Friday, 19 December 2008

End of term

It was Bubbs last day at school today until Jan 6th. Hubby and I went to the school mass which was just lovely. The whole school filed into the hall, Father Ed lead the service and Acorn Class (Bubbs class) did a Christmas offering. The class stood up in front and sang, with actions, My God is a great big God.......this was adorable. Then they did a dance to 'Reach for the Stars'. After the dancing was finished they shared their class prayer. All of this was amazing and we were so fortunate to have been able to go and see our little man and his friends in action. I have enormous admiration for his teacher Miss Fry, she loves the class and is getting so much out of them, we are SO blessed.

We are gearing up for going away, but just had to share this with you

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Getting ready for Christmas!

Well, I am supposed to wrapping presents the same as I was supposed to be wrapping them last night but so far I have done none.

I have Nigella Christmas Kitchen on in the background, a glass of rose, Hubby is out and I am blogging. Just felt I had to come back. I have been reading loads and commenting too and didn't realise how much fun it is to do.

We are off to spend Christmas with our friends in Guernsey, we fly out on Monday and return on Saturday. I will take loads of pix so that Papaw and Granma can see them in the US. I am soooo looking forward to it, it is going to be a great holiday and the children are so excited I can't believe it. Bubbs finishes school tomorrow after morning mass and we have got a massively busy weekend before we go but all fun stuff.

On Sat morning we are getting up early and the children and I are going up to see my sister for a couple of hours as they are going away for New Year the same day we arrive home. This will be the first Christmas we have not spent together since we moved back to the UK, the same goes for my parents so it will be strange for us all. Sometimes though, as a family with young children you do have to do something for them don't you? I also have to drop Mabel off at my nans for my mum and dad to look after whilst we are away and be back home by 1pm. (she lives 1.5hours away on a good day) Bubbs is getting a haircut at 130 and the girlies and I are going to Harrys 2nd birthday party which Hubby and Bubbs will meet us at. Luckily we are not doing anything in the evening so I might be able to get some packing done.

Sunday is just as busy, I am in the children's group at church in the morning and then we are going some other friends in the afternoon which will be lovely as haven't got together with them for a while. Hubby gets to put the children to bed tonight as I am doing a reading in our Candlelight Christmas service which I am really excited about as it is my most fav service of the year and I am reading Luke 2 1-7 which is lovely.

So much to do and so little time as is always the way.

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Christmas and see you in the New Year

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Cold, outside and in

I am sitting here with streaming eyes, nose, beating headache and a house full of men watching the football.

This week has been horrible. The children are being a nightmare. I am really struggling with Bubbs, he is being so challenging. I think he is really tired as his first term at school is nearly over but even still he is really pushing the limits. The girlies still aren't sleeping so nothing new there and that is why I haven't blogged because I basically got so fed up of moaning and have nothing left to say. I am still reading and commenting but till I have something half decent to say I am going on a break.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Has it really been a week?????????

Where has the time gone, I have managed to read blogs and even comment on a few but there has been no time to post.

Not much but so much is going on. Bubbs was really unwell this weekend, had a horrid temp and really miserable but is going back to school tomorrow and now I think Moodle is coming down with it. They are still not sleeping and we have had my parents to stay for the last week or so and they have just gotten no sleep bless them. I bet they can't wait to move onto my sisters house where they just have the cats to cuddle.

I am plodding along as usual, really trying to save money wherever we can. This whole credit crunch thing has really got me paying attention to just what we spend our money on. I managed to do all our Christmas shopping on a tight budget going to really cheap stores but getting really cute stuff, now all I have to do is wrap it!!

Not much else to say, well there is but I am in the conservatory and it is freezing so I'll have to blog another day.


Monday, 24 November 2008

How is it possible????

Ok, so I am back to real life and already I am being that horrible mother that I swore I would never be. I have had a completely child free weekend but still I am short tempered with all my children and feel stressed like you wouldn't believe. I just feel so helpless with my emotions that I hate it.

My mum and dad came home here today, the children were sooo excited to see them and I have to say so was I. I love it when they are here even if it does mean we are all sleeping in a weird way (Bubbs sleeps on the floor in our room). Mabel loves it too as Dad loves here and often sits on the floor with her during the day....bless.

Don't know what else to say as I am so disappointed with myself about where I am in my head....

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Back to Real Life!

I'm home and I was greeted by my children running and screaming 'mummy, my mummy', the dog was going crazy and poor Hubby was just trying to keep them all in check.

I had a fantastic weekend, I got all my Christmas shopping done in a totally child free way which I know all you mums out there will be so appreciative of how amazing that is. Stayed up quite late on Friday night just hanging out and didn't actually sleep that well but then again didn't have to get up in the morning for anything pressing. Amazing sis brought me tea and a croissant (with jam) in BED.....I know spoilt..... We left the house at 930am and finally returned at 850pm having done it all. I was so relieved as I was dreading trying to get shopping done with all the children.

Last night I slept like a log and today I didn't get up till 10am!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough said

Friday, 21 November 2008

Childfree zone!

Well, I am here! My sis has set my bedroom like a hotel room with chocs on my pillow and lovely posh samples of toiletries and a magazine. How spoilt am I!!

Will post once home

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Ode to my pram!

The Pram Isn't it GORGEOUS! I love it and it is SOOOOOOOOO easy to push. The town we live in is really hilly and I have an enormous hill to walk up when I come home from school and some days I walk it 3 times in a day. I am actually really excited about it and can't believe my life has got to the point that a pram is the be all and end all of my world but hey ho.
Hubby having a fab time in Wales, it rained today for him but he really didn't seem to care and I had a brilliant day. I spent it with a friend from down the road who has a daughter the same age as the girlies and they were all brilliant. Another friend took Bubbs and Mabel for the afternoon to go for a walk in the woods with her son, hubby and dog. She also gave him tea too, so I actually felt like I had a day off!!
Hope you are all having a great weekend too

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Pram update

Oh my goodness, I missed the delivery of the pram today. I went to collect Bubbs from school leaving at 14.50 and the delivery note said it was delivered at 14.50!!!! I must have passed them on the way out...Can you tell how annoyed I am??

On other notes, the girlies have not been well again, they still have hacking coughs and for the last 2 days have just wanted hugs and snuggles and lots of meds as they also have a temperature. This would be easier to do if there weren't two of them but also if I didn't have a stomach bug and kept having to disappear. The bug did mean I actually lost weight at WW this week though.

Hubby is away this weekend, leaving on Friday morning at 3.45am. He is off to Wales cycling which will be great as long as it doesn't rain too much for him. I am glad he is going but not looking forward to doing the kids all on my own for 3 days. I get my own back the next weekend as I am going to visit my sis for Fri and Sat night with NO children. YIPPEE.....

