Friday, 2 November 2012

Half term family fun

So, our week hasn't quite gone as planned! We made the movies on Monday but that night Millie and I both came down with a tummy bug! Bleurgh! I haven't felt that ill in ages, the day started at 3am!! Anyhoo, we spent Tuesday on the sofa ALL day and I mean that too. I got up to fix W and J food but that was it, I couldn't stay awake and just felt terrible. It also meant we had to miss the Light Party which the kids were gutted about but M was still peaky and I really didn't want to pass it on! So our first day out was yesterday and what a fab day it was. We went off to my grandparents who are in their 90's and took them out to lunch which my aunt and uncle joined us for too. After we'd visited with them for a bit we headed over to my cousins where W and O played a bit of Wii, J got to hang with D and M got to try to play the didgereedoo with Uncle Mark.... He really can play it!! All in all a fab day, they all live 70 miles away so unfortunately we don't do it that often as right now it is just too expensive and the only regret I have from yesterday is that I took no pix with grandma and grandpa nee naa!! To put it into perspective for my US friends it cost me £70 ($120) to fill my car up with gas yesterday!!!!!!!!
Today is another quiet one, we go back to school Monday so are making the most of not having anywhere to go! Once we go back its the countdown to Christmas and Bill is away loads this month inc 2 full weekends and tomorrow too!!!! I'm actually hosting Thanksgiving this year too with my neighbours who have never done it before! Luckily, that is the only weekend Bill is here for!!
How's your week been??

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Misty said...

Well, a bug sounds miserable, but i am so glad that you have had some time. Breaks are nice. (Gas prices are ridiculous and I know it's way works there than it is here, and i still want to sob like a baby whenever i fill my SUV up!)