile. There has been quite a few park trips thrown in too, we found a lovely one just down the road from my sis which was lovely and all the children have had a blast doing that. Not sure what we will do tomorrow it is really weather dependent and apparently there is no electricity from 10am till 2pm!!!!! Could be fun!
I've managed to get 2 runs in as well, today I managed 5k along the seafront, man it was goooooood, and if I lived here I would have to make it a VERY regular thing.
Off home early saturday morning, mum and dad brace yourself the children will be back soon!!

To Beach or not to Beach!

That is what it looks like Jaime is doing right here!
This is the gorgeous beach we spent the sunniest day of our holiday on, to be honest the weather has been good just not necessarily beach weather
Obligatory family shot, we had just buried their feet which they looked rather bemused about
My little surfer dude with his bucket and spade
One of many of the pix that was taken of my gorgeous and oh so camera savvy Millie
Play ball
Hello Kitty!
Jaime took William down shortly after this shot, we have a great action sequence of it
Arty black and white picture, they were fighting over the ball not with each other

Auntie Clare painted all our toe nails and even put little decorations on our feet, and if you count them you will realise that Williams are in there too! How could I say no!