Friday, 21 October 2011

A week on!!

Sorry for lack of blogging just really busy!!

We are still on Dukan, it's hard but worth it.  I lost another 2lbs this week so half a stone so far for my UK readers!!  Haven't found any amazing meals to tell you about, it is pretty much the same thing day in and day out!!  We did do the school quiz, I ate the fish, no batter and about 8 chips and then we were back on it!  Bill is still doing it too and that really helps!

Half term is now upon us so it is going to be harder with the children at home but it is not going to stop me.  I have come this far and am not going to waste it...By my 40th, I'd like to be at goal!

Been curving lots this week which is awesome and working too so not much free time.  Went for a farewell lunch with a dear friend today, I am gonna miss her so much even though she is only moving an hour away and we have only known each 4 ish years, we have been thru soo much together it will be strange and it won't be till she leaves that I will realise just how much I see her and depend on her.  Love you Rach xx (I know you are reading this and see you on the 20th)

I'll keep you posted on the Dukan thing but probably not much this week as going to see my sis on weds til sat and so won't weigh in till Nov xxxx

Friday, 14 October 2011

Drum roll please!!!!!!!!!!

Posting early as out tonight!!!!!

I did the attack phase for 4 days and lost 5 and 3/4 lbs!!!!!  So pleased, Bill lost half a pound more but we are stoked.

Out for dinner tonight but can't drink as on antibiotics so no wasted calories there and really looking forward to it.

It's a beautiful day here, blue skies and sunshine and just turning cooler into Autumn weather.  Love it.

The world in our place is really good right now we are truly blessed.  Thanks for bearing with me if anyone is still reading......

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Day 4!

I know these posts are probably quite boring but I need to write down what I eat and how I'm feeling for me really so just indulge me!!

Comfort eating. - so not kicked it's butt yet but got a feeling I am due on any day now as my mood is THROUGH THE ROOF!!!  Watch out kids and Bill you always get the brunt of it.  I love you really x

Breakfast - Dukan galette - yummy and cup of decaff tea
Green tea from Starbucks, I think I am converted to this from here now until the red cups come out
Lunch - scrambled eggs (2) with smoked salmon.  Put a bit too much salmon in to be honest!!!  Didn't think I would ever say that......and a big glass of water
No snacks but really struggled at tea time. - Didn't give in though
Supper - the best yet.  skinless boneless chicken thigh fillets wrapped in lean bacon and baked with FF fromage frais instead of mayo!!!!   Soooooooooo good, both Bill and I agree this hands down!!

Again, not hungry at all just feel the need to eat out of comfort!!

Managed to get to Curves again which I'm really pleased about, even though my sinuses were still sore but wasn't going to let that stop me!!!

Thanks for the indulgence

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Day 3!!

I'm not all....but man I comfort eat.....

If I don't loose much weight then this will at least be a psychological lesson for me on my eating habits!

Giving the kids tea is the hardest bit.  Especially as they now have school dinners so I just give them a light tea, sandwiches, fruit, cucumber, tomatoes etc, all really easy things to pick up and snack on....BUT, I have been strong so far and not succumbed.  I try to either have a cup of tea or a diet coke to ease my cravings...hard but hoping it will be worth it.  I have seen a cute little corduroy skirt which will look lovely with my gorg boots I bought last year and I'm hoping to be in it comfortably by beginning of Dec for Paris.

Food today:
Breakfast - fat free fromage frais mixed with sugar free jelly and a slice of Dukan bread ( so not bread but not bad, at least has a sort of texture)
Lemon and ginger tea at church, I abstained from the AMAZING brownies there
Lunch - packet of prawns with hard boiled egg and mustard/ff fromage frais dip.  - not bad actually.  Large glass of water and my new antibiotics!
Supper - baked mackerel with same dip, diet coke and ff fromage frais and sf jelly for pud.  It is really nice to have something sweet

Going to try to get to curves tomorrow if sinuses allow.  Looking forward to it.

On normal things, work is suddenly going crazy.  I have one week in Nov where I have 5 jobs and get this Bill is away all week....actually having child care issues but hopefully will be able to sort them soon.  It will be lovely to really get going on this and they should lead to more bookings as well which I am really stoked about....

Kids are all doing well, all seem to be over the cold now which is lovely.  And everyone enjoying school with no major issues to report which is good.