Off to read blogs now

Friday, 7 November 2008

That Friday Feeling!

So much to say and so little time. (I'll warn you now this post turned into a bit of a moan, I apologise now)

Firstly on the pram front.........I have had no luck at all with them. We ordered several new parts for the broken one, finally got it going again for a different part to break. We really couldn't afford to pay out anymore on it so decided to carry on using the one my Auntie had found me. This was ok but it is a side by side one which is incredibly hard to push and the girlies fight with each other constantly. Anyway, as I was coming home last week with the pram full of groceries the darn thing broke!!!!!! I can use it but it is really dodgy so we bit the bullet and ordered a new one with good resale value. Oh my goodness how much bad luck could I have with this. It arrived 2 days later and I started putting it together only to find it was broken. I took it straight back to the store as we really needed it for this weekend, the store were great and ordered me another one and they were going to try to get it express delivered to make up for the inconvenience. HA, they called the next day to tell me there was some sort of computer pricing problem and it wasn't now going to arrive till Monday or Tuesday. I was so annoyed I wrote to Head Office last night and I have now had a reply from them telling me that they are sorry for this but the pram is now out of stock so I won't be receiving it till the END of the week. ARE WE KIDDING DO I HAVE MUG WRITTEN ON MY FOREHEAD.

Moodle is also giving me problems at the moment. As you know she doesn't sleep well at all and I am really struggling with the whole liking her thing at the moment. I find this so difficult to deal with as Jim Jam is so adoring and lovely and so is Moodle but I am just SO tired I can't explain. Basically, I have cried pretty much all this week and have struggled with motherhood in general. This also means everything else has gone down the pan, WW doesn't get a look in as I comfort eat my way through chocolate most nights.. Thank goodness I don't drink or smoke I would be flat on my back I think. Anyone else out there ever feel like this, will my post natal depression last forever they'll be getting a job before I'm off the meds!! On a good note though, I did spend a great evening catching up with one of my great Christian friends who was so supportive, we had a meal in the evening at hers which meant that there were no kids interrupting us so we finished all the conversations we started how novel is that.

Hubby has been great this week, he seems to have really picked up on how much I am struggling, probably not hard as my eyes are so puffy and red rimmed recently, and just been really great with the kids especially in the night time. Moodle seems not to go on for quite so long when he goes down to her. I am sure that this will end once she gets used to him going but for now it is making it a little bit easier. I love him.

We are off to Norfolk this weekend to see some friends. Hubby and I are really looking forward to this as sometimes a change is as good as rest. Or so the saying goes anyway!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Mum, Dad, Nan and Gramps have a great couple of weeks in France. Love you

Monday, 3 November 2008


Here are some pix that go with the blog below.........
Bubbs or Spiderman at the aquarium
Girlies at a lovely park at the coast


Fish and Chips on the Beach....J will hate me for posting her comedy sunglasses.


Another week or two has gone by!!

Oh my goodness I had no idea I hadn't blogged for so long. I have been reading and not keeping track of my own blog.

Last week was half term here so I had all the children at home for the week which I was originally dreading, as the weather was supposed to be raining hard all week which does limit us on what we can do. On the Friday before I get a phone call from M&D telling me they were coming home for a week or so as they had a funeral to attend. So although, it was SO wonderful to see them it was under a dark cloud. We didn't tell the children they were coming and so they woke up on Sat morning to Nannie and Bampie in the house.....can you imagine the excitement.

Hubby spent Sat at Wembley stadium at the tail gate party and then watching the Big Game, New Orleans Saints and the San Diego Chargers....for those who don't know they are American football teams. He was probably as excited as the kids were.

The rest of half term went by smoothly with Nannie and Bampie and on Friday we went with our friends to an Aquarium in Brighton. The weather was sooo lovely that we were able to have fish and chips on the sea front on Halloween. All the children loved the fish and turtles and J and I had an awesome day. Definitely a good end to the holidays for all of us.

The weekend for Hubby and I was really special. Our anniversary was on Sunday (12 years) and as a treat we went to a matinee of Sound of Music in the West End then had a lovely meal SOS a great restaurant. This was such a treat and so wonderful, we left the house at 12 and didn't get back till the evening. We spent time together, we didn't talk about the children that much and just really had a great time enjoying ourselves. This is such a treat and I have to thank my mum, sis and friend V for looking after our children and enabling us to do this. Bubbs went to Vs and had toasted marshmallows and a sleepover which he really enjoyed and the girlies had a lovely time with mum and sis. On Sunday we had V and her family over for lunch and the afternoon as a thank you and the weather was kind again so we all went out for a walk with Mabel afterwards.

Wow what a catch up. I also had my second Moore College lesson and it is sooo fantastic.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Weekly blogging

There is something to be said about blogging. I have been reading a few blogs now where people are struggling with bloggers block.....why I'm not sure as I have so much to say but not enough time to say it all and then when I do finally get to sit down I am blocked. I think that is why it is becoming a weekly thing for me now.

Last week seemed to fly by, I had my first Governors meeting at the school on Tuesday which was eye opening and I have been thinking and praying about it ever since. I had no idea just what difficulties we are dealing with there, just as an example, since the new year started in Sept they have had 17 different languages join the do they manage? The teachers do though and the Head has put into place such a great way of encouraging pupils and teachers that it really is working for the school, for the government....not so much. Our statistics are low but that is to be expected when we are graded the same way as a school that has the same amount of students in one year group as we have in the entire school and this is what is making the school look bad on paper for prospective pupils families. I talked about how I was praying that taking on this Governors post was the right thing to do and after this meeting I realise that it is but I had no idea just how much work it is going to be and what is really involved. I am sorry if this a bit boring for some but it is going to be rather alot of my life for the next few years and the girlies will be attending this school also and we have to try to keep it going up like it is now.

Talking of the girlies, why they can't sleep I just don't know. I have tried all sorts and because there is no routine to when and how they wake up it is very hard to pinpoint just what is wrong so I am still suffering from lack of sleep but doesn't everyone with children....does it ever get easier??

I am still doing WW, I hate it with a passion and am struggling so much with motivation and will power, but I have at least started running, which is what my hubby gallantly calls it I did have to confess this morning that it is actually more like shuffling...I go every weekday morning with the dog before most of the normal world is up....only a very few mad dog walkers...I am actually enjoying it, although I really wish I could actually run a bit better but I suppose it has only been a week.

