Sunday, 6 February 2011

Wow has it been that long!

I had no idea....the time has just gone by!

Loads has been going on,  Bill and I both had a birthday, I went on our Church women's retreat weekend, Mum and Dad have come home for a visit and I have started running loads thanks to my Garmin.

So, birthdays first.  Mine was on a Sunday and I happened to be leading our 2-4yr children's group at church that day, not my first choice of activity but more on that later.  It ended up being fine.  I got tea in bed with the kids who gave me all the cards and pressies that had been delivered.  William picked out the most gorgeous rose earrings for me, in fact I haven't taken them off.  After church we all went out to Sunday lunch at Rendezvous our fav restaurant as a treat for both of our birthdays and to be honest I really didn't want to be cooking!  We then walked up to my lovely friend Jen who had asked us for tea... spent a fab afternoon playing board games, puzzles and then watching a movie with all the kids whilst having a great spread of food.  I am sure I have said this many, many times but Jen is the bestest hostess!  I aspire to be like her in that dept!  All in all a fantastic birthday weekend.  My others friends had treated me to a lovely dinner on Friday night and gave me a loaded Starbucks card, they know me soooo well.

Bills birthday was on Tuesday but it was all normal here, he did stay home long enough to have pressies and tea with kids before going to work and we had a nice dinner when he got home...but that was it..  Birthdays suck on a work day!  Rest of the week went in a blur as we, us women, were all looking forward to Friday 5pm....retreat time!!  Wow, I love it.  Ruth picked us up and we drove to The Oasts we go here every 2 years and it is always the most enriching weekend I can have.  There were 47 of us, our speaker was awesome and the topic was Prayer.  Wow, how wonderful talking through the Lords Prayer over the weekend, she was awesome.  I joined the music team led by my awesome friend Lou.  This was my first time singing and fourth retreat and it was fantastic, I am soooo enjoying worshipping God in this way!  We sang such wonderful songs and it was a privilege to belong to such a great team.  Such a wonderful time.

Back to normal Sunday eve but then Mum and Dad came home.  I spent Monday doing cleaning and washing after a 6am run with Ruth and they managed to get home really early which was fab...they weren't due in originally till 1130pm and got in by 9pm.  Lovely.  I managed to run, Mon 6am, Tues 930am, Weds 6am and then Thurs 730pm and tonight.  I have even changed the girls nursery to Tuesday morning so I can run with Sarah's Runners  who Lou and I started running with on Thursday eve.  Brilliant fun running with others and different places for me.  Just loving running at mo, don't normally do more than 3 miles but that is just great for me.  It is certainly more than I ever did before and having the Forerunner just makes it more fun.  Geeky I know, I never imagined I would get like this but I am!!  I am a bit bummed though as I have put on weight since I started running so both Bill and I are back on WW starting tomorrow.   I will be accountable on here for that and keeping up the running.

Gosh I have really gone on a bit here, well done if you have stuck it out.  Got a major busy week coming up. Phoenix meeting with one of my traders Monday, Tuesday, Sarah's runners in AM and a spa eve with friends :-), Wed, WWW in AM then coffee with friend in PM, Thursday, Gov meeting in AM, Friday, music social in eve, Saturday, dinner party for friends....luckily, Bill taking kids to Daddy and Me in the morning at Church, so I can prep the dinner then.  I made a commitment to God that I would regularly get together with our friends, Christian and Non, and this will be the first one.  It is my version of a New Year Resolution, can't ever do those as never do them and then berate myself!  Throwing it up there to God makes me far more accountable!

Not sure why you wanted to know my week, but thought it was funny when I looked at my diary!!