I weigh in on Friday morning so will let you know how the Attack stage has gone!!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Dukan Day 2

It's not been too bad...Haven't felt hungry but was really craving sugar once I'd picked the kids up.  I had diet coke while they had their snack and that took the edge off.  It doesn't help that my sinuses are still really hurting as I just want to comfort eat!!  The actual food isn't the hard part, it's actually quite easy, for me it is the reaction to snack!

I am going to kick this though, I had my first workout at Curves this morning and REALLY enjoyed it, can't wait to go again.  Will try again tomorrow if there is time.

Menu today? 
Breakfast - sweet galette, yummy,
had green tea at Starbucks with friends who gave me a 70% dark choc bar which I have stored away for a later date, talk about willpower.... I was desperate!!!
Lunch - Smoked mackeral with a couple of pickled onions and a hard boiled egg!!  (smelly huh)
Supper - beef which had been slowly cooking in crockpot since 7am. 

The beef was hardest to eat as just meat does get quite dry even with lovely broth!  I have made Dukan bread though, so we'll see how that fits into life tomorrow. 

Bill is doing this with me and the only thing I am worried about is the fact that he is going to lose more than me alot quicker.....but as long as I am loosing I can't complain!

Back tomorrow

Monday, 10 October 2011

A date with Dukan!

Well, Bill and I have made it through our first Dukan day!  It was amazingly good.  Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon for breakfast, roast chicken with a dodgy homemade mayo (bleurgh), lots of water, some crabsticks for snacks and for dinner a Dukan gallette with smoked mackrel!  So far so good!! 

I rejoined Curves today too and am planning on jogging there from school then working out....I am actually really excited about it. 

Not much else to say really, delivered some more orders and catalogues which is fab and did a bit of work round the house. 

I'll keep you posted on how I'm getting on food wise :-)

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Feeling better for the weekend!!

William went back to school on Thursday and it he definitely feeling better but still really tired!  I on the other hand still have cracking sinuses and a horrid chest.  It is amazing how I can go from running 6 miles one week to not even being able to get up the stairs and do the school run the next!!  They are still really painful but it didn't stop me having a great weekend.

Thurs and Fri I spent catching up on work and house cleaning with a girlfriend and we also watched a couple of chick flicks which was such a guilty pleasure!  On Friday afternoon our gorgeous friend Jim and Emma came for the weekend.  I love having them come down as they are the easiest house guests and the kids LOVE having them stay.  The weather stayed fairly nice, Jim, Bill and William went to see Tunbridge Wells play football at the local ground which was fun, girlies had a birthday party and today we went to church, had a roast dinner then headed to the common to play on the rocks.  We all had a fab time and we are just now waiting to hear that J and E got home safe, they had a 4 hour drive!

Tomorrow, Bill and I are embarking on a new eating plan.  We are joining the Dukan revolution!!  It is kind of like Atkins so we'll see how we go!!  Lots of meat and eggs!!!!  Mmmm, can't wait...Thinking of rejoining Curves, I do love that gym and really miss it.  I could manage to go much more easily now the children are all at school.  I need something fun to do!!

Got a bit of work to do this week too which is great and basically just catching up on last week without bending over too much as that is agony!


Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Sick, sick, sick!!

I didn't get a cold last year, not one that was more than a runny nose anyway!  Man, am I paying for it now.  Both William and I are poorly.  William has an ear infection and is now on antibiotics but even woke up today with croup and a temperature.  I on the other hand have a horrid head cold with a sore chest thrown in!

It does mean this week has been thrown to the dogs.  W is off school and I am hanging out with him on the sofa nursing both of us....Girlies and Bill bless them are going on normally.  It has meant my list has come to a halt apart from Phoenixing.  My order from the party came today and I've already unpacked it and delivered some of them on the school run.  Gotta love how I can fit this into my life, however poorly!

Haven't run in a week, can barely walk without wheezing and can't imagine trying to run.  I really need to get my running mojo back, I've lost it somewhere and have no idea where to look for it!  I've just ordered the Dukan Diet book, well you know me, I'll try anything once and it was only a fiver.  My friend started it this week and I'm going to join her!  I am such a sucker for diets, anything to help me feel better and more confident about myself is worth a go in my book..Basically, it's a protein only, then protein and veg thing with these weird oatbran things thrown in according to said friend!!  I'll keep you posted on this then!  Can't start it till Monday as have Jim and Emma here for the weekend.  I'm really hoping we are all feeling better for them or they will be in for a rotten weekend!

Anyway, I've been going on for a while now so I'll cough and splutter my way out of here...xx