The rest of my week was filled with normal day to day stuff, nothing amazing happened. The girlies were hard work, they seem to fight with each other most of the time and I am finding them really challenging at the minute. They are talking so well though which makes things a little easier as they can at least communicate with me a bit better. They constantly want to talk on the phone as well which is really sweet although trying to show the person who has called things is not really working as strangely enough they can't see down the phone and the girlies just don't get that.

We had a great weekend. My sis and BiL came for Friday night so it was good to catch up with them, they had just been on holiday to Cornwall and were really excited as they are thinking of moving down there. I have to say I will miss them dearly as it is not exactly a short drive to see them but can see why they are wanting to do it and anything that will give them a better way of life is great in my book. Strangely enough though, Hubby seemed to be more upset about it than I was when we got talking about it once they had left and I suppose even though we don't see them all the time he has always had a great relationship with BiL and will miss that as it really is a face to face relationship rather than a phone one. This means though we will now have 3 very nice potential holiday destinations....

On Sunday, after church, we spent the afternoon at a friends for lunch and we took Mabel. They have a 11week puppy too and 3 children so you can imagine the chaos but it was that lovely chaos where you just sit and watch it unfold. The children were all great, the food was amazing (thanks C) and the pups were soooo funny. They were pooped when we finally made it home as they had played literally all afternoon in the garden as we actually had some sunshine. This is going to be one of those memorable days that I will cherish. Also, it was really nice for the 2 Hubbies to get together as well, C and I have become firm friends in the last few months and it was great to extend that friendship to the rest of our family. I am so blessed with my friends sometimes I can't actually believe how lucky I am.

Back to the grindstone this week, yesterday was full of washing, drying, cooking and then a great coffee afternoon and J's house. We also had Bubbs first parents meeting with his teacher. She is wonderful influence on Bubbs and he has really taken a shine to her as have all the class and she said he is doing really well and settling in brilliantly which I am so pleased with. Today, so far I have a table full of filing that I have put off as I am doing this enormous post that is going on for ever all about nothing as the girlies are in nursery.

Gotta go now as I really do have to file otherwise I will be crushed but the paperwork that is just about to topple over!

Picture Madness

Thought you might like to see some recent pix of our visit to Great Grandparents........
The first one is of Mabel, how cute is she??Moodle and Jim Jam having milk after bath at GGparents
My grandparents with my children (who'd have thought it!)
A bit of book reading
Grampie getting a cuddle with Mabel.....

Hope you enjoyed, they are especially for you M and D

Sunday, 12 October 2008

What a week!

Phew sorry I haven't blogged in ages, this week has been a bit of a blur!
Monday night Bubbs came home with a fever and had a really rough night, but was so excited about school the next morning and no longer had a fever that I sent him awful did I feel when the school called me 1115am to come pick him up....he was just exhausted. I kept him home on Wednesday aswell and I had forgotten just how hard it is with all 3 of them at home. He went back on Thursday but slept from 330pm till 5pm when he got home then went back to bed at 7pm for the tired my little boy. Luckily on Friday he was normal and so I had my free morning while the girlies were in nursery and I started my Moore College course on the Introduction to the Bible. I am really excited about this as I have wanted to get to grips with my bible reading and this will get me on track...yea!

We have had an amazing weekend. Yesterday, we spent the afternoon with my grandparents. It is my nans birthday today so we went for afternoon tea....such a lovely afternoon. There will be pix to follow. Today we went to a friends for lunch which was again lovely and we feel really spoilt.

That is it for now. Hubby has the day off tomorrow as he has worked loads recently so we are looking forward to getting some jobs done that we haven't been able to.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Help needed

All you American homeschooling mamas, papas or grandparents your help is needed. Hubby wants to go into Bubbs' school on Thanksgiving Day to do a bit of a talk on Thanksgiving, he will probably be allotted about 15 mins but will only talk for about 5 of that.......any suggestions on a book that is suitable for 4-5 year old's that he could read to them or even a PowerPoint presentation he could do and then he thought he would get them to do the 'classic' turkey drawing using hands........

Let me know if there are any suggestions as I will have to order it on Amazon or something so fairly soon so he can sweet is it going to be and how proud will Bubbs be


Thursday, 2 October 2008

New Do!

I am not going to post pix of the hair as the one I took last time is how it is now and I couldn't get any other nice ones without me looking far older than I really vain am I!

I'm a bit excited as my card business seems to be going quite well, I did a charity coffee morning which is always good as it is nice to be able to give a donation. I have also just confirmed 2 Christmas school fairs (I have never done a fair yet) so yippee.

2 other great things happened on Tues apart from my sister coming, one was I lost 4lbs at WW, it was my first weigh in after going back last week and finding out I was only .5lb off what I was when I first started last year! The other was a large package arriving for me, could they be what I had been waiting for......yeah they were my new Emu boots which my mother in law kindly ordered of Amazon and mailed to me saving me a fortune....I wore them today as it was chilly and they are possibly the yummiest thing to wear on your feet ever!!!

I quit my job last night, Hubby's job is meaning he is home much later now the students are back so I can't get there by 7pm. I am bummed but relieved as it was stressing me worrying about being late. That is why I am quite glad the card stuff is doing well as it might keep me focused on it more.

Moodle is still not great, she is fine in herself but keeps having horrid nappies so she can't go to nursery again tomorrow which is a shame as I am not managing to get any of the jobs done this week that I hoped I would.

Anyway gotta go, Hubby is on TV on Monday so need to go and buy him a new shirt tomorrow this wasn't on the job list but is now!

Tuesday, 30 September 2008


Just want to extend my gratitude to my lovely SIS....she read my blog late last night and came down early this morning to look after the girlies so I could go to my hair appt, she lives an hour and a half away. I read this now and it looks so selfish that I was desperate for my hair cut but seriously it was really needed.

Anyway, I love the fact that my sis did this for me and I would do anything for her as I hope she knows.

Here's for sisters all over
Moodle still not well so not going out again tomorrow either :-(

Monday, 29 September 2008

Ill again!

So fed up, Moodle up all night last night with upset stomach, I think I changed 6 or 7 nappies throughout the night, so no sleep. Hubby is still struggling with chest infection so finally took the day off and went to the docs for antibiotics. This at least did mean he was home today and apart for the girlies being a little bit miserable it was lovely having him around.
The biggest annoyance is though that the girlies won't be going to pre school tomorrow and I finally managed to get a hair appt which I now won't be able to go to.....aaargh

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Sunday Glorious Sunday

What an amazingly beautiful day! It is nearly the end of Sept and we are experiencing better weather now than we did all summer.
Hubby and Bubbs made it back from Dads and Lads church camp last night. They smelt of bonfire and outdoors. The smile on Bubbs face is only just dimming. They went pot holing, grass sledging, orienteering and rock climbing. They both had a blast and we have heard never ending stories of the camp fire too. This was the best bit of the camp according to Bubbs.....nothing like a bit of fire for boys to play with...Apparently there was a lot of health and not so much safety! All in all a great time and we are now hoping they run a family one so we can all go.
Today after church we went to the Tree Park with the children and Mabel. This was her first visit to such a big place and one with so many dogs around. She was amazing and had such a great time...currently she is flat out on her bag in the corner. When we set off on our walk Hubby had such a big and serene smile on his face I could tell this was what he had been dreaming of for a long time. Our family is so enjoying having a dog and she is so gorgeous.

