Tuesday, 30 September 2008


Just want to extend my gratitude to my lovely SIS....she read my blog late last night and came down early this morning to look after the girlies so I could go to my hair appt, she lives an hour and a half away. I read this now and it looks so selfish that I was desperate for my hair cut but seriously it was really needed.

Anyway, I love the fact that my sis did this for me and I would do anything for her as I hope she knows.

Here's for sisters all over
Moodle still not well so not going out again tomorrow either :-(

Monday, 29 September 2008

Ill again!

So fed up, Moodle up all night last night with upset stomach, I think I changed 6 or 7 nappies throughout the night, so no sleep. Hubby is still struggling with chest infection so finally took the day off and went to the docs for antibiotics. This at least did mean he was home today and apart for the girlies being a little bit miserable it was lovely having him around.
The biggest annoyance is though that the girlies won't be going to pre school tomorrow and I finally managed to get a hair appt which I now won't be able to go to.....aaargh

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Sunday Glorious Sunday

What an amazingly beautiful day! It is nearly the end of Sept and we are experiencing better weather now than we did all summer.
Hubby and Bubbs made it back from Dads and Lads church camp last night. They smelt of bonfire and outdoors. The smile on Bubbs face is only just dimming. They went pot holing, grass sledging, orienteering and rock climbing. They both had a blast and we have heard never ending stories of the camp fire too. This was the best bit of the camp according to Bubbs.....nothing like a bit of fire for boys to play with...Apparently there was a lot of health and not so much safety! All in all a great time and we are now hoping they run a family one so we can all go.
Today after church we went to the Tree Park with the children and Mabel. This was her first visit to such a big place and one with so many dogs around. She was amazing and had such a great time...currently she is flat out on her bag in the corner. When we set off on our walk Hubby had such a big and serene smile on his face I could tell this was what he had been dreaming of for a long time. Our family is so enjoying having a dog and she is so gorgeous.

I have my first official engagement as Governor on Thursday, it is the school Harvest Festival so I am going to that ( I was going anyway but now have a purpose). In our church today we had another prompt about where we want our Harvest Offering to go to and it is so lovely to see the rest of the congregation getting to know about the school and area which is only just down the road from our church.

Will let you know how it goes.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Alright Guvnor!!

Where do I start??

I went to the meeting last night after praying really hard about whether this is what God wants me to do and just asked for wisdom if offered the position. Well, it obviously was as I was introduced straight away with my friends husband as the 2 'new governors' and welcomed into the meeting straight away. What an enormous amount of paperwork it is! I did wonder what I was getting myself into but Father Ed and Mrs Anderson the Headmistress are so passionate about making this small underprivileged school shine that there was no doubt in my mind that it was the right thing to do. Basically, the area in which the school mainly serves was originally built in Victorian times for the servants of the wealthy living in the richer parts of town. The area was given its own church....a shed ontop of the building rubble when the larger houses had been built as it was thought the servants might like their own place of worship. Anyway, this is how the area has stayed, as Father Ed calls it, the towns dirty little secret! As it is an area without money there are alot of immigrants who live here so this means the stats of the school are low as about 68% of the school has English as their second language which actually means nothing as the Value added score (how much the children have improved) was the highest in our area, and a staggering 70 odd % have had no pre school education. That is now changing as the Head and Father Ed have opened a pre school which is more affordable to the surrounding parents and is currently serving 48 children and is nearly to capacity. Gosh, I am now rambling, this did all start with the fact that I am now a Governor and quite what that entails I am not sure as I have only been to the opening meeting but at least I am a set of ears in the playground also and I have a vested interest in the school as all my children will attend. This will be an ongoing subject I should imagine.
As for the rest of it, I went to WW and and only half a pound of the weight I started at originally so back to point counting as I want to lose it by Christmas. The girls still aren't sleeping unless drugged and last night Jim Jam woke up anyway so not sure what to do and the docs aren't that helpful and they just say they will grow out of it.....well I know that!
Mabel is great and going to training tonight, could be fun. I've been given a bit more responsibility at work as I am now in charge of membership too which will be another hour every couple of weeks. The card selling is going pretty well considering I have paid it no attention at all and I am pretty much now the school rep for that. Bubbs and Hubby are going on a church camping trip on friday night and I am having a girls night in to watch 27 Dresses......

Could babble on for ages but need to get girlies back up and do the school run.
Hope this all makes sense. I will be blogging a bit less now but will still try to read and comment on my favs

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

I'm back!

Sorry to have been away for so long, our router box decided to not work and I have just put the new one in yippee.
I will be blogging properly on friday but there is loads going on....
Girlies don't know how to sleep!
Puppy classes start on Thursday
I am running for Governor at Bubbs' school, who knows whether I'll get it but got to try.
Starting WW again as put on all the weight that I lost a year ago!!
Rejoined the gym, so starting to work out again.
Girlies started nursery which they love so have 2 hours on tuesday and fri mornings to do housework
Bubbs now full time at school and really loving it, yea!

