Monday, 8 July 2013

Birthday Fun

William turns 9 tomorrow, I cannot believe the time has gone this quickly.  He is still so young, but this will be his last year in single digits!!!!  Anyway, this year it was his turn for a party but he chose for a family day out to LEGOLAND instead.  It was such a fab day, 25 deg and heaving with people, queues no less than 45 mins each BUT we still had such a good time.  We rode on all but one ride and he got to see the 4D Lego Chima movie he was desperate to see. One of the highlights actually was sitting down at about 230pm and making Lego.  There is a discovery den where you can get boxes of Lego with instructions and the correct Lego bits and all 3 kids loved this!  We spent an hour and a half in here, which in the height of the heat was lovely, especially for us!  Apart from it being really busy we couldn't fault the day.  We got there as soon as it opened and headed straight to the bottom of the park so we could go on the Dragon rollercoaster first then made our way back.  We didn't leave the park until it closed at 730pm! We certainly got our moneys worth!!  Below, are a few pix of our lovely family day out xxx
Lego Chima figure

Bubbs with one of the many models he made 

 Millie with one of hers

 Family lego building

Jim Jam on the carousel

I love this pic above, Lego figures as big as they are!!!
 On Friday, the kids got their first Kung Fu belts as well, so a totally full on weekend!!

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