I have my first official engagement as Governor on Thursday, it is the school Harvest Festival so I am going to that ( I was going anyway but now have a purpose). In our church today we had another prompt about where we want our Harvest Offering to go to and it is so lovely to see the rest of the congregation getting to know about the school and area which is only just down the road from our church.

Will let you know how it goes.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Alright Guvnor!!

Where do I start??

I went to the meeting last night after praying really hard about whether this is what God wants me to do and just asked for wisdom if offered the position. Well, it obviously was as I was introduced straight away with my friends husband as the 2 'new governors' and welcomed into the meeting straight away. What an enormous amount of paperwork it is! I did wonder what I was getting myself into but Father Ed and Mrs Anderson the Headmistress are so passionate about making this small underprivileged school shine that there was no doubt in my mind that it was the right thing to do. Basically, the area in which the school mainly serves was originally built in Victorian times for the servants of the wealthy living in the richer parts of town. The area was given its own church....a shed ontop of the building rubble when the larger houses had been built as it was thought the servants might like their own place of worship. Anyway, this is how the area has stayed, as Father Ed calls it, the towns dirty little secret! As it is an area without money there are alot of immigrants who live here so this means the stats of the school are low as about 68% of the school has English as their second language which actually means nothing as the Value added score (how much the children have improved) was the highest in our area, and a staggering 70 odd % have had no pre school education. That is now changing as the Head and Father Ed have opened a pre school which is more affordable to the surrounding parents and is currently serving 48 children and is nearly to capacity. Gosh, I am now rambling, this did all start with the fact that I am now a Governor and quite what that entails I am not sure as I have only been to the opening meeting but at least I am a set of ears in the playground also and I have a vested interest in the school as all my children will attend. This will be an ongoing subject I should imagine.
As for the rest of it, I went to WW and and only half a pound of the weight I started at originally so back to point counting as I want to lose it by Christmas. The girls still aren't sleeping unless drugged and last night Jim Jam woke up anyway so not sure what to do and the docs aren't that helpful and they just say they will grow out of it.....well I know that!
Mabel is great and going to training tonight, could be fun. I've been given a bit more responsibility at work as I am now in charge of membership too which will be another hour every couple of weeks. The card selling is going pretty well considering I have paid it no attention at all and I am pretty much now the school rep for that. Bubbs and Hubby are going on a church camping trip on friday night and I am having a girls night in to watch 27 Dresses......

Could babble on for ages but need to get girlies back up and do the school run.
Hope this all makes sense. I will be blogging a bit less now but will still try to read and comment on my favs

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

I'm back!

Sorry to have been away for so long, our router box decided to not work and I have just put the new one in yippee.
I will be blogging properly on friday but there is loads going on....
Girlies don't know how to sleep!
Puppy classes start on Thursday
I am running for Governor at Bubbs' school, who knows whether I'll get it but got to try.
Starting WW again as put on all the weight that I lost a year ago!!
Rejoined the gym, so starting to work out again.
Girlies started nursery which they love so have 2 hours on tuesday and fri mornings to do housework
Bubbs now full time at school and really loving it, yea!

That's it for now will fill you all in later

Sunday, 14 September 2008


I know this is my 100th post and I am supposed to do something really amazing etc etc awesome Hubby completed his first ever triathlon. He went off at 530am this morning by himself as we couldn't go with all the children. I got a call as I was walking to church with all the kids and he was elated as he had finished in a much better time than he ever imagined and was so excited. So anyway, this post is dedicated to him. He has trained so hard for the last few months and even has a cold this weekend which is typical isn't it. But, he did it and I am soooo proud.
WELL DONE BABE, here's to the next one

Thursday, 11 September 2008


September 11th is a date that people are always going to remember. A catastrophic event that no one could or more likely can understand, when it happened I am sure I am not alone in saying I can pinpoint exactly where I was and what I was doing! Fast forward to 2006 and again, September 11th, I can remember exactly where I was and what I was doing. The girls were born 2 mins apart and became part of our lives! Twin girls on the day of rememberance for the twin towers tragedy. For our family this is now a happy day but one which will always remind us of what happened then.

I love you girlies and HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY!


Monday, 8 September 2008

Pram news and other stuff

My Auntie H found me a pram for £15!! So cheap and it is really good, it is a side by side which is the only downside as the girlies tend to fight with each other (there has been a lot of hair pulling) but it is great to push and getting to school now is much easier. Also, I emailed Jane about our broken pram and they got back to me REALLY quickly and are sending me out a replacement footplate for free and it is apparently easy to fit which is great as it is really good for when we go walking.

On school news, Bubbs has started crying when I leave. It is heartbreaking, he was really good on Tues, Wed and Thurs but on Fri he cried alot and held onto my leg....he then went to my sisters for the weekend and had a great time and was really looking forward to school today as he is having school meals this week BUT he cried again. It is soooo hard, but it has to be done and when I go to collect him he is fine. Next week he is going pretty much full time with only Mon and Fri coming home at 1230 the rest finishing at grown up.

I am really enjoying spending time with my girlies though, we spent the morning doing puzzles today which they just loved and we all went to the park this afternoon then for tea at Toby's house. The girls turn 2 on Thurs and then they start nursery 2 mornings a week on the 16th...what am I going to do with myself for 2 mornings!! (apart from cleaning)

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Do we get confused??