That's it for now will fill you all in later

Sunday, 14 September 2008


I know this is my 100th post and I am supposed to do something really amazing etc etc but.......my awesome Hubby completed his first ever triathlon. He went off at 530am this morning by himself as we couldn't go with all the children. I got a call as I was walking to church with all the kids and he was elated as he had finished in a much better time than he ever imagined and was so excited. So anyway, this post is dedicated to him. He has trained so hard for the last few months and even has a cold this weekend which is typical isn't it. But, he did it and I am soooo proud.
WELL DONE BABE, here's to the next one

Thursday, 11 September 2008


September 11th is a date that people are always going to remember. A catastrophic event that no one could or more likely can understand, when it happened I am sure I am not alone in saying I can pinpoint exactly where I was and what I was doing! Fast forward to 2006 and again, September 11th, I can remember exactly where I was and what I was doing. The girls were born 2 mins apart and became part of our lives! Twin girls on the day of rememberance for the twin towers tragedy. For our family this is now a happy day but one which will always remind us of what happened then.

I love you girlies and HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY!


Monday, 8 September 2008

Pram news and other stuff

My Auntie H found me a pram for £15!! So cheap and it is really good, it is a side by side which is the only downside as the girlies tend to fight with each other (there has been a lot of hair pulling) but it is great to push and getting to school now is much easier. Also, I emailed Jane about our broken pram and they got back to me REALLY quickly and are sending me out a replacement footplate for free and it is apparently easy to fit which is great as it is really good for when we go walking.

On school news, Bubbs has started crying when I leave. It is heartbreaking, he was really good on Tues, Wed and Thurs but on Fri he cried alot and held onto my leg....he then went to my sisters for the weekend and had a great time and was really looking forward to school today as he is having school meals this week BUT he cried again. It is soooo hard, but it has to be done and when I go to collect him he is fine. Next week he is going pretty much full time with only Mon and Fri coming home at 1230 the rest finishing at 3pm.....so grown up.

I am really enjoying spending time with my girlies though, we spent the morning doing puzzles today which they just loved and we all went to the park this afternoon then for tea at Toby's house. The girls turn 2 on Thurs and then they start nursery 2 mornings a week on the 16th...what am I going to do with myself for 2 mornings!! (apart from cleaning)

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Do we get confused??

A great bloggy friend called Joy asked me the classic question about whether or not we get the girlies mixed up! The only one in the house that doesn't most of the time is Bubbs! As you can see from the pix they are identical and there is only really one thing that is different about them and that is that Moodle has a mole on her left forearm. In the summer this is great but in the winter...not so much! I had a ceasar for them (there were high risk as they shared the same placenta) and Moodle came out first, she was placed on my chest and yelled until they had finished doing the washing up in my stomach (that is what it feels like when they are repairing you), Jim Jam came out 2 mins later and was content in Hubbys arms. They were both tiny, M 5lb 110z and J5lb 7oz but we were surprised by that as Bubbs was only 5lb 11oz. But they were different colours. Jim Jam was a lot darker pink in skin colour that Moodle and that lasted for about a week. We really couldn't tell! We started to dress Moodle in plain onsies and Jim Jam in patterned, but did we ever mix them up at the beginning......who knows...only kidding.
Anyway, I know this is really long winded but thought this might be a funny thing to blog about, basically in the pix if you see one in pink and one in a different colour you can tell, the pink one is Moodle.
I did have one really embarrassing time when I had to take them both to the docs for different things and got them completely mixed up even to the point where we were on the second diagnosis, notes written up on one until I suddenly realised,.......obviously that was pre PND medication..........
Another funny story is that on my first evening home our Vicar came to visit and we were all talking about how it is hard to tell them apart and he was looking a little stumped. It wasn't until later on in the visit that he realised that they were both girls, we chose a name that is commonly a boys name in the UK for Jim Jam. SO FUNNY!!

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Catch up on some pix and stuff

Just a few pix from last couple of weeks
The broken pram!
Self portrait of Moodle
Hubby with our children and our gorgeous God Daughter
Our great friends at Islas Baptism
Hubby with Bubbs and Elliss (making funny faces)

My Boy went to SCHOOL

I love this photo, this was Bubbs at 7am this morning ready to go and the ones below are of him actually getting dressed. He was so excited this morning that when I came downstairs he was already on the loo, naked, talking about the fact that it was 'big school' today and that he had to get dressed in the dark....It has poured down all day today so has been very grey, I can only assume that is what he meant. Hubby took the day off too so that he could take him to school which was really lovely and Bubbs hardly looked back once he met his friend T at the school gates. We did get a kiss then he was off. This week he is just going until 12, next week 1230 so that includes school lunch and as they have a healthy school meals initiative he is going to eat there, the week after he is pretty much full time till 3pm. Wow it is a new chapter in our lives and it is really odd!

In the pouring rain with his friends just before going in, how cute is my boy on the left!