A great bloggy friend called Joy asked me the classic question about whether or not we get the girlies mixed up! The only one in the house that doesn't most of the time is Bubbs! As you can see from the pix they are identical and there is only really one thing that is different about them and that is that Moodle has a mole on her left forearm. In the summer this is great but in the winter...not so much! I had a ceasar for them (there were high risk as they shared the same placenta) and Moodle came out first, she was placed on my chest and yelled until they had finished doing the washing up in my stomach (that is what it feels like when they are repairing you), Jim Jam came out 2 mins later and was content in Hubbys arms. They were both tiny, M 5lb 110z and J5lb 7oz but we were surprised by that as Bubbs was only 5lb 11oz. But they were different colours. Jim Jam was a lot darker pink in skin colour that Moodle and that lasted for about a week. We really couldn't tell! We started to dress Moodle in plain onsies and Jim Jam in patterned, but did we ever mix them up at the beginning......who knows...only kidding.
Anyway, I know this is really long winded but thought this might be a funny thing to blog about, basically in the pix if you see one in pink and one in a different colour you can tell, the pink one is Moodle.
I did have one really embarrassing time when I had to take them both to the docs for different things and got them completely mixed up even to the point where we were on the second diagnosis, notes written up on one until I suddenly realised,.......obviously that was pre PND medication..........
Another funny story is that on my first evening home our Vicar came to visit and we were all talking about how it is hard to tell them apart and he was looking a little stumped. It wasn't until later on in the visit that he realised that they were both girls, we chose a name that is commonly a boys name in the UK for Jim Jam. SO FUNNY!!

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Catch up on some pix and stuff

Just a few pix from last couple of weeks
The broken pram!
Self portrait of Moodle
Hubby with our children and our gorgeous God Daughter
Our great friends at Islas Baptism
Hubby with Bubbs and Elliss (making funny faces)

My Boy went to SCHOOL

I love this photo, this was Bubbs at 7am this morning ready to go and the ones below are of him actually getting dressed. He was so excited this morning that when I came downstairs he was already on the loo, naked, talking about the fact that it was 'big school' today and that he had to get dressed in the dark....It has poured down all day today so has been very grey, I can only assume that is what he meant. Hubby took the day off too so that he could take him to school which was really lovely and Bubbs hardly looked back once he met his friend T at the school gates. We did get a kiss then he was off. This week he is just going until 12, next week 1230 so that includes school lunch and as they have a healthy school meals initiative he is going to eat there, the week after he is pretty much full time till 3pm. Wow it is a new chapter in our lives and it is really odd!

In the pouring rain with his friends just before going in, how cute is my boy on the left!

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

What is going on??

Not long to post, see below why?????:

1 Tim, Caro, Elliss and Isla arrived on Thurs for Baptism on Sunday. All had a fab time we are god parents, yea
2 Friday take Jim Jam to docs as ear still bothersome got anti biotics as infected!
3 Monday Elliss starts throwing up in afternoon, Moodle in the night, all up pretty much all night!
4 I am not well on tuesday night, but in the meantime took Bubbs to docs in AM and got anti biotics for ear and toe infection. As I was walking home waiting at the lights to cross the road when my pram collapses with girlies in it...will post hilarious picture next time. Luckily, Caro came to collect us and I walked home with stupid thing.
5 Really rough ill feeling today for me, children seem much better but tested my every nerve and all our friends are avoiding us as no one wants to catch this thing.
6 Just as I started to blog, poor Bubbs has just thrown up....who knows how long this will go on...
Anyway, speak soon

Monday, 18 August 2008

How cute is she!!!

I couldn't resist putting this up, we are so in love with her it is ridiculous!!

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Catch up time!

We have a an enormously busy time recently...I can't even really remember what I last posted about. My mum and dad arrived here on Tuesday as mum had a docs appt the next day (all was fine) and below is just the cutest picture of my mum and gorgeous they both are. The children just love having them stay and we are having a wonderful time apart from poor mum getting a horrible sore throat and chest and the girlies teething...whenever they come and stay one or some of the children always seem to be ill. Thursday was spent with mum and I going to town and dad taking Bubbs to the park on his 2 wheel bike where he was just amazed at how well Bubbs rode....he even went on the skate park with the bike as it was empty.....this is Bubbs fav place in the park....the weather started off amazing but soon started pouring down and mum and I did get soaked. Friday was spent getting Bubbs school uniform, shoes and sports kit bag! Oh my goodness, it is really weird to think that in a couple of weeks an era will longer will I have my 3 children at home with me all day having to find stuff to do with them, whinging about not having enough time to do any house work or laundry. Bubbs will be at school!!!!!!!! Luckily, he is excited as I am rather nervous, because it has just hit me that if he doesn't like it I can't take him out he is on this path of life for a while now!
On Friday afternoon our guests arrived, J and E drove down from Stoke.....J is my mums cousins son and Jim Jams godfather and E is his gorgeous girlfriend. We don't see them often enough as they live quite far away but whenever they come we always have such a good time. They are both amazing with the children E especially and it is lovely to have helpful hands in the house....she is a natural. E has also just graduated from Uni and starts a 'proper' job in sept so we had a bit of a toast for her on fri eve with some guitar hero.....can you believe the 2 of them......(v early 20s) had never played GH before .....shocking, J got quite into it in the end......below is a pic of E this morning doing her morning chore....tee hee ,reading to the girlies....'Emma read pease....' how could she say no! and below that is J, strumming on the GH!

When you get to read this guys, thanks so much for a wonderful weekend! You are both so welcome anytime we always have a great time.

On another note, we ran out on our children, J, E and my dad this morning to go look at cars...we have an enormous renault Espace, which is great but just about to go up massively on the tax and is costing us rather alot to we have been thinking alot about changing to something smaller and more cost efficient...we found a great 0% finance deal on a Scenic so are just waiting to hear whether we qualify or not.....Lets hope so as our insurance will be so much cheaper so will fuel consumption.

Mum feeling a little better tonight and will hopefully get some sleep, hopefully we will too I was up 5x last night with the girlies.....we are owed one peaceful night surely.

Next week is going to be just as busy, as soon as mum and dad go Caro and her family arrive from Guernsey for 5 days as they are getting their daughter baptised at their old local church and we are proud god parents. So I probably won't blog much but will fill you in next week.

Have a great week one and all and see you soon


Happy 90th Birthday Grandpa Nee Naa!!

This saturday was my grampies 90th birthday, we spent the afternoon at their house for a bit of a tea he is cutting his cake with Bubbs hanging around underneath waiting for a piece! Below, is a picture of Grampie with all his great grandchildren, how amazing is that!
Here is R my cousins wife having fun with my girlies and some of the other many children there with bubbles....don't kids just love them!
We were supposed to arrive at about 330pm and left in plenty of time but a trip that should take 1.5hrs took us 3 hours.....the kids were not that happy, poor Bubbs wet himself after trying so hard not to so we had to hang his trousers out the car window to dry. Both girlies are teething really badly with top eye teeth and their last back molars. Plus, we thought we would take Mabel out on her first trip!!!!! You can imagine the mood in the car...
Once there though it was so worth it. We had a great time and I think the birthday boy did too. The only bummer, well 2 actually was that my mum couldn't go because she was laid up in bed, literally, with a horrible sore throat and chest, and my sister was in Paris for the weekend, but her hubby made it and he had found an old reel of film that contained video footage of my dads parents wedding day (over 80 years old) which was incredible and made dad well up as they have both been gone for a long time now.
~Such a fab time was had

Friday, 15 August 2008


I will be back in a couple of days, we are having a massively busy weekend. But will update you when I can

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Blogger and Bloglist

I have just been to read some blogs and my fav blog list has gone all funny, anyone else having problems.....I seem to have lost a coule off my list and it is not now showing me when they are being annoying..

Monday, 11 August 2008

Fun Weekend

Don't seem to have posted for ages, I babysat for a friend on Friday evening and read blogs all night, it was great to catch up on them with no pressure of having to hand over the computer to Hubby.

We had a great weekend, Hubby worked on Saturday morning which was a bummer but we just hung out till he got home then I got to do the lovely grocery store run. I took Bubbs with me and he was fantastic and made it much more bearable. We had our friends J and P over for dinner and Guitar Hero later which was so much fun. I haven't played for ages and each time I do I am so glad we didn't sell the PS2.
Sunday was church, throughout the summer there isn't a baby creche so Hubby and I are taking it in turns to go. It was my turn this week and I was in the children's activities so didn't actually get to go to the service but did see some really cute kids engaged in a Friends and Heroes DVD. We spent afternoon at home with our friend M and his children as J was working. We even went swimming taking all the kids with us and they had a blast, they loved it and man did they sleep well last night.

Today I caught up on laundry, 3 loads and counting. I did ironing this evening and I am currently trying to download a cute bit of video that I caught just before bed.
Oh, one thing I did do today was empty the sandpit because if you can believe it I found MAGGOTS in there. The children are gutted as they love it and it puts an end to them not digging in my flower bed!!

Olympic Inspiration!

We've been watching the Olympics, can you tell!!

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Great Movie and Ikea

Just finished watching Juno and I loved it, such a cute quirky chick teen flick that made me cry at the end, so worth watching.
Bill away tonight, he has to open in the morning and couldn't get to town early enough on the train so is staying in the halls to make it. Just found out he has to work on Saturday morning too which is a real bummer but hopefully he will come home early tomorrow and maybe Monday too. I managed to get a massive pile of ironing done which is good as I am babysitting tomorrow night so I can relax there rather than take ironing with me, always looks rather sad when you show up with a pile of it don't you think.
Mabel is still be amazing, she is very nippy with the children but they are getting used to it and it won't last for ever but she is so lovely and it is wonderful seeing how they all interact differently with her. Bubbs keeps telling me how he is her owner and that she is his very bestest friend in the whole cute. Jim Jam is quite authoritative with her, she still cries when Mabel runs after her but holds her own too. Moodle on the other hand is more nervous of her, but when she is asleep or really calm absolutely adores her. I promise to post some pix soon of them with her.
On the meds front, I think I am pretty much back to normal now which is great, I even had the gumption to hoover before the kids went to bed moving the couch too, then decided that I really ought to wash the couch covers as mum and dad are coming home next week......2 things I just never would have done 2 weeks ago. I was talking to my friend about it earlier and we were laughing about how ridiculous our lives have become when we get excited about washing couch covers!!! Might even try to lose a few pounds over the next couple of weeks, something that I have not even been able to consider until now, however hard my hubby has been training.
I did have another trip to Ikea, I so hate to buy furniture anywhere else because we just can't afford it. I got a bookcase (tall and thin) for the conservatory. My plan is to keep all paperworky type stuff in there because at the minute it is taking over my kitchen and our bedroom and I can't stand it. Hubby put it together whilst I was at work last night but we don't have a drill so I have asked our friend M, hubbys fellow decorator, to wield a drill to attach it to the wall.. It is 2m high so don't want it to land on the children. Once this is up I can get to filling it and clearing out our bedroom somewhat...again I'm really excited about something really mundane!
Did have a scare with the children today, Jim Jam fell off her highchair, and I wasn't in the room so didn't see exactly what happened but Bubbs and his friend said she landed on her head. Anyway, she screamed for about 15mins got herself all hot and bothered and promptly fell asleep. Well, my friend and I started to think this wasn't the best thing for her so called NHS Direct who were great and told me what to look for once she had woken. Bless, she was really sweet when she woke up and we couldn't see anything on her head so figured she must have fallen somewhere else and just cried out of shock. When I gave them tea I found the most humongous bruise on the side of her head, it wouldn't surprise me if she has a black eye tomorrow!

Monday, 4 August 2008

Kinda back to normal!

I don't have loads to say but needed to blog as I have had a lovely day. Bubbs was a star today, it was as though someone had taken away the annoying little monster that has been staying here for the last month or so and given me back my Bubbs. He got dressed by himself, played nicely with his sisters (in the sandpit that I put up today) and ate really well at all his meals. I was totally in love with him. The girlies weren't that bad either although they are still awake at present having been put to bed over an hour ago.....they are playing upstairs and as they are not fighting we are just leaving them to hopefully go to sleep themselves.

I really felt more like myself today, I think the meds are kicking in as laughing happened alot today. Yay.

My lovely friend R came and dropped a magazine and a movie off for me to borrow today, I was going to watch it tonight while Hubby went swimming but he decided not to go and as the movie is 'Juno' figured he wouldn't want to watch it. I do have a free evening on Thursday as he has to stay at work for the night but should be home early Friday afternoon. Looking forward to the reading of a good mag though. I also spent the day with a friend and her daughter who is a similar age to the girlies so you can imagine the mess of the sandpit, they did love it though.

On movies, my friend Jess came round on Saturday evening and we watched 'The Notebook'....oh my goodness, it was such a lovely film and we were both balling at the end, there is nothing nicer than a good cry after a fab movie. We did devour rather alot of chocolate and cake too so that helps even more.

Mabel is still being amazing, I left her for the first time today in her crate while we all went to town to run errands. We were only gone an hour and I don't think she cried that much as we hung about a bit outside first and then when we got home she was fast asleep in her bed...bless. Still having a few potty accidents but we have only had her a week, I keep forgetting that.

Considering I didn't have much to write I haven't done too badly.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Thankful Sunday!

I am taking a leaf out of Stephs book and doing a thankful sunday list as I love reading hers and it is really nice to reflect about how LUCKY we are in our lives. So here goes, I am thankful for:

My children and Hubby
Mabel and how well she is fitting into our family
My friends, we are so blessed by them and they have been great this week
The weather, until today it's been wonderful
My blogging friends who have left such uplifting comments recently
Sandpits, just bought one but it's raining so can't put it out
My Faith, I love that God loves me for me
Medication, it is kicking in and I am feeling a bit more like me

Friday, 1 August 2008

Mabel and meds

As an update on me, I am beginning to feel better, thank you so much for all your supportive comments I can't tell you what it means to me.

Mabel is doing amazing. The children adore her and so do we. She is sleeping well through the night in her crate and her potty training is doing brilliantly she is a star!!!!!!!

Haven't actually done much this week as been staying in for Mabel, I think on Sunday we are going to church so that will be her first time alone so hopefully that will go well too. I have had loads of visitors though which is lovely and Bubbs had a sleepover on Tuesday with his friend Toby after spending most of the day with him. I got to spend loads of time with the girlies and they are soooo different by themselves they play so well together, there doesn't seem to be the arguments that there normally are. We played so much together and it was a really special time. Having had so many people round has been great but I do feel a little bit housebound now. Luckily it is Friday night and I have a hair appt tomorrow so I get to go out, yippee. I am going to try to and catch up on some blogs now.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Post Natal Depression and other things.......

Sounds like a heavy heading and I don't mean to but I am so fed up with feeling like I do. As you know I got a higher dose the other day and I know that it will not have kicked in yet but man this sucks!!

On other notes, Mabel is doing really well and I was treated to a day with just the girlies as my good friend J took Bubbs and her children to the park and then came here to meet Mabel and catch up after her holiday. It was lovely to see her and the kids and Mabel loved meeting them too, she was ever so good. Bubbs went back to theirs for a sleepover..he literally ran out the house when J asked him without even a kiss for me! The girlies are so much fun on their own that sounds like I am saying that I don't enjoy Bubbs, I'm not at all but they are SO different when he is not around. They played outside this afternoon for at least half an hour by themselves without any fighting and were really having fun. Thanks for that Jx

Did a massive pile of ironing while Hubby went out for training run this evening it seemed to take hours but I am sure it wasn't that bad. Don't have much else to say tonight so I'm off to bed

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Introducing Mabel

Currently, she is sleeping on my toes! She is so gorgeous. This morning we were all so excited we all went to collect our new addition. We were home by 1030 so Mabel has had all day to explore our house and our children. The poor puppy was followed around all day by 3 kids shouting as many times as they could 'Mabel, Mabel, Mabel'. She took it all in her stride though. Our cat Gizmo is sitting in the lounge about 2ft away but happily sleeping and not to bothered. He has hissed abit at Mabel but so far that is all, he is such a lovely cat so I am so pleased he isn't too bothered.
One very proud daddy with his MabelOne very cute Bubbs with his Mabel
Her first nap, she found the old cat bed which she has now commandeered, luckily Gizmo likes his new one!
I'll be on again soon with how the night went. Hubby has managed to get an extra day off tomorrow which will be great so we can all hang out again.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Doctors appts

Well, Bubbs had his preschool boosters yesterday, he sat on my knee clutching his packet of Jelly tots (he got to choose these before he went in). He was SO brave and only winced on the second one (he had one in each arm). I really think the jelly tots were the answer...and the amazing nurse of course.
Today I went to see our new Dr. I wasn't looking forward to it as going in suggesting that I need a higher dose of antidepressants doesn't exactly seem the best introduction, but he was great. He really listened and asked me lots of questions and upped my dose with a review in Sept. I really thought he was good so all my dread was for nothing. I will really miss our old Doc but Dr B definitely has my approval.
Managed to have a friend over in the morning and one in the afternoon so had company too which was nice for me and the babes.
Countdown to Mabel arriving on sunday and we are so excited, you will be inundated by pix I'm sure.


Yeah it let me do it, so here you go some cuties from the last couple of days......
Storytime for the girlies with Daddy
Painting, I never get these out as it is so messy but couldn't resist!
Bubbs friend came over for the afternoon and everyone had to dress up, excuse the washing in background..
Taco Night, this one is Moodle
Jim Jam very intently studying hers


Monday, 21 July 2008


There were a decent amount of pix that I wanted to put up today but Blogger won't let me. Boo
We did have great weekend though, still feeling really annoyed about the neighbours letter about the noise and it is really affecting my mood with the children, they just have to make noise and I snap but I don't know what to do about it. Everyone who has heard about it has said I shouldn't worry too much but I can't stop.
Saturday Hubby took the kids to Daddy and Me, a toddler group at church for a couple of hours which was good as I managed to get the bathrooms cleaned and the ironing done, woo hoo I know. Sunday was church and then a birthday party for Bubbs in the afternoon. The party was great but poor Bubbs feel over in church and has a massive egg on the side of his heard then cracked his head whilst asleep and gave himself a nose bleed which was just horrid. Got to take him for his pre school booster as well on weds so that should be fun!
Gosh sorry for the whinge but as you all know this is a sort of therapy for me and if I can't do it here where can I do it.

One big thing we did do this weekend was book to go to see our great friends in Guernsey for Christmas week...I know, how amazing is that. We always spend Christmas with my mum, dad, sis and BiL so this was a real hard decision to make and I really hope we haven't hurt anyone but we really wanted to do this especially for the kids they will have such a great time with each other.
Hope I can post the pix tomorrow as they are REALLY cute

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Saturday night FUN!!

I just had to post these pix for mom and dad as they are of your son being totally goofy with his kids. They are loving it

Bless and hope you all have a great weekend


Friday, 18 July 2008

Feel Good Friday Song Lyrics

I am joining feel good friday which Elizabeth from MommyETC does and this week is all about sharing song lyrics that make you feel good. I had to put this one up as everytime I hear or sing it it brings tears to my eyes and gives me goosebumps. My Hubby went to the London Mens Convention at the Albert Hall last year and Stuart Townend did the music and Hubby kindly recorded them all singing this song. Wow it was so moving hearing all these men singing such a powerful song.
To hear a sample of this sone click HERE
"In Christ Alone"
Words and Music by Keith Getty & Stuart Townend
Copyright © 2001 Kingsway Thankyou Music
In Christ alone my hope is found;
He is my light, my strength, my song;
This cornerstone, this solid ground,
Firm through the fiercest drought and storm.
What heights of love, what depths of peace,
When fears are stilled, when strivings cease!
My comforter, my all in all—
Here in the love of Christ I stand.
In Christ alone,Who took on flesh,
Fullness of God in helpless babe!
This gift of love and righteousness,
Scorned by the ones He came to save.
Till on that cross as Jesus died,
The wrath of God was satisfied;
For ev'ry sin on Him was laid—
Here in the death of Christ I live.
There in the ground His body lay,
Light of the world by darkness slain;
Then bursting forth in glorious day,
Up from the grave He rose again!
And as He stands in victory,
Sin's curse has lost its grip on me;
For I am His and He is mine—
Bought with the precious blood of Christ.
No guilt in life, no fear in death—
This is the pow'r of Christ in me;
From life's first cry to final breath,
Jesus commands my destiny.
No pow'r of hell, no scheme of man,
Can ever pluck me from His hand;
Till He returns or calls me home—
Here in the pow'r of Christ I'll stand.
I hope you enjoy them too and get to listen to the clip

Thursday, 17 July 2008


Wow, I have received an award from my great bloggy friend Anne Elizabeth so thank you so much. I know it is really sad but I get REALLY excited when I get one. I love blogging and started really to keep in touch with my mum and dad in France and my in laws in KY but I have gotten to know so many wonderful people and had such uplifting comments it is like therapy. First, here are the rules: Put the logo on your blog.Put a link to me (who awarded it to you) on your blog also.You need to nominate 7 other bloggers for the award and put links to them also on your blog. Finally, leave a comment for those you've nominated - so they know they've received a special award

So here we go:

1. Life in a cone of silence - David is an inspirational character with a great writing skill. I adore reading about his life, struggles and joys. He also leaves fab comments, so thank you and please go visit him

2. Huckdolls Hood - Brilliant to read, fellow twin momma and a very strong woman. She is currently on hiatus but hope she will be back soon. I love reading her.

3. AllthingsMaynard - Maynard is a great friend and brilliant decorator, tee hee. We love having you and your family in our lives and for me the music on your blog is so worth it.

4. Mamachristina - this blogger has the most amazing garden and takes FAB photos. She is also on an amazing weight loss journey.

5. The pursuit of happily everafter - I found this blogger early on and even though she is sporadic as she has small children to look after whenever she does it I always seem to relate.

6. Becoming Me - Such an INSPIRATONAL blogger. I love reading her and she refreshes my spirit so often, thank you.

7. Rachels Journal Pages - I have just found this blogger and I love it, such great writing and I can't wait to read more.

Thanks all of you for providing me with such great reading.

Nursery Trip and more!

First I would just like to show you the really cute pix of Bubbs on his school trip, below is him holding a little chick which was just adorable. This is him conked out on the way home, bless him
This is especially for my in laws as it is a picture that Bubbs took himself, just in case you were wondering, it is what we could see from the coach window as we were parked! Quite why that was quite to fascinating I don't know but there you go.
Anyway, we had a great day and so did my sis as she looked after the girlies which was great, she hardly ever gets to spend time with just them.

On another note, after my run in with the community police about the ladder etc we have just had a letter in the mail from a neighbour complaining about the children playing in the garden on sunday mornings. Now granted they do point out that one sunday last month they were out at 730am, and I completely agree that is far too early and can't believe I let them out then, it must have been very hot, so will apologise for that one but then they went on to another sunday when they were out at 845am, it may still be early but it is when we go to church so unless they have suddenly invented some sort of teleporting system we have to go out then and I can't exactly stop 3 children making noise. On the apology point, I would love to be a good witness on this occasion and apologise to the neighbour but they have neglected to leave a return address! This did arrive this morning as I was having a hideous morning, so I made it a point to make a doc appt for next week as I really think I need my meds reviewed as somehow I don't think I should feel quite as I do most of the time. Last night the girlies were awake for ages screaming on and off and I know that our next door neighbours heard, so when he came round with 2 bouncy balls that had blown over into their garden which they are very precious about so not the best thing for our balls to do and told me that he had received the same letter I just felt mortified. Hubby bless him took him a bottle of wine to make up for the lack of sleep last night but they were fine thank goodness.

Had a great afternoon though with a friend who I met in hospital, her daughter was born the same day as the girlies and her son is 2 days older than Bubbs. We hadn't seen each other for ages so it was so good to catch up and she is so straightforward that she thought I shouldn't worry about the letter but that is just not my way.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008


Well, Hubby went back to work yesterday and so we were back to normal. We ended up having such a good time whilst he was on holiday it was a real bummer for him and us when he went back. Yesterday, Bubbs went to nursery so the girlies and I nipped into town to run a couple of errands then went to a friends for coffee, it was really nice doing that with just the girls as they don't often go for a playdate that isn't tacked onto the back of Bubbs'. They were really sweet too and so was Bubbs when he got home. Our first day was lovely, the evening was even better. I had organised a WWW group social with another group and we all had such a good time and I finally crawled into bed at MIDNIGHT.

Today was great, I spent the day with a good friend and her daughter who is a few months older than the girls, we went to First Friends which is a mother/toddler group at our church and then we went back to hers. It is her birthday today so we had a lovely time. Once home though all 3 of my children decided to be a nightmare. I have never heard so much screaming and shouting in such a short space of time and by bathtime I was pulling my hair out. I am still so short tempered with them when they are like that, even on my medication. I am considering calling a local christian hospital that does counselling just to try to get myself back on track, I can't stay on meds forever. Just got to do it really, but it will mean getting the kids looked after for a couple of hours once a week which isn't the easiest thing to do.

Anyway, enough whingeing. I am off to a farm tomorrow with Bubbs on his nursery school trip for the morning while my sis, bless her, has taken the day off work to look after the girlies. I hope we all have a lovely day, it will be great for me to spend time with Bubbs and lovely for her to hang out with the girlies as they can be so sweet.

Saturday, 12 July 2008


We went to Legoland on Thursday with Bubbs, Hubby, girlies and T (Bubbs' bestest friend) we had an awesome time and really lucked out with the weather as it only rained for about 5 minutes all day. We met my sis and BiL and my god parents SoozJim. Such a great day. Below are pix of the boys going on their first rollercoaster, I didn't realize it was such a big one until we went up the first hill then G force all the way, the boys LOVED it. I was a bit nervous about telling T's mum but she just laughed and thought it was cool too.
The pic below is my lovely godmother with the 2 boys on the carousel, we had to stand on there with them which they were not happy about at all but thems the rules...bless them I think they felt rather invincible after the rollercoaster.
Some ice cream refreshment was needed for everyone.xx
A piccie of the boys in Brussels, this is all made out of lego and it so amazing, the photos do no justice to it at all, you could spend all day looking at all the Lego cities if you didn't have so many kids that is :-)
We finally got home about 715, and I was due out to my WWW summer social at 8pm so poor Hubby had to put all of the children to bed, T stayed the night but as it happened it wasn't too bad as they were all exhausted. The girlies had been amazing and walked pretty much all day.
The summer social was great, I am so blessed to have so many great christian friends which bolster my spirit whenever I am down. Thanks any of you that are